Chapter 763 - I Dreamed of Your Sister

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Chapter 763: I Dreamed of Your Sister

If there were true blood relations, Chu Lui would not have specifically left Rainy in her care instead of with Song Wan, who was the biological grandmother, when he left. However, Rainy was not with her and was with Su Yunfei instead. Even Chu Lui did not believe in his mother; how could she?

She tossed and turned but could not sleep the whole night, thoroughly afraid that Song Wan would come here.

“AHH…” Suddenly, she jumped up from her bed and gave Du Bin beside her a huge fright.

“Why? Did you have a nightmare?” He sat up. He placed his hand on his wife’s arm and patted to comfort her.

“Yes.” Su Yunfei wiped the sweat off her forehead. It was not a nightmare; it was a terrifying one.

“What did you dream of?” Du Bin sighed gently; he had been scared by her until her clothes were drenched. “What kind of dream could scare you like this? Did you dream of a ghost?”

“Not a ghost.” Su Yunfei seriously looked at her husband’s eyes.

“Then?” Du Bin raised his eyebrows.

Su Yunfei, “I dreamed of… your sister.”

Du Bin, “…”

At this time, Su Yunfei really felt that Song Wan was much scarier than a ghost. She had spent her every day in anxiety, but luckily—after these few days, Song Wan still had not come. She naively thought that Song Wan had said it casually and would not come over. She heaved a sigh of relief and could sleep much better at night without any more nightmares.

It was all until this day when she was watching cartoons with Rainy. Whatever kids liked to watch nowadays, she fell in love with them, too. At first, she accompanied Rainy to watch them; but when Rainy got tired of it, she started to watch it with much interest.

A big head and a small head were placed together; Su Yunfei placed the cut apples in a small bowl and ate one herself while she gave one to Rainy. With this type of feeding method, Rainy had put on weight recently; and so did she.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

She asked the nanny at home to open the door while she continued to accompany Rainy to watch cartoons and eat apples.

“Granny, eat fruit,” Rainy said softly.

“Oh, okay.” Su Yunfei then remembered that she had been too absorbed in the show and kept shoving the apples into her mouth and had forgotten about the small mouth.

She used the toothpick to poke a piece of apple and placed it in Rainy’s mouth.

“Come, eat more. Granny wants to feed you until you’re chubby. Your father would be thrilled when he comes back. You’re so thin; even Granny’s heart hurts when I see you.” She pinched Rainy’s cheeks. She really loved this child so much, but it was a pity that she was not her granddaughter. If she was, that would be great as she could bring her out to show off every day. Such a pretty child would be the envy of everyone.

“Who was it outside?” She had not forgotten to ask the nanny who came. However, after some time, no one replied.

“It’s me.” Suddenly, a voice came; and the mere two words caused a few seconds of short circuit in Su Yunfei’s brain.

She hurriedly placed the bowl in her hand on the table and instinctively blocked Rainy behind her. However, this block seemed to be a bit late as she could not hide the child from her sight.

At that time, Song Wan had already changed her shoes and was standing in the living room. Chu Xiang’s eyes were glaring at Rainy and did not like her that much. She was clearly someone that Song Wan brought up as the gaze coming from the child’s eyes was exactly like Song Wan’s; even her hatred gaze was exactly the same.

“Big Sister, what brings you here?” Su Yunfei stood up and carried Rainy before pressing her face against her chest. “Um, the child’s tired. I’ll bring her to the room first and come out later.”

After she was done talking, she hurriedly brought Rainy to her room; but her heart was still filled with anxiety. Even though they were separated by a wall, she was still afraid that Song Wan would do something and harm the small child.

This child had suffered too much: the sickness a year ago, then she lost a kidney not long ago, and now, her parents were not with her. Who would be left to protect her?

Her grandpa loved her, but he could not follow her every day. They could protect her, but after all, they were not her biological granny and grandpa.

“Rainy, behave. Don’t come out first, okay?”

Su Yunfei caressed Rainy’s small face that was not even as big as a palm.

“Mm, Rainy knows.” Rainy obediently agreed, but when her long lashes drooped down, the indignance on her face made Su Yunfei feel upset.

“Behave, it’s okay.” Su Yunfei ruffled Rainy’s hair. “Granny will come over and watch cartoons with our Rainy, okay? When Uncle comes back, I’ll ask him to bring you to the playground.”

“Okay.” Rainy obediently agreed. She hugged her dolly tightly and just watched as Su Yunfei left and closed the door behind her.

When Su Yunfei walked out, Rainy climbed down carefully and tip-toed. However, she was still a distance away from the door; and she pushed it slightly with her little hands.

That granny would not come in, right?

She climbed back to her bed and curled her small body up.

“Daddy… Mommy… Rainy is scared.”

She was afraid of that granny and that Xiao Jie Jie.

At that time outside, Su Yunfei had already brewed a cup of flower tea for Song Wan to drink. Of course, she did not forget about Chu Xiang. Luckily, there were many snacks in the house that Du Jingtang had bought for Rainy. Rainy usually ate very little so normally; all the snacks would end up in Du Jingtang’s stomach. Hence, the one who had put on the most weight recently was not Rainy, not her, but was Du Jingtang.

“Xiang Xiang, go to the room and play with your sister.”

Song Wan ruffled Chu Xiang’s hair and gently pushed her forward.

Chu Xiang naturally understood. She ran forward in big steps, and Su Yunfei could not even stop her in time.

Su Yunfei stood up and did not want Chu Xiang to meet Rainy. Chu Xiang was older than Rainy by two years, but one should not underestimate this number. To the adults, it might not mean much, but to the two children that were still growing up, the two years was enough to allow the two to have a height difference of around ten centimeters. Chu Xiang was originally two years older, no, close to three years older than Rainy so she was already a head taller than her. Rainy’s personality was very quiet, and she did not like to argue with people; she was always obedient and Su Yunfei was really worried that Chu Xiang would bully Rainy. When the two of them argue, the smaller one would definitely be at a disadvantage.

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