Chapter 810 - There's No Psychiatry Department

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Chapter 810: There’s No Psychiatry Department

He would never forget what he saw when he returned home. When he came back, he was really taken aback by the scene and only recovered after quite some time.

His brother had already become a bag of bones as the drugs had destroyed his body. Luckily, he had kicked the drug addiction; if not, he would really kill Bai Luoyin and Bai Zhenfeng.

Was his brother not condescending enough to Bai Luoyin? He married Bai Luoyin, took over the family business, and slaved for the Bai family with all his heart. In the end, he got addicted to drugs because of Bai Luoyin.

He had even lost his life. Their family had already cleared everything they owed the Bai family. Now, they did not owe them anything. The saddest thing was his brother and Sister Ruoxin. If it was not for Bai Zhenfeng who forced him to marry Bai Luoyin, Sister Ruoxin would not have left and returned to the country. Then, she would not have met Chu Lui again; and Rainy would not be missing.

Once he thought of Rainy, there was unbearable pain in his heart. Where did the child go? Where did the child that called him ‘Uncle’ go?

Uncontrollably, he felt his nose turn sour; and tears started dropping from his face. Hurriedly, he secretly wiped his tears away and sat in front of Xia Ruoxin. He did not even know if she was awake or sleeping.

“Sister Ruoxin, don’t be afraid. Don’t worry, I’ll find Rainy back for you. I have been to many places these two years and can definitely help you. No matter how long it takes, I will find her.”

He thought Xia Ruoxin was asleep, but she was not. Even though her eyes were tightly shut, she knew everything that happened outside, including the fact that Rainy had not been found.

She clenched her powerless fingers tightly, and tears started forming beneath her long lashes.

Baby, where are you? Are you okay? Are you eating well? Are you hurting?

Suddenly, she bit the back of her hand and cried without making a sound.

At this time, Gao Yi had returned to their house in the country. It was a small apartment with three rooms and two living rooms; just enough for the three—mother and sons. They moved back one year ago, and the person who decided it was Wei Lan. After all, she was born here and grew up here. This was her home and her roots. No matter what happened, she wanted to go home; and even if she died, she wanted to be buried here.

Therefore, they returned home and bought this small apartment. Even though it was not as big and luxurious as the Bai family’s place, this place was tidied up properly by Wei Lan and was a warm home.

Gao Yi picked up the surgical knife again and became a normal doctor here. On the other hand, Wei Lan became like the old grandparents who would go to the town square to dance. She had also lightened up a lot as she still felt that she was the most comfortable in this environment and not facing a bunch of flowers and a cold yard.

Their days were simple but happy until Gao Yi met Xia Ruoxin again and Bai Zhenfeng came back.

He opened the door and changed his shoes at the cabinet.

“Mom, I’m back.”

“Xiao Yi, you’re back.” Wei Lan walked over and looked like she had something to say.

“Mom, you don’t need to say anything. I know.” Gao Yi patted Wei Lan’s shoulders before walking to the living room. As expected, Bai Zhenfeng was there. He was still like his usual self without many changes; even though his white hair was dyed, one could still tell his age. After all, he was old so he did not have the charisma and energy like before.

“You became a doctor again?” Once Bai Zhenfeng saw the pair of silver spectacles on Gao Yi’s face, he knew that he was a doctor again. Actually, he did not need to ask as he knew that it was a fact. Gao Yi had a habit; if he was a doctor, he would wear that pair of spectacles.

“Yes.” Gao Yi sat down and answered simply without any other words for Bai Zhenfeng to hear.

“Gao Yi, Luoyin’s condition worsened.” Bai Zhenfeng felt as if he could not talk about it properly. However, for his daughter, he still thickened his skin and continued. “I made connections and transferred Luoyin over. Can I ask you to look after her?” He smiled bitterly. “You can take it as I’m begging you. Uncle only has this one daughter, and even though she did a lot of bad deeds, she had already got her well-deserved punishment. Can’t you forgive her?”

Before he could finish talking, Gao Yi interrupted him.

“Sorry, Uncle Bai. You know that I’m just a neurosurgeon, not a psychologist.”

This obvious rejection… Bai Zhenfeng had already touched this needle many times. Just now when he was here with Wei Lan, he did not eat well and drink well; and even though he was not angered, he was fed with rejection.

“It’s okay.” He acted as if he did not hear it. “As long as she transfers to your hospital, we can always settle the hospital fees.”

“Uncle Bai, we don’t have a psychiatry department there.” Gao Yi interrupted Bai Zhenfeng again. Actually, he did not want to have anything to do with Bai Luoyin again as they were already divorced, and they had nothing to do with each other.

They did not even love each other in the first place; then, what was the point of being together? Was it to disgust each other or to make him disgusted?

“Gao Yi,” Bai Zhenfeng called Gao Yi’s name bitterly. “Just take it as Uncle is begging you, okay? Her illness fluctuates, and sometimes, she can’t even recognize me. The doctor said that she needs to meet someone that she cares about, then she would get better. Aren’t you someone that she cares about? Even though she did do many bad things and I know that she’s not a good person and made you suffer… but, Gao Yi, that’s all because she loves you.”

Love? Gao Yi did not dare to accept this. This kind of love… he would not take it, and he did not dare take it.

He believed that no one would like this kind of maniac love and no one could endure it. He was not a pervert so it was impossible for him to accept another maniac.

“Sorry, Uncle Bai.” He still rejected him and did not leave for any ambiguous talks. “This town has a lot of hospitals, and I believe every one of them is suitable for her.”

However, only this one had you. Bai Zhenfeng swallowed his words up. He could not say it out loud.

At this time, Wei Lan came out from the kitchen and placed the dishes on the table.

“Xiao Yi, come and eat.”

“Okay, Mom. I’m coming.”

Gao Yi stood up and smiled at Bai Zhenfeng. Just that, his smile was distant and hard to be close. “Uncle Bai, do you want to stay for a meal?”

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