Chapter 808 - Xia Ruoxin... How Ruthless

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Chapter 808: Xia Ruoxin… How Ruthless

“Hah…” Chu Lui laughed, but in his bloodshot eyes, there were some tears. He let go of his hands and let the paper drift to the floor.

He walked forward, opened the door, and walked in as if he was sleepwalking. Bang! He opened the cupboard, and all the clothes that belonged to them were gone. Nothing left.

“Xia Ruoxin, you’re really ruthless!”

He closed the door to the cupboard. He closed the door and locked it and his fingers let go as the bunch of keys dropped to the floor. Then, he stomped on it with all his might.

Not far away, as the sun started to rise, it was the mixture of dark and light.

The day could not see the night, and the night could not see the day.

Song Wan cried for a long time and lamented for an equally long time. Chu Jiang could not do anything about it and just let her cry and be sad. In this world, there was nothing that would not pass. Perhaps their Chu family really had no fate with their grandchildren. However, no matter what, he knew that he had a granddaughter; just that she was not living with them. No matter what, the blood running in the child’s body belonged to the Chu family.

After Song Wan calmed down, she diverted all her attention to Chu Xiang. That was good; as she would not let her imagination run wild. It was also because of that, he started treating Chu Xiang better. However, he still could not be as close to her as he was to Rainy.

He understood that it was blood relations.

As for Chu Lui, he acted as if nothing happened and locked himself up in the room, without drinking or eating the whole day. When he came out again, there were no longer any signs of sadness on his face.

His face was dark, and his methods were even harsher.

After not even a month, the employees of the Chu Enterprise were yelling for help. Their CEO was inhumane, and the employees had to work harder than ever. He treated women like men, men like animals; even Du Jingtang wanted to protest and not work anymore. If they continued to be pressurized by work in this manner, no one could endure it.

He opened the door to the CEO’s office suddenly, and inside, there was a choking smoke smell. In front of the office table, there was no one; and Chu Lui was currently standing in front of the full-length window. He placed his hands in his pockets, and his pair of eyes was harsher than ever.

“Jingtang, why do you think she left?”

Du Jingtang was taken aback, and he shook his head. “I don’t know.

“Perhaps she felt that it was stressful to stay here. On one hand, it was aunt; and the other was you. She was afraid that aunt would hurt Rainy again so she left. Or perhaps, she felt that it was time for her to go.”

Of course, these were just his guesses; and as for the truth, only the people involved would know.

“Jingtang, do you think she loves me?”

Chu Lui whipped out his phone, and in it, was a picture of a mother and daughter. Actually, he could feel that she really did love him… but why could she leave so harshly?

As for this question, Du Jingtang—of course—had no answer to it.

Whether she loved him or not, did it matter now? She had already left and gave up on Chu Lui.

Chu Lui placed the photo in front of his eyes. Did he have to be partners with this cold picture for the rest of his life?

The lights outside became brighter, and it was so bright until he had to squint his eyes as if it hurt the corner of his eyes. That raw pain was hard to endure.

Hua! He pulled the curtains, and instantly, the entire office darkened.

Actually, this was the type of days that Chu Lui should be living. This was the darkness that belonged to Chu Lui.

Some people should not even live under the light… people like him, the villain in other people’s eyes.

Perhaps, he should spend the rest of his days in peace and quiet, on his own.

In the same bright sky, one could look over and see the seven colors of the rainbow shone over. Then, a finger reached over. Hua! The curtain was pulled at the same time.

The sunlight landed on every corner of the room warmly and on this familiar woman’s body. Her face was pale, and there was no sign of blood on it. Below her long lashes, there were two dark shadows; and her pale lips were tightly pressed against each other.

She was just like a valuable doll made of crystal. She was so white until one could see the tiny blood vessels beneath her skin.

“When did you come back?” At this point, she had not opened her eyes as she felt that the light in front was too glaring so she placed her hands in front of her eyes to block out the light.

“Just.” The man’s voice was clear and seemed like they knew each other.

“Do you still want to sleep?” The man turned around, and under the white doctor coat was a handsome face. Perhaps this person was destined to be a doctor as his smile could comfort many people; even children who were crying could laugh when they see him, let alone young women.

“Mm…” The woman turned around and did not seem to be in good shape. The arm that was out looked almost transparent in the sunlight.

Was she going to disappear or turn into bubbles? The man seemed to be afraid and went to pull the curtains together and shut the light outside.

The light that was shut away decreased the brightness in the room and also the warmth inside.

“Ruoxin…” The man sighed again.

“How long are you going to stay like this?”

The woman on the bed kept quiet, and her thin arm was still at the bedside. She moved her hand slightly, and her long lashes shook slightly.

“Ruoxin…” he said again, “it has already been over a month.”

“I know.” The woman on the bed finally sat up. She was so thin until she was a bag of bones, but she was very white as if she had lost all her blood. Her eyes were huge, but her face was small and her chin was sharp. This look… even though it was pretty, it reflected the saying of having a beautiful woman with a yard full of sorrows.

She swept her hair behind her ear and revealed half her face. She had extremely prominent features but was also very skinny as she was pretty.

She wanted someone to protect her, but she wanted to ruin it on her own.

Then, she pulled the blanket away and stepped on the floor with her bare feet.

The young doctor sighed again, walked over, and placed his hand on her short hair.

“I regret letting you go at the start, too. I thought you would be happy with your family of three.”

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