Chapter 759 - Overseas

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Chapter 759: Overseas

She pinched the child’s nose, put her down, and helped her re-braid her hair.

Rainy sat quietly on the stool. She sniffed her nose, lowered her head, and hugged her dolly tightly.

“Dolly, don’t be afraid. Rainy will protect Dolly. Daddy went out to find Mommy, and when Daddy comes back, Rainy can see Mommy already… so don’t cry. Rainy, don’t cry.” She used her sleeve to wipe her face, and her pitiful image tugged at Su Yunfei’s heart. She was about to cry along, too.

Chu Lui did not feel too good currently as well since Rainy was originally very quiet and was only close to some people. Now, even he—the father—had to leave the child. How was she supposed to get used to it? Even until now, she still wanted her mother at night and would cry.

He closed his eyes, clenched his fists tight, and drove his car away.

Not long later, he and Brother San were standing at a harbor.

“Brother San, are you sure you want to go?” Chu Lui stood aside and asked. Even though he was wearing normal clothes and changed his pure, handmade leather shoes for a pair of normal cloth shoes and the clothes he wore were no longer worth millions but were bought from the market; he could still make these cheap goods look branded.

Brother San smiled. He had also changed to a set of casual clothes, but it did not change his murderous aura.

“Chu Lui, are you sure you want to go?”

He did not answer the question but asked him back.

“Of course.” Chu Lui stood up straight. If he did not want to, he would not be standing here today.

“Me, too.” Brother San turned around and looked at the horizon. At this time, the blue sky was far-reaching, the surging clouds looked endless which showed boundless tranquility.

At that time, two young men came over.

“Sorry, Brother San, we need to tie the both of you up.” After he said that, the man took two ropes over.

Brother San extended his hand and allowed himself to be bound, and so did Chu Lui. After a short while, both men were tied tightly. This was Chu Lui’s first time being in such a position.

He actually let them tie himself up.

Not long after, they were brought to a group of people where there were both men and women of different skin colors. No matter how they were in the past, how their lives were like, or how their family background was; they had to be sold. One should not question why Brother San knew this type of transactions.

Even though he did not participate in it, he still knew some routes. If not, he would not have known that there was a ship that brought two Eastern women with them half a year ago. As to where they went, he did not know. It was as if it was done on purpose as these two women had switched hands many times in between. He checked the front few switches pretty clearly, but there was one switch in the middle that he had not figured out. Up till now, he still could not find out where did the ship go to, where it was, and where were the two women brought to.

Hence, they found the stupidest but also the most direct way to solve this. They sold themselves to dig out more information about the boat and to save them some time.

“The goods this time look not bad, right?” A man with a horse-like face walked over and stood in front of Chu Lui and Brother San. “These two people are taller than most people. Perhaps they work out regularly so their contours were perfect, and their looks were not bad. Their white face and their manly body. We would get a good price if we sold them.”

As he said, he extended his hand and pinched Chu Lui’s arm. “He is really muscular. This good is quite decent.” Chu Lui squinted, and a cold glare shot out of his eyes which made the horse man move his hands away. He did not know where the discomfort came, from but when he touched his own arm, he had goosebumps all over.

“Oh, yeah, where are they from?” He extended his hand and wanted to slap the other man’s shoulder, but he pulled a smile that did not really seem like one. With his distinct features—even if he did not make it obvious, his smile was enough to send shivers down the horse man’s spine.

He could only retract his hand and put it behind his back to hide his unnatural awkwardness.

“I found them from jail.” The man who brought Chu Lui and Brother San over said softly by the horse man’s ear.

“These two killed someone by accident. If not, how can I find someone of their caliber?”

“That’s true.” The horse man nodded. “The goods this time are really decent. I’ll bring them over first, and the price would be what we agreed on.” After the horse man finished talking, he checked Brother San and Chu Lui out satisfyingly. He did not come here for nothing this time, and he indeed found top quality products, unlike the first few times he came where they were all women and could not fetch a good price.

Together with the rest, Brother San and Chu Lui were chased into a twenty-foot cabin before the door slammed shut behind them. Both of them took a corner each and did not interact much.

Chu Lui moved casually, and the ropes tying him together were let loose. He then extended his legs. The cabin did not have much space, and both the men and women were locked together to face their unknown fate. Each one of them was numb as, to them, they just moved from one cage to another prison.

The door outside opened, and two men carried a wooden container in. Inside the container, there were hard and dry biscuits and nothing else.

The two men carried the container and directly flipped it over, causing the biscuits to drop all over the floor before leaving the room and closing the door behind them. A hand reached over to take the biscuits, but suddenly, a pair of legs walked over and stood in front of the pair of hands—which made the owner tremble in fear.

At this time, the other people did not dare move as the man standing in front of them was just like a demon that crawled out from prison.

Brother San bent down and picked up two hard biscuits from the floor before walking over, throwing one to Chu Lui, and leaving the other for himself.

“Do you think both of them spent their days like this, too?”

Brother San took a bite of the biscuit, and it was so hard until his teeth almost cracked.

“Should be.” Chu Lui took a bite as well. It was not disgusting, but it was hard to swallow. He knew Xia Ruoxin’s personality, and if she really was with Shen Wei—no matter what happened, she would not ditch her.

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