Chapter 756 - Poor Their Whole Life

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Chapter 756: Poor Their Whole Life

The cries from not far away became weaker and weaker, softer and softer. Xia Ruoxin’s eyes were sharp enough to see a few people dragging the woman away, and her hands were still being dragged on the floor, followed by a long path of bloodstains.

Perhaps the gold thief could live, but the escapee…


She seemed to understand.

The winds got colder, and the skies were darker. She clenched her fingers, and it was numb like they were not her own.

Chu Lui brought his daughter down from the car and held her hand to the kindergarten.

“Behave when you’re in school. Daddy will fetch you home when it ends.” He squatted down, placed his daughter’s fingers at his mouth, and blew warm air into it before rubbing her hands together.

“Come, kiss Daddy.” Chu Lui placed her head forward.

Rainy hugged her father’s neck and kissed his neck.

This half a year, the father and daughter had depended on each other for their life. Chu Lui took care of his daughter and did it on his own the whole time; he did not need anyone else and was overly nice and overly doting on Rainy.

The child’s feelings were the most naive and simple, but it was also the most understanding.

She knew very well who was nice and who was not to her.

“Behave, okay?” Chu Lui caressed his daughter’s face. “Eat your food properly, and when Daddy comes back after work, I’ll bring you to eat good food.”

“Okay,” Rainy agreed before getting carried by Chu Lui, and they walked to Teacher Xiao Meng.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Chu Lui passed his daughter to Teacher Xiao Meng. He was not worried about Rainy in the kindergarten as he had already bought the place and had hired two teachers to specifically take care of his daughter.

Ever since Xia Ruoxin went missing, the child did not talk much; other than a few words to him, she did not talk much to the rest.

Actually, he was afraid that it would not be good for Rainy if this continued. He brought Rainy to see a psychologist, and the psychologist said that the child was naturally more sensitive so it might be better when she got older.

Yes, when she got older, but when would a small kid like her grow old?

“See you, Daddy.” Rainy waved towards Chu Lui.

“See you, baby.” Chu Lui bent down and ruffled his daughter’s soft hair before going to the car and driving to work.

“Hello, CEO.” Once he walked in, the employees from all the departments greeted him.

He only nodded lightly and kept his eyes on the front. Then, he took the elevator directly to the eighteenth floor, but when his fingers pressed on the buttons, the elevator stopped at the seventeenth. The seventeenth floor was still the same. It was where the company would hold its annual meetings; and usually, no one would come here. Hence, it was considered as a special place that could directly go up to his eighteenth floor and existed on its own.

There was an office here, and after so many years, the office was only used once and was previously owned by Xia Ruoxin.

He walked in, and the inside was really clean; there was not a speck of dust. There was a potted plant on the table originally, but it had long wilted due to dehydration. He could not bear to throw it away.

He always felt that she would come back. When she did, she would buy a plant to take good care of it unlike him. Even though he watered it every day, it still died in the end. As to why it died…

Du Jingtang said that he had watered too much until it died.

His fingers slid across the table and left behind light marks, but he did not know if it would leave marks on a person’s heart.

He closed the door and then went to his office.

“Cousin, you’re here.” Once Du Jingtang saw him, he stood up. “I’ve waited really long for you.” He yawned, and it was obvious that he had worked overnight.

“You didn’t sleep?” Chu Lui walked over, sat down, and flipped through the documents that Du Jingtang handled. As expected, it was almost finished.

“Kind of, I slept a little.” Du Jingtang pointed to the small room inside. “Your room is pretty okay, but I didn’t sleep enough yet. You are busy yourself; I’ll continue to sleep.” After he finished talking, he waved his arm and went in to sleep.

“Oh, yeah, cousin.”

Du Jingtang suddenly thought of something and hurriedly walked back.

“There’s news from the other side.”

The documents in Chu Lui’s arms shook.

“Is it good or bad?” Actually, he did not even know if he wanted to hear good news or bad news; perhaps it would be better if there were no news at all.

“Neutral, I guess.” Du Jingtang touched her chin and did not know how to answer.

“Hm? What do you mean?” Chu Lui opened the computer and typed a command in which turned the computer on. Of course, he did not forget what Du Jingtang had said.

“Nothing much.” Du Jingtang pouted. “It’s not good or bad; it’s not much of big news. It has already been half a year; do we need to continue searching?” They had searched for half a year, and sometimes, Du Jingtang felt that Chu Lui was essentially crazy. Half a year… they spent half a year’s worth of manpower and resources, but they still could not find the person. Perhaps she had already…

They had already lost all hope, but did Chu Lui want to continue?

Chu Lui put the documents in his hands down, opened the drawer, took out a cigarette from inside, and started smoking.


“Yes?” Du Jingtang lay on the table.

“I’ll continue to look for her, nonstop, even if it means being poor for the rest of my life. Do you understand?” Chu Lui half-squinted his eyes and that puffs of smoke almost covered his eyes.

“I know.” Du Jingtang straightened his body. Okay, he knew, and he would not ask this type of questions the next time. How could he forget? Since young, Chu Lui’s personality was the same, and it was difficult to change his decision.

A whole life, yes… poor for the rest of his life.

A whole life… how long should that be?

Du Jingtang went out and closed the door for Chu Lui. Chu Lui blew some smoke out. It had only been half a year for a thirty-year-old man; he was still considered young and was in his prime, but one could vaguely see the white hair on his head which he did not intentionally dye black.

This was what he got from the past half a year.

At this time, his phone rang; and he slowly put out the cigarette before picking up his phone. However, it was an unfamiliar number. He squinted his eyes, who was this? There were not many people who knew his personal number, and he could confirm that he had not seen the number before. Even though it was just a bunch of digits, he was relatively sensitive to them since young; even if he could not remember it, he would have an impression of it in general so he could confirm that he had never seen this number before.

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