Chapter 764 - Ignore Xiao Jie Jie

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Chapter 764: Ignore Xiao Jie Jie

“Yunfei, sit down.”

Song Wan’s voice made Su Yunfei stop in her tracks and sit back down on the couch unwillingly.

“The two small ones went to play; why would an adult like you go over?”

Song Wan picked up a cup of flower tea, placed it by her mouth, and drank a sip of it. As expected, it had a fresh fruity taste that was not bad, but currently, her mind was not on the tea… it was on Su Yunfei instead.

Su Yunfei really did not want the two children to stick together. If they did, who would know what would happen? She promised Ah Lui that she would take good care of Rainy.

At that time, Chu Xiang pushed the door open with a bang.

Rainy, who was inside, raised her head; and once she saw Chu Xiang, her face darkened. She lowered her head and hugged her dolly in her arms tightly. When Chu Xiang saw the dolly in Rainy’s arms, she frowned.

“That’s dirty as sh*t!”

Rainy pouted and hugged the dolly closer. Her dolly was not dirty. When her mother came back, she would wash Dolly clean.

“I don’t want to play with you at all.” Chu Xiang found a spot for herself. She did not wear any shoes as the house was carpeted so there was no use for shoes.

Rainy turned around and did not want to talk to Xiao Jie Jie.

“You’re ugly as heck.” Chu Xiang contorted her face. She simply did not like this sister that stole her father.

Rainy pouted. She was not ugly. In kindergarten, she was the prettiest child. Even though she was young, she knew the differences between ugly and pretty very clearly.

No matter how much Chu Xiang scolded her, Rainy did not respond and ignored her, even directly using her butt to face her. Then, her small hand slowly pulled the blanket on herself as she closed her eyes and slept. Her father said that she should just ignore people that she did not like. She did not like Xiao Jie Jie so she could just ignore her.

When Chu Xiang saw that Rainy ignored her, it was fine; but now that she covered herself with a blanket, she was furious. Ever since she stepped into the Chu family—no matter if it were the people in school or in the Chu family, everyone was polite to her and bought her many toys. However, there was actually someone who ignored her now. She was furious until her eyes became red and directly ran out. She hugged Song Wan and cried, saying that the sister bullied her.

The tea that Su Yunfei just drank was spat out by her and hit accurately on Chu Xiang’s face. Chu Xiang pouted, directly blared her throat, and started crying.

Hurriedly, Su Yunfei put down her cup. “Oh, my, I’m sorry, Xiang Xiang. Granny did not do it on purpose.” She really could not find anything to wipe Chu Xiang’s face with so she could only use her sleeves first.

In the end, Song Wan pulled Chu Xiang away and brought her home in a foul mood.

Once Su Yunfei saw the two distinguished guests leave, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Just that, she did not understand… she really did not. Was Chu Xiang not a lot older than Rainy? How could she be bullied by Rainy who was a head shorter than her? Was this a joke?

She stood up, opened the door slightly, and found out that the child was already asleep—fast asleep.

She still knew how to cover herself up with a blanket. She walked over and pulled the blanket towards Rainy’s chin; she really did like this child quite a bit. Even though they were both children of the Chu family, she really could not have any liking towards Chu Xiang who she had no blood relations with.

She did not know what Song Wan was thinking. How could she like someone that she adopted instead of her own biological granddaughter? Perhaps it was because she brought her back herself so she liked Chu Xiang more. Perhaps it was her decision so Chu Xiang represented her, and if anyone rejected Chu Xiang, they would be rejecting her in a way.

That was what she thought, but she was not sure of the truth. Of course, only the person involved would be the one who knew the best.

When Rainy woke up, it was already night.

“You’re awake?” Su Yunfei knew that the child must be awake. As expected, she had already opened her eyes; and her hands were rubbing it.

“Granny.” Her soft voice sounded, and Su Yunfei directly went over and carried the small child before standing up.

She carried Rainy to the living room, combed her hair, and passed her a bag of snacks.

Rainy hugged the bag of snacks and ate the food bit by bit. Su Yunfei then remembered what happened in the afternoon, and she carried Rainy.

“Child, tell Granny; did you bully Sister Xiang Xiang today?”

“Sister Xiang Xiang?” Rainy tilted her head. “Does Granny mean that Xiao Jie Jie?”

“Yes, that Xiao Jie Jie.” Both the children were wearing pink that day, but Su Yunfei felt that Rainy wore it better as her skin was white, just like her mother. Chu Xiang was darker and did not look good with pink and even a bit too cringe-worthy. However, Song Wan loved pink so all of Chu Xiang’s clothes were pink, and one did not know if she had good or bad taste.

“That Xiao Jie Jie…” Rainy sucked her thumb and pouted. “Daddy said that if I didn’t like her, I don’t have to talk to her so Rainy took a nap and ignored Xiao Jie Jie.”

“Just that?” Su Yunfei ruffled Rainy’s hair.

“Mhm.” Rainy nodded. She really did fall asleep.

Su Yunfei did not know what to say. Actually, she felt that it was something that happened between the children and had nothing to do with the adults, but that was not what Song Wan thought. When she left, her facial expression was not good; and she was afraid that Song Wan would really blame Rainy and think that Rainy bullied Chu Xiang. Actually, how could this be considered bullying? It was just Chu Xiang who could not think properly.

Ever since Song Wan came, she was afraid that she would come again and was scared that the doorbell would ring.

Every time it rang, her heart would start beating rapidly; and she felt that she was going to go crazy.

The nanny opened the door, and a small boy carrying a school bag was standing outside.

“Who are you looking for?” The nanny asked the child weirdly. However, the child looked like he was well-mannered.

“Hello, Auntie.” The boy smiled politely. “I’m Lin Qing; my sister is called Rainy. I came here to look for her.”

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