Chapter 758 - Daddy is Going to Find Mommy

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Chapter 758: Daddy is Going to Find Mommy

“Up to you.” Chu Lui was not worried about this. “You can steal it. I’ll just earn another one back.” He was not a rich second-generation that only knew how to feed on his father’s business; he had his own capabilities and could always use a few years to build his own company so he would not care even if he stole it.

Du Jingtang paused. Actually, he just said it for fun. He would not want the Chu Enterprise as even if he really got it, he would not be able to keep its business and would just cause it to be bankrupt in the end.

“Also,” Chu Lui continued, “help me take care of Rainy.”

“Okay, I like this.” Du Jingtang loved Little Cutie the most. He was very excited to take care of Little Cutie, and he could play with her every day afterward. It would be great.

“Don’t let my Mom take Rainy,” Chu Lui added. He could feel that Song Wan was prejudiced against Rainy. Of course, she could take care of this granddaughter; but she had never thought of it. When someone was biased, it was not easy to change one’s mind.

“Don’t worry, I know.” Du Jingtang patted his chest. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Little Cutie myself. Even if I’m not there, there’s my mom to help. I’ll ask my mom to bring Little Cutie home, and she could stay at my house.”

“Very good.” Chu Lui stood up and looked at his wristwatch. He had to go out once and had many things to handle. He did not know how long this trip would take—might be a few months or even a year or two. He swore if he could not find Xia Ruoxin, he would never come back until he did.

He picked his daughter up from the kindergarten, and Rainy let him carry her silently. Her original chubby body was now skinny, and the meat she had nourished back, she had lost it rapidly.

The little fellow was still very obedient, but she did not like to talk anymore.

He let his daughter stand on his leg and met his gaze with hers.

“Baby, Daddy wants to say something. You must listen carefully, okay?”

“Okay.” Rainy nodded her head obediently and stood stably. However, her hands were still clutching onto her father’s clothes. Even though the father and daughter did not look alike, their grape eyes and their serious expression looked like they were all made from the same mold.

Chu Lui placed his hand on his daughter’s head. He would not take his daughter as someone ignorant as he knew that Rainy was very smart and would understand what he said.

“Daddy is going to find Mommy, but he might take very long. What does Rainy say?”

Once Rainy heard the word ‘Mommy’, her eyes lit up; and her quite face finally had some light movements.

“Can Daddy really bring Mommy back?”

She pulled Chu Lui’s fingers and asked.

“Yes, Daddy promises you.” Chu Lui hugged his daughter’s small body. “However, it’s too far so Daddy can’t bring Rainy with him. Does Rainy dare to stay at home alone and wait for Mommy and Daddy to come back?”

“Do I dare?” Rainy bravely raised her head. “Daddy, Rainy has grown up already and knows how to do a lot of things like wearing clothes, folding blanket, and cooking her own noodles. I can take good care of myself so can Daddy go find Mommy? Mommy must be very scared when she’s not at home. When Rainy is home alone, she will be scared, too.”

Chu Lui ruffled his daughter’s soft hair. She still said she was not afraid earlier, but in an instant, she started crying. He only had one daughter, and he was very worried about leaving her alone. The best place would still be at home as there was his father, Chu Jiang. He could have left Rainy at home, but the people he was most worried about were his mother—Song Wan—and Chu Xiang.

He was afraid that his daughter would suffer again. This child had already suffered so much; he really could not bear to let her suffer more pain. If he could, he wanted to let his daughter stay by his side forever. He would stand by her, protect her, and give her the best; but now, he really had to leave.

He had to leave to find a mother for his daughter, to find the woman he loved the most, and for these two women he could not live without.

The next day, Chu Lui sent his daughter to the Du family. Rainy held her father’s hand and was very well-behaved which made a lot of people like her. Su Yunfei came over to hug her in an instant and did not let anyone else interrupt.

“Thank you so much, Aunt.”

Chu Lui walked over and combed his daughter’s braids lightly.

“Don’t worry, I know.” Su Yunfei understood what Chu Lui was worried about. “Don’t worry about your mom’s side. No matter what, she is her biological granddaughter and is much closer than that Chu Xiang. It can’t be that she did not want her own granddaughter and want someone else from another family. Why would there be such a Granny?”

Chu Lui kept silent about this.

Actually, they did not quite understand Song Wan. Her personality was not bad, but she only had a downside: she was very stubborn and was like Chu Lui.

The more one went against her, the more resistant she would get. The better something got, the more she would not like it.

It was like now where they doted on Rainy, but only Song Wan would let them like their own and her to like her own.

Hence, the best way was to not let them see each other and separate them as far as possible. Only then, she would take slowly forget about it.

“Rainy, Daddy has to leave.”

Chu Lui smiled at his daughter and extended his hand to touch his daughter’s face. After this departure, he did not know when he would see her again. Perhaps his daughter’s fourth birthday would already be over, and he would not come back in time to celebrate it with her.

“Bye, bye, Daddy.” Rainy raised her hand and waved. She smiled, and her eyes were in the shape of a crescent moon. This smile followed her mother’s and had pained Chu Lui’s heart.

Chu Lui turned around, opened the door, and left.

At that time, Rainy kept her hand; and she lowered her lashes. She sniffed, and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Why did you cry? Were you not smiling just now?” Su Yunfei caressed Rainy carefully and asked worriedly.

Rainy used her sleeves to wipe her tears and said chokingly, “Rainy is afraid that Daddy would be sad so Rainy smiled to let Daddy smile.”

Her child-like voice made Su Yunfei tear up, too.

“Yes, don’t cry.” She gently pacified the child in her arms. “Daddy just went out to look for Mommy. The next time Daddy comes home, he will be with Mommy, right?”

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