Chapter 802 - I'll Sell You, Too

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Chapter 802: I’ll Sell You, Too

“You’ve got guts; I like it.” The man patted Lin Qing’s shoulder. “The goods are good, but don’t regret it. If you come to me in the future, I won’t admit it. By then, I’ll sell you, too.”

Lin Qing was a little hesitant, but he hardened his hard when he thought of his sister’s face.

Don’t blame me; you had it coming. Guo’er died because of you. I’m going to make you pay for my sister’s life. I’ll let Chu Lui feel the pain of losing a loved one. How can you all lead a nice life when I’m in pain?

Putting his sunglasses on and puffing out smoke, he took out a wad of cash and patted it on Lin Qing’s face before stuffing it in his clothes. “This is the price we discussed. I’m telling you; don’t come to me after the deal is done. We don’t take back any goods that we’ve sold, no matter male or female.”

“I know.” Lin Qing gripped the money tightly. The money seemed to burn in his hand.

“Then, promise me something.”

He suddenly turned.

“Speak.” The man patted Lin Qing’s face. “You don’t look so bad yourself. Would you like to sell yourself, too? I’ll give you a good price, too.”

Lin Qing turned away and dodged the man’s hand. The man’s touch disgusted him.

“You can’t tell others that I’m involved in this.”

“Don’t worry.” The man twirled the lighter in his hand and tossed it in his pockets.

“There are rules to each trade, but son…” The man’s gaze landed on Lin Qing’s face. He was quite interested in the young man’s face.

“Even though you’re not old, you look pretty good. If you’re in need of cash one day, you can come to me. I’ll definitely find you a good buyer.”

Lin Qing stepped back and left without looking back, gripping the money tightly in his hands. At this point, he accidentally cut his hand on the money. His hands shook, and the money flew all over the floor.

The man only walked out now.

“Brother…” Rainy looked around from time to time as she pouted. She was about to leave when she smelled something. Before she knew it, she blacked out.

The man picked up the girl on the floor.

Tsk, this girl is really pretty, and she’s dressed really well. She’s not from a rich family, right? No matter what, it was none of his business. All he knew that this was his goods. That was not his problem.

In the night, he hid the child in his clothes and went by the deserted alleys. Before long, he was gone without a trace.

At this point, Song Wan bought Chu Xiang a pretty-looking ice cream. Chu Xiang was smiling with it in her hands. She looked around as she licked the ice cream.

She seemed really happy.

Song Wan felt that she had forgotten something. She seemed to have forgotten something, but she could not remember.

Her phone suddenly rang, and she took her phone out. It was Chu Jiang.

“Hello, what’s the matter?” She placed her phone next to her ear as she wiped ice cream from Chu Xiang’s face.

“I’m fine.” Chu Jiang’s voice sounded happy.

“How is it? What are you all doing now?”

“Nothing much.” Song Wan replied nonchalantly. “I just brought Xiang Xiang out for ice cream.”

“Oh, then I guess you’re having a good day?” Chu Jiang smiled. She must have been doing well with the children. Once she took the first step, the second step would be much easier.

“It’s okay.” Song Wan did not think that anything was wrong. She had always been like this. She did not have major mood swings, but she felt a little uneasy today. Nevertheless, she did not think much of it, attributing it to her lack of sleep from last night.

“Oh, right, pass the phone to my granddaughter. I want to talk to her.”

Chu Jiang was rather anxious. He wanted to see his granddaughter, but he held in his desire for the sake of letting Song Wan spend more time with the child. Even though he could not be there, he still wanted to hear his granddaughter’s face.

Song Wan heaved a sigh of relief. Chu Jiang was finally beginning to see Xiang Xiang as a child of the Chu family as his granddaughter.

“Come, Xiang Xiang, Grandpa wants to talk to you.”

Chu Jiang frowned when he heard that. He thought that Song Wan was being coy. Since when did he ask to talk to Chu Xiang? He was never really close to the child so he never knew what to say to her.

He sighed, but let Song Wan have her way. After all, she did adopt Chu Xiang, and he should leave some dignity for her before the child.

Chu Xiang picked up the phone.

“Hi, Grandpa,” she said sweetly.

“Oh, hello.” Chu Jiang did not know what else to say. He was still thinking of how Rainy would tell him a lot of things if she were the one on the phone, which only increased his desire to hear from her.

Chu Xiang was disappointed by all the waiting because Chu Jiang did not say much.

“Xiang Xiang, pass the phone to Granny,” Chu Jiang said to the child. Else, it would just be a waste of time.

Chu Xiang could only pass the phone back to Song Wan.

“Wanwan, put my granddaughter on the phone,” Chu Jiang repeated patiently.

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