Chapter 762 - She was Most Worried about Blood Relations

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Chapter 762: She was Most Worried about Blood Relations

Based on Brother San’s method, it was simple to even kill a person.

Chu Lui folded his legs and closed his eyes. In the dark, his face was especially dark until one could not even see it. It was their twenty-fifth day on sea, and it had been close to a month.

He had left his daughter for close to a month. He did not know if she was fine, if she behaved… if she ate properly. He knew that his daughter was obedient and easy to bring up; as long as one treated her nicely, she would like the person.

He was right. Every day, Su Yunfei brought Rainy out personally, bathed her, clothed her, brought her to the kindergarten, and fed her food—even Jingtang and his father could not interrupt.

Rainy hugged her dolly in front of the window while standing on a stool below her feet.

“Baby, what are you doing here?” Once Su Yunfei came in, she got a fright, ran over hurriedly, and carried the small child.

“Granny, Rainy wants to stand here and wait for Mommy and Daddy.”

Rainy leaned her small head against Su Yunfei’s body. This ‘granny’ made Su Yunfei sigh about her past years while she fell in love with her new identity.

Hehe, she was also a granny; she was someone else’s granny.

She gently caressed Rainy’s soft face and comforted her. “The sky is turning dark; we should sleep soon. Daddy and Mommy will come back real soon if you behave.”

“Mm, Rainy will behave. I will be obedient.” She hugged the dolly in her arms tightly. She was already very obedient, but she had to be more well-behaved so that her parents would come back earlier.

After sending Rainy to kindergarten, she received a call from some of her good friends who asked her to go out for a while. At first, she did not want to go as she still had to take care of Rainy when she returned. In the end—after much consideration, she decided to just go as she had rejected them a few times; if she continued to do so, it would not look good on her. Anyway, the gathering between wealthy ladies would just be a casual and superficial talk so she could go back after sitting for a while.

However, once she reached the place, she coincidentally met Song Wan.

“Big Sister, you’re here, too?”

“Mm.” Song Wan smiled at Su Yunfei and did not have much against her. Actually, she was someone who was not hard to get along with; and besides, their relationship had always been decent all along.

Just that she had her entire heart and soul on Chu Xiang, which chased her own husband and son away. Her entire self was surrounded by a menacing aura which made people feel fearful.

“Oh, why did you not bring your granddaughter along?” Once a woman saw Su Yunfei, she laughed and joked along with her.

“Where did your house cutie come from? How did you give birth to her? She’s so obedient and well-behaved; even I want to bring her back and not return her to you.”

“What are you saying?” Someone else leaned in. “What do you want to take and not return?”

“It’s her.” The person pointed at Su Yunfei. “Her house has a small girl who just turned four, and it’s a nice age to be playing with. She’s adorable, very obedient, and has a sweet tongue. I saw her once and wanted to steal her from her house. Then, bring her home for myself.”

When everyone heard this, the topic turned to the child.

At their age, they all should have grandchildren. However, honestly, all those who had married sons did not have a single grandchild. If not, their sons were like Su Yunfei’s Du Jingtang. Let alone getting married, he had not even brought a long-lasting girlfriend home. Actually, Su Yunfei roughly knew about her son’s orientation; but she did not expose it to him. Some things could not be forced, and she was afraid she would force him to a corner. She only had this one son.

“Yunfei, where did your son come from?” Song Wan asked ignorantly. Actually, she knew very clearly who the child was and whose child it was. It was clearly her granddaughter, but in the end, Su Yunfei was the one who looked after her. Did they treat this granny as non-existent?

Su Yunfei did not know how to answer her.

“Jingtang brought her back because he liked her a lot so he wanted to leave her at home. Big Sister, you also know that there’s only me at home because Jingtang’s father isn’t at home all day long; unlike you, Big Sister, you have Xiang Xiang to accompany you.”

When she mentioned Chu Xiang, Song Wan smiled. Yes, luckily, she still had Xiang Xiang; if not, the family would be disastrous.

“Oh, yes, I’ll go over to your house tomorrow. I haven’t been there in a while.”

Su Yunfei was stunned as she did not expect Song Wan to make such a request. Actually, they would welcome her over, but now that Rainy was at home, Chu Lui had specifically reminded them not to let Song Wan know about Rainy at the Du family. Even if she knew, they could not let her and Rainy meet. They all said the one who knew the son the best was the mother, but the one who knew the mother the best was also the son.

Su Yunfei did not even know why she was afraid to let Song Wan go to her house.

She agreed hesitantly. After this, she went home and discussed it with her husband. Her husband—who was also Du Jingtang’s father—was called Du Bin. He followed his father’s surname while Song Wan followed the mother’s surname. Even though they did not have the same surname, they were biological brothers and sisters.

Before Song Wan got married, she had a good relationship with her younger brother. Even when she did, both of them did not separate and work hard for their own family. If not, Du Jingtang would not have ditched his own family business and joined the Chu Enterprise. One was because he wanted to help Chu Lui; second, it was because the Chu family trusted him. Of course—as for Du Jingtang, he felt that he had been tricked into joining the Chu Enterprise by his aunt and uncle.

This was not some cushy job as he had to slave and had to wake up even earlier than the roosters for work, work even more tiring than cows. Even though the money earned was pretty decent, his Du family was not poor. They had clearly dug a hole for him to jump right in.

“Do you think Big Sister would come and be bad to Rainy and bully her?”

Su Yunfei was worried about this. Ever since she met with Song Wan, she had not slept well the past few days.

“That was her own granddaughter. How could she bully her?” Du Bin felt that his wife was overthinking. “Even though Big Sister liked the—what? Xiang Xiang?—more, but she is still able to differentiate things clearly, right?

“Of course, she would be nice to her own granddaughter. Their blood relations are not for naught.”

Blood relations? Currently, Su Yunfei did not believe in Song Wan’s blood relations. She was afraid the more blood relations they had, the more it would not even incur Song Wan’s love. If she did care about blood relations, she would not have dug Rainy’s kidney out in the first place.

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