Chapter 765 - Eaten Too Much SaltEaten Too Much Salt

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Chapter 765: Eaten Too Much Salt

When the nanny brought Lin Qing in, Su Yunfei was still accompanying Rainy to watch cartoons. Before she could ask further, Rainy had already jumped off the couch herself and ran to Lin Qing while hugging her dolly.

“Did Brother come to find Rainy?”

“Mm, Brother’s here.” Lin Qing touched Rainy’s braids and had the urge to pull it, but he hurriedly retracted his hand and stood aside politely.

Su Yunfei knew that Lin Qing was the child that Xia Ruoxin wanted to adopt. Initially, it was two people, a pair of siblings; but her hometown relative had come to take the sister away, leaving the brother here. Jingtang had also mentioned it to her before. Originally, he wanted to bring both children back, but because Lin Qing’s school was further, he let him stay at the hostel first. When she thought about it, this was Su Yunfei’s first time seeing Lin Qing. It was not strange that she and her nanny did not recognize him.

Su Yunfei did not mind another kid in the house as her house was originally empty, and in the day, there was only her. Since her son would stay and eat at the office every day, she was lonely herself. Now that she had two children to accompany her, it was much better for her.

“Brother, did you come here to play with Rainy?” Rainy tugged Lin Qing’s sleeves and asked.

“Yes, I came here to play with you.” Lin Qing tugged her braids but harder this time as there was no one around.

Rainy frowned, but in the end, she still smiled lightly.

“Stupid.” Lin Qing pinched Rainy’s cheeks strongly, but Rainy still smiled the same way.

Ever since Lin Qing came, Su Yunfei felt that she no longer had anything to do. Lin Qing was a good brother and knew how to take care of his sister. He would help his sister wear clothes, feed her, and even do the chores. Also, she did not need to worry about his homework as he would do it on his own.

“Auntie Qi, I want some salt.” Lin Qing went into the kitchen and said to the nanny. There were two nannies in the Du family: one’s last name was Huang and was older, and the other was the Auntie Qi that Lin Qing was talking to now, who was not that old but was very deft in her work.

“Salt?” The nanny did not think much and directly took salt out from the cupboard. However, she still said, “Children should not eat that much salt, especially don’t give the young girl.”

“I know. Auntie and Uncle Chu said it before. I’m going to eat it myself.” Lin Qing answered, but something flashes in his eyes. The nanny even thought that she had cooked the dishes too blandly today.

Ever since the little missy came to the house, every meal they ate was much blander because the child could not eat salty food so she was used to putting less salt. However, when she put less salt, it was a bit bland at the start; but after eating a few times, they started liking the taste.

Perhaps she really did put too little salt in the food today. Indignantly, she went back and was going to try her own food to see if she really put too little salt.

Lin Qing took the salt bottle and scooped a big spoonful of salt before tasting it himself. He spat the rice out and brought the bowl out. At this time, Rainy was sitting on a stool while hugging the dolly in her arms and playing with it quietly.

“Eat.” He walked over, squatted down, and put the spoon by Rainy’s mouth.

She tried a little and shook her head.

“Brother, it’s not nice.”

Lin Qing fed another spoonful to her mouth. “If you don’t eat, your mother won’t come home; and next time, your father won’t come home. No one will love you anymore. You will become like me and Guo’er that no one loves or dotes on.”

Once he mentioned her father and mother, Rainy sniffed and knitted her brows tightly together before eating the whole bowl of salty rice. However, he did not notice that Lin Qing’s smile had heinous notes to it.

“Auntie, Rainy wants to drink water.”

Rainy used her small hands to lightly tug the nanny’s clothes.

“You want to drink water?” Nanny lowered her body and put her hand on Rainy’s face. “Little Missy, you have asked for water five times; do you still want some?”

“Mhm.” Rainy nodded. She wanted to drink water, lots and lots of water. She was very thirsty and licked her lips. She followed her nanny everywhere until she poured her a glass of water which she proceeded to drink in big mouths.

When Su Yunfei came back, the nanny told Su Yunfei about this.

“It’s a good thing that she wants to drink water, right?” Su Yunfei felt that it was a good thing for a child to like to drink water. “She’s growing up.”

“But she drinks water four times every few minutes.”

The nanny felt that it was abnormal. Not to mention a child—even for an adult, how could they be so thirsty in a matter of minutes?

“I’ll bring her to the hospital to check.”

Su Yunfei directly carried Rainy who was watching television and brought her to the hospital without even letting her wear her shoes.

In the hospital, Rainy was surprisingly cooperative. She was not afraid of injections and let the doctor do whatever he needed to do. Even when they were taking her blood samples, she did not cry.

“This kid is really obedient.” The doctor ruffled Rainy’s soft heir and said, “I rarely see such an obedient child.”

“Can she not be obedient?” Su Yunfei laughed bitterly, but she did not dare say. This child had already been hospitalized twice and had been under the knife twice. Whatever an adult could not handle, this small body had already been through it all.

The doctor took a look at the report, and his eyebrows knitted tightly together.

“Do you give the child too much salt?”

“No…” Su Yunfei shook her head. “This child can’t take too much salt so we have always been very attentive about this in our house. We make sure that the child eats bland food.”

“Can’t eat too much salt?” The doctor felt that Su Yunfei was hiding something.

“Madam, is there something wrong?”

Su Yunfei sighed lightly before placing her hand on Rainy’s head. “This child only has one kidney so we all listen to the doctor and take special care of the child’s body in the day. Not only does she eat less salt, even we do, too. Whatever Rainy eats, the whole family eats the same food so it’s impossible that we put too much salt in. The child might not be able to taste too much salt, but adults will be able to, right?”

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