Chapter 805 - There's Still a Way

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Chapter 805: There’s Still a Way

“Auntie, did you mean that the child is lost?” she asked again with uncertainty.

“Yes, I didn’t do it on purpose. I really didn’t.” When she said this, Song Wan did not know what to do. She clearly knew that she had to think of ways to find the child, but her person was still here.

“Auntie, what are you going to do? If Uncle and Brother Lui learn about this incident…” She did not continue on, but Song Wan naturally understood what she meant. Obviously, this was the part that Song Wan was the most scared of.

“Yixuan, what do you think Auntie should do?” She clutched onto Xia Yixuan’s hand tightly as if she was holding onto a grass that would save her life. Right now, she was really out of ideas and wanted someone to think for her. Even if it was someone that she did not get along with, she wanted to hear her out.

Currently, if Xia Yixuan told her to go back, admit her mistakes, and think of a way to find for the child; she would. If she said she should not go back, then she would not. Just that—subconsciously, she hoped that Xia Yixuan would tell her the first answer.

She would rather get scolded, reprimanded, and hit than not get the child back.

Xia Yixuan’s hand was clutched so tightly until it hurt. She bit her red lips.

“Auntie, you can’t go back.”

Song Wan sat down weakly and let go of her hand slowly. “Can’t I go back?”

“Yes, you can’t.” Xia Yixuan’s every word was as if a knife that stabbed Song Wan’s heart.

“Aunty, if you go back, it’ll be okay if you find the child back. However, what if you can’t find the child? Uncle and Brother Lui will never forgive you. They will never forgive you until the day you find the child back. Besides, that sister of mine will never let this go.”

It was fine when she brought up Chu Jiang and Chu Lui as she still could endure it. However, once she brought up Xia Ruoxin, she could not take it anymore. Would she really be under Xia Ruoxin for the next few decades, the rest of her life? She could not tolerate this.

“Then, Yixuan, what do you think Auntie should do?” If she could not go back, she could not possibly stay at this place for the rest of her life, right? She laughed bitterly. Could she not go back for the rest of her life? Then, she wouldn’t have a home that she could return to and a family that she could not meet.

“Auntie, I think you can only do this.”

Xia Yixuan bit her lips hard as if she had made a difficult decision.

“Do what?” There was a glimmer of hope in Song Wan’s eyes. “Is there any way that I can find the child back?”

“I’m afraid you can never find her back.” Xia Yixuan did not give her any glimpse of hope. “Auntie, it had already been a long time, close to a day. The person that took the child away is not stupid and probably brought her to some other place a long time ago. Look at all those children who went missing; how many of them could actually be found?”

The little bit of hope that Song Wan harbored was now mercilessly taken away. Indeed, not many children could be found. Not long ago, she was still thinking of taking good care of Xiang Xiang. Nowadays, there were many child abductors outside; and no one knew where they would sell the child to. Perhaps they would take the child’s organs away or beat the child until she was handicapped. It was still okay if the child was sold to be someone else’s daughter, but if she landed in those people’s hands…

Song Wan did not dare to imagine, she really did not.

Just that, what should she do? What could she do now?

“Yixuan, do you have a way?” Song Wan asked Xia Yixuan again.

“Yes, but…” Xia Yixuan was in a difficult spot.

“Yixuan, you must help Auntie. Didn’t you say there was a way? Then, you must help Auntie.” Song Wan was already desperate; desperate times call for desperate measures as long as it could help her, she was willing to give up anything.

“Auntie, don’t be too anxious.” Xia Yixuan hurriedly comforted Song Wan.

“Actually, there is a way to solve this thing. Just that, will Auntie be willing?”

“Willing? What do you mean?” Song Wan did not understand; what did the thing had got to do with her willingness?

“That granddaughter of yours. You need to take it as if you never had her.” Xia Yixuan’s voice pricked at Song Wan’s heart. Never had? However, she did have her in the first place. She thought of Chu Xiang who was sleeping and was very hesitant.

“Yixuan, you mean…” Gently, she sighed. She wanted to know what kind of plan Xia Yixuan thought of.

“Actually, it’s simple.” Xia Yixuan smiled and the curl of her lip was very cold.

“Let Xia Ruoxin take the child away. If the child’s mother took the child away, no one can blame you for it, right?”

“How can she bring the child away when the child is already gone?”

Song Wan did not understand.

“How to take away?” Xia Yixuan placed her hand in one of her loose hair strands and gently curled it. “Of course, she took her away, forever.” She squinted her eyes and in her gaze was a cold danger.

Xia Ruoxin hung up the phone and stood up to go to the washroom. Then, she gently arranged her hair, and there was a dark expression on her face.

Song Wan was looking for her and said that it was something about Rainy.

Just that, she did not know what Song Wan had to discuss with her. Should she go? She had not made up her mind.

“Will she come?” Song Wan had been waiting with Xia Yixuan for a very long time on a cruise, but they still had not seen Xia Ruoxin’s shadow.

“Don’t worry, Auntie. She will come. I had grown up with her.” Xia Yixuan was not worried at all. Yes, they grew up together. Xia Yixuan took the fruit plate over and kept eating the apples.

She believed that she would come. She would definitely come.

“See, isn’t she here?” She smiled gently as she pointed at the opposite side. Indeed, she was here.

Even though they were still quite a distance apart and the duo who grew up together were not twins or blood-related—one look at the other party, Xia Yixuan could easily recognize her. She was here.

Song Wan was still worried at first, but at that moment, she started to calm down for some reason.

“Auntie, it’s up to you now.” Xia Yixuan stood up and walked to the side while Song Wan clenched her teeth. At first, she was still hesitating, but right now, it was not easy to retreat.

“Why are you looking for me?” Xia Ruoxin walked over. She had lived on the sea for a few months; even though she was not strange to the sea and she was not afraid of it—clearly, she did not like it too much either.

Song Wan placed a piece of apple at the side of her lips.

“This is for your attitude towards your elders.” She landed her remaining gaze on Xia Ruoxin as she hurt half her face.

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