Chapter 761 - When Would be the End?

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Chapter 761: When Would be the End?

When it was the coldest at night, even the blanket would be frozen. Tens of people huddled on a large mattress; everyone could only give themselves some warmth.

At midnight, it was the coldest. Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes, and in the dim light, it was the first time that she saw Shen Wei’s trembling lips.

“Shen Wei… Shen Wei…”

She raised her hand and gently patted Shen Wei’s face, but she found out that her body temperature was very low.

Her hand was just still. She remembered many people were brought out the same way; their temperature first lowered, then their bodies lost their colors, and—finally—they lost their lives.

She always thought that they would not die and someone would save them, but it turned out to be just their daydream.

It turned out that she was not so lucky, and so was Shen Wei.

They depended on each other for their lives; if something happened to Shen Wei, it would happen to her as well in a few days.

Suddenly, she sat up and placed her blanket on Shen Wei. Then, she kept rubbing Shen Wei’s hands which were both swollen like pig trotters. Her heart sank, and the tears she held back for so long suddenly dropped.

“What to do? What to do?

“Shen Wei, you must hang in there. We said that we must hang in until the end. We have already survived so much. Even if we were to die, we need to die in a bright, sunny place with birds and flowers, right? Even if we die, we must die in our own country and not be a wandering ghost here; we can’t even go home after we die.”

The nerves in her finger were barely there, and she could sort of feel the abnormal temperature from Shen Wei’s body.

She did not have fever medicine or anti-inflammatory drugs anymore. Those medicines had saved her and Shen Wei countless times, and the people here could not possibly give them medicine. To them, rather than spending time to save a person, it would be easier to just directly buy another one. After staying in this place for an extended period, the people here could not be saved just by a mere few tablets.

Xia Ruoxin was wearing thin clothes, and she was frozen until she kept shivering non-stop.

At that time, she called heaven and earth for help; but nobody would respond to her. She could only watch Shen Wei’s life slowly fade away and witness her die in front of her eyes.

Then, she would lose her breathing and her heartbeat; lastly, she would be dragged out to her death.

It was very cold that day, and the cold air outside almost froze the wall. Someone came over this morning and said that the river was frozen, and they had to wait until it melted.

Xia Ruoxin blinked her frozen eyelashes.

It was frozen; no wonder it was cold.

It was frozen so she did not need to go out.

“Shen Wei, did you hear that? We don’t have to work today, and we can rest. If the river could be frozen for the next few days, that would be great.” She muttered on her own, but no one replied to her.

She rubbed her hand from time to time to give herself warmth while everyone else was huddled under the blankets, and none were willing to wake up. After maintaining in this position for quite some time, Shen Wei’s breathing then went back to normal.

Xia Ruoxin placed her carrot-like fingers on Shen Wei’s forehead, and with her numbed senses, she felt a bit of normal temperature.

Shen Wei opened her eyes slowly before pointing at her own blanket. “Take it away, I’m fine.”

“I’m okay, cover yourself up. I’m not cold yet.”

Xia Ruoxin curled herself up. Actually, it was equally cold even with the blanket. However, if it continued to be this cold—as long as they did not have to work, they could still endure through this.

Shen Wei wanted to raise her hand but felt weak throughout her body. When she woke up again, it was already night; and Xia Ruoxin had sat like that for one day and one night. That day and night, she did not even dare to close her eyes; if not, she would have frozen to death.

She was not sure what this day meant to the others. Perhaps it was a rare holiday, a day that they could sleep in. Even if they did not eat or drink, they had one more day to wait for death. However, for Shen Wei, this day saved her life… and so did Xia Ruoxin’s thin blanket.

At that time, in the vast ocean and in the cabin, Brother San waved his hand and pressed one man on the floor. Chu Lui raised his eyes slightly, and with one kick, he kicked another man down.

The world of men and women were different. In the women’s world, they could cry it out; but for men, they had to fight it out.

“You’re pretty good at fighting.” Brother San waved before clenching his rough fingers. This fighting ability did not come from nowhere.

Chu Lui used her finger and flicked the corner of his shirt. “You, too.”

If both of them did not practice on these people, they did not know how they would continue on with their lives. Every day—when they closed their eyes, it was pitch black; and when they opened them, it was the same.

If not, they would be hovering in between eating and defecating.

Not long ago, these people were not willing to bow down to them; and some of them wanted to steal their food to eat. In this world—if one was not the bully, one would be bullied. In this place, they did not compare their family backgrounds or their identities, but whose fist was tougher instead.

Clearly—in the end, only Brother San and Chu Lui had a pair of good fists. In this cabin with over a hundred people, no one could offend them.

Once Brother San sat down, some people immediately came over to massage his leg; and he extended his other leg, too. However, irritation was soon written all over his face.

“When would this end?”

“It might be soon, or it might take quite a while. We won’t know.” Chu Lui stepped back, and some people also came over. Their eyes made him uncomfortable.

“Go away!” He extended his leg, kicked the person’s shoulder, and caused him to roll. Bang! His head hit harshly on the floor, but he did not even dare to moan. After he got up, he found a spot of his own and hid there.

“You’re still thinking of your lower body?” Brother San sneered. “You should just stop thinking about those dirty thoughts.”

Chu Lui did not quite understand what Brother San said.

In this place that could be called a small world, the ground they had seen before and the things that they had never seen would happen every day. This kind of disgusting things would happen right in front of their eyes every day. Whatever they did, it was not related to them; but if they had their eyes on them, no one would even know when they were beaten to death. In the end, they would just be taken as patients who fell sick and died and would be directly thrown to the ocean to feed fishes.

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