Chapter 752 - She had Offended the Woman with a High Nose

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Chapter 752: She had Offended the Woman with a High Nose

After getting searched, Xia Ruoxin then stood aside with the other people that had been searched before squatting there and maintaining the prisoner position.

The person who she was squatting next to was exactly the woman with a high nose bridge. The woman seemed to heave a sigh of relief, but there was another sense of worry in her sigh.

She seemed to have noticed Xia Ruoxin’s judging gaze as she turned around and numbly moved her body.

Shen Wei came over and squatted in front of Xia Ruoxin. Shen Wei’s hair was short until her scalp was exposed, and it could prick people’s hands. Xia Ruoxin touched her forehead and wondered if she looked just like Shen Wei. There was no mirror here so she did not know exactly how she looked like, but no matter if she was ugly or beautiful, there was no one to appreciate her.

The fat woman left with the other people as they could not find the gold after a long time. The only result left today for the women trafficked from different parts of the world was that they had no food for the day.

Xia Ruoxin started to take notice of the woman with a high nose who seemed to know that the gold she had saved was stolen. However, she could not guess who stole them until she raised her head and stopped her gaze on Xia Ruoxin.

Hurriedly, Xia Ruoxin kept her gaze and busied herself; but this stare from others was unavoidable.

There was a flash of hatred over the woman with a high nose’s face, but she did not show it to anyone. She continued to find gold in the river every day and did not say a word, minimizing her existence and did not slack in her work.

Xia Ruoxin’s luck was decent, and she managed to hand in another bit of gold. Of course, she used it to exchange for a roll of tissue paper and a portion of toothpaste that was enough to last the two of them for a few months.

Not long later, Shen Wei found gold and exchanged it for food. While they were eating, they took the opportunity to shove the extra food into their stomach.

In this sort of place, the food was not safe anywhere except for their stomachs.

“Why does that woman look at you all the time?”

Shen Wei picked up the spoon and pointed at the woman with a high nose bridge not far away. “I noticed it a few times. Since when did you have a grudge with her?” She could not understand the more she thought about it.

Xia Ruoxin was with her almost every day and did not interact much with the other people. Both of them were one body; it was not a gang, it was just that the people were from different countries so the people from the same country would naturally be closer, not to mention Xia Ruoxin and Shen Wei did know each other in the first place.

“Why don’t you ask her?”

Xia Ruoxin shoved a biscuit into her mouth and used her might to bite and swallow it.

“That woman with a high nose bridge?”

“Yes.” Shen Wei checked her out from head to toe carefully; and indeed, the woman had a high nose bridge which was her defining factor. She did not have a generalized face and could be recognized easily upon a single look.

“Her?” Xia Ruoxin shoved the biscuit into her mouth again while her stomach continued grumbling. She was still hungry.

“It’s a long story.” Xia Ruoxin sat down and lowered her voice, in case other people heard her.

She told Shen Wei all the happenings of that night: how she did not fall asleep and saw someone stealing the bag of gold and also how the woman with a high nose rarely handed her gold up, leading to her deduction of the woman having some gold pieces with her.

“What do you think she wants to use that thing for? She can’t even drink it or eat it.” Xia Ruoxin did not understand what the woman with a high nose was thinking. She did not exchange it for anything and kept it, but in the end, it became someone else’s possession.

“Does she want to take it and run?” Shen Wei knew what they were going to do in an instant.

“Is it that easy to escape?” Xia Ruoxin was not a powerful woman but was not simple enough to think that she could just escape so easily. They were digging for gold all day long in this place and did not even know what the outside world looked like. They literally had nothing to their name; how could they run off?

“Eat your food and don’t think too much.” Shen Wei turned around and stared at the endless river; for some reason, her tense face had no more expression at this point.

Xia Ruoxin picked the bowl up and ate the last grain of rice. In here, what they could only look forward to was having three meals a day. Without these, none of them could live on.

Suddenly, she felt a menacing glare. She turned around and saw the woman with a high nose smirking and did not put it down fast enough; but soon, she pretended like it was nothing and continued on with her business.

Xia Ruoxin put down the bowl in her hands and frowned slightly. She seemed to have received a cold warning and hatred from the woman with a high nose.

It was hatred, but Xia Ruoxin really did not know where she had offended her. Usually, they would not even interact or look at each other; how could she offend her?

She did not take this incident to heart and focused on counting her and Shen Wei’s assets. They had three rolls of tissue paper, toothpaste, and two toothbrushes. If they could find gold again, they would exchange it for a bit more before using all the rest for food.

Even though it was hard on them here, Xia Ruoxin really felt that she was better than what she imagined. At the very least, there were rewards; but she also knew that it was an incentive for these women to continue working hard. Usually, they would only feed them until they were one-third full. When they were hungry to no end, they would then be thrown out so they could use their physical strength from the bottom of their hearts and multiply their willingness to work.

Xia Ruoxin was very open-minded about this and took it as something she found on the streets. If they did not give them anything at first, then so be it. What could one do to them? In the end, they still had to endure it all, lifting their asses and drenching them in this cold river.

That night, she slept really early because she was tired. She had only just gotten used to life here recently so she did not think much; and after the tiring day, she just wanted a good rest at night.

The night breeze was cold. In here, the day was like summer; but the night was like late autumn. If it was not for this blanket, many people would probably have frozen to death.

Xia Ruoxin pulled the thin blanket onto herself and muttered a few words which seemed to be sleep talk from her red lips that had lost its color.

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