Chapter 803 - Acquaintances

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Chapter 803: Acquaintances

“Did I not let Xiang Xiang answer?”

Chu Jiang rolled his eyes. Was she really that old until her menopause was here? Clearly, the one that answered the phone just now was not his granddaughter but Chu Xiang. Was he really that old until he could not recognize his granddaughter’s voice?

“I’m not talking about Xiang Xiang,” Chu Jiang lowered his voice. Was she treating him like an idiot, or was she preparing to steal his granddaughter and not return her to him anymore?

“If it’s not Xiang Xiang, do you have another granddaughter?” Song Wan retorted in annoyance. Suddenly, she remembered something; and her eyes looked forward in terror. At this time, there were not many people here so one look in front, she could see everything clearly.

The child that was standing there a while ago had gone missing.

Piak! Song Wan’s phone dropped on the floor. Doo… doo… Chu Jiang heard the sound of his phone disconnecting.

At this moment, Song Wan’s face was as white as a sheet of paper; and her pair of hands kept on trembling.

She had forgotten about Rainy.

Rainy… disappeared…

She pulled Chu Xiang’s hand and started to look everywhere like a maniac. However, Chu Xiang lowered her head and was exact opposites from Song Wan’s anxiety. She was smiling, smiling secretly because she did see her sister run away. Yes, she had better not be found for the rest of her life. Even when she was dreaming, she wanted to make the sister go missing. This time, did the sister really get lost?

Indeed, after looking for the whole afternoon, she could not deny that the child was missing. Now, the most troublesome thing was that her phone had spoiled after dropping on the floor. She could not even turn her phone on, and as the sun was setting, she still could not find the child.

At this time, Chu Lui had already called Song Wan for the umpteenth time, but there was still no answer, just the beeping of the phone. He dialed again in disbelief and still heard the same tone.

He raised his wrist and looked at the time.

It was already very late, and Rainy had to go back and sleep. If not, she would not have energy the next day. Besides, it was impossible for Song Wan to take care of two children. Now, he started to regret why he did not nag a bit more at the start. Actually, he knew Chu Jiang had purposely asked him to leave, just so that Song Wan could develop a bond with Rainy.

Actually, he did not object to it. As long as Song Wan liked Rainy, then everything else could be solved slowly.

Just that, what time was it already? Why could he not reach her?

He hung up and called Chu Jiang instead.

“Dad, do you know where Mom brought Rainy to?”

Chu Jiang was taken aback. It turned out that this child knew about it. Actually, he did not want to hide from his child for long, but Chu Lui still allowed him to take the child away. He must have turned a blind eye to it.

Just that, Chu Jiang himself did not even know where Song Wan went. “Actually, I don’t know where your mother went. Her phone should be spoiled, and I haven’t found her since. However, you don’t have to worry; they won’t be in trouble.”

Chu Lui hoped so as well, but for some reason, he had unexplainable anxiety in his heart. He took out a cigarette, went to the roadside, and started smoking puff by puff as his heart became increasingly frustrated.

After his cigarette finished, he called Xia Ruoxin.

“Ruoxin, it’s me. Rainy is still eating, and she wants to watch a movie. I brought her to see a decent animated movie; you can bring her there next time.”

When he put down the phone, the cigarette bud in his hand had almost burned to the end and almost reached his fingers. However, he did not notice it until he felt the scorching pain between his fingers. Hurriedly, he extinguished the cigarette. Then, the pain between his fingers was still there; his hand had even started to numb itself and was shaking on its own.

From afar, Song Wan looked at her house door and did not know if she should enter. The first instinct after losing a child would be to look for her, but the first reaction after not finding her was to escape.

The thing she lost was not a cat or a dog, but a child; Chu Lui’s only daughter and the Chu family’s only bloodline. Even though she always told other people that Chu Xiang was her granddaughter, she knew clearly in her heart that the true bloodline of the Chu family was someone else. Now, the child was lost; and she did not know how she was going to face Chu Jiang or Chu Lui. The most annoying one would then be Xia Ruoxin.

Her face darkened, and she held Chu Xiang’s hand tightly.

Then, she turned around and hailed a private hire car. Before she found a way to solve this problem, she could not tell anyone. Neither she nor anyone else could handle the storm that was incoming in her household.

The car stopped, and Song Wan brought Chu Xiang down. However, in front of them were different crossroads; and at that moment, she did not know where they were headed to.

“Auntie Song, why are you here?”

Song Wan’s heart skipped a beat and felt an unexplainable nervousness and fear. Now, she was most afraid of bumping into someone she knew; and obviously, this was one of them.

“Auntie Song, it’s you. It really is you.” The young lady walked forward and had a look of surprise on her face as if she really bumped into someone she knew. Even though they were acquaintances, one could not use ‘surprise’ to explain her feeling.

“This is Xiang Xiang, right? She looks so cute.” The woman raised her hand to caress Chu Xiang’s face as Chu Xiang hid behind Song Wan, and her eyes reflected her alert heart. One could not deny that women always had a scary intuition. Even if it was for a small child, she also had her sense of danger as if she had met into some mishap.

Not long after, the door to a quiet and isolated condominium opened. “This is my home’s small condominium. No people stay here normally, but people would still come over to clean up from time to time. Aunty Song and Xiang Xiang can stay here for the time being. There isn’t much stuff here, but I’ll refurbish this place tomorrow. Aunty Song, what do you think of this place? Do you want another one?”

Song Wan did not want to stay at any overly-luxurious place for the time being. To make it clear, she was an escapee. Since she had a place for her to stay and rest, she should be thanking her lucky stars; how could she still find faults with it?

“Thank you, Yixuan. Auntie doesn’t even know how to thank you.” Song Wan was really grateful to have met Xia Yixuan. Without bringing up the past—at the very least, she had helped her. She did help her with what she had, but it was not to the point where she delivered exactly what she needed.

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