Chapter 801 - Sold

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Chapter 801: Sold

“But how?” Song Wan was at a loss. She and her son were like fire and water. She did not like Xia Ruoxin, but as a mother herself, she understood that she could not blame Xia Ruoxin for treating her like this. However, she could not put her pride down to do that.

“Try to be nicer to Rainy first.” Chu Jiang patted her shoulder. “She’s a child. If you’re nice to her, she’ll understand; and everyone will see it, too.”

“But that child doesn’t like me.” Song Wan thought of how Rainy had a cold face whenever she was there. She really did not know how to treat the child. The child was just like Chu Lui when he was young. She made her preferences really clear; if she did not like someone, she made it clear. She was a little afraid. It was a little strange since she had not really feared anyone. However, she was afraid of this child, her own granddaughter.

“You don’t like her either.” Chu Jiang’s words were sharp and to the point.

Sure enough, Song Wan could not refute that. She admitted that she did not like that child either even if that were her own biological granddaughter.

“Try to like her.” Chu Jiang suggested. “You’ll soon find that she’s an adorable child. She’s obedient and understanding, just like Ah Lui when he was a child. How can you dislike a child like yours?”

“I…” Song Wan was a little conflicted but nodded after a while.

“I’ll try.”

“That’s good.” Chu Jiang was reassured. There was no free lunch in the world. “If you want to gain the child’s affections, you must first let her feel your affections.”

“How can you expect her to like you if you don’t like her? You’re the adult here. She’s just a child. Or do you expect her to be more mature?”

Song Wan was not impossible to get through to. She decided to try things out after she heard from Chu Jiang. After all, she knew that things would not get worse if they went on like this.

That day, she intentionally sent Chu Lui elsewhere, and she knew that Xia Ruoxin would be busy today. So she decided to spend time with her grandchild today to try and change the child’s opinion of her.

“Is Granny going to pick Mei Mei?” Chu Xiang looked up at Song Wan and asked. This was a road that led to the kindergarten, and she had heard Granny and Grandpa’s conversation. She knew Granny was going to pick Mei Mei.

However, what would she do if they picked up Mei Mei?

“Yeah, we’re going to pick Mei Mei up. Is Xiang Xiang happy? Mei Mei can play with Xiang Xiang in the future.

“I’m happy.” Chu Xiang was rather happy. However, Song Wan did not notice the twisted and gloomy smile on the child’s face.

When Song Wan arrived, the kindergarten was not dismissed yet so she waited outside till Rainy was finally released. She hurried over and explained things to the teacher. The teacher recognized her too so she let Song Wan take the child with her.

Song Wan held Rainy’s hand in one hand, and Chu Xiang’s hand in the other. However, Rainy did not talk much so it was just Chu Xiang talking the whole way.

“Granny, I want to go find Daddy.”

Rainy stood there, not wanting to walk anymore. She wanted Daddy, and she wanted Daddy to carry her. Her legs were tired from working.

“Daddy’s busy. Granny will walk with you, okay?” Song Wan did not think she looked like a bad person, and children usually liked her. However, she did not understand why her grandchild did not like her.

“I want Daddy,” Rainy repeated. She had always been stubborn, unbeknown to Song Wan. She took a look at the watch. It was rather late, and Chu Xiang had not had a proper meal to pick up the child.

“Rainy, be good. We’ll go find Daddy when Granny has brought Sister Xiang Xiang to get some food, okay?”

Song Wan humored Rainy patiently, but she felt ashamed when she saw the face that reminded her of Ruoxin.

She felt like she was running out of patience.

Rainy touched her tummy. Even though she did not ask for Daddy, she was not willing to speak anymore.

“Granny, I’m hungry.” Chu Xiang held Song Wan’s hand as she complained.

“Okay, Granny will bring you to get food.” Song Wan cajoled as she let go of Rainy’s hand. When Rainy was out with Xia Ruoxin and Chu Lui, they always held her hand and never let go.

Right now, Rainy looked at her empty hands and wanted to tug at Song Wan’s clothes but decided not to in the end.

She pouted as her stomach rumbled, but Song Wan clearly did not notice it.

“Granny, I want to eat that,” Chu Xiang said as she pointed ahead.

“Okay, Granny will buy it for you.” Song Wan always let Chu Xiang have her way. She always bought the girl whatever she wanted.

“Granny, bring me there.” Chu Xiang went up and grabbed Song Wan’s hand. The latter had clearly forgotten about the other child. They then headed towards the crowd, leaving Rainy there alone.

Rainy touched her rumbling stomach and pouted. She went to sit down on the steps nearby to wait for them as she rubbed her legs.

“Rainy.” At this point, she heard someone calling her name. She looked up and broke into a smile.


She then stood up and ran forward.

Lin Qing paused every now and then, just enough for Rainy to see him but not enough for her to catch up to him. He dashed into a corner as Rainy looked around strangely, sucking on her finger.

Is Brother playing hide and seek?

“Is that her?” In the corner, a man in sunglasses asked as he pointed at the child.

Lin Qing gritted his teeth before nodding. “Yes.”

“Why are you selling?” The man took out a cigarette and lit it. She looks rather good. No matter her age, she could still be sold for a good price.

“Nothing much.” Lin Qing took in the secondhand smoke until his throat hurt. “She vies for my parents’ attention. I don’t like her anymore.”

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