Chapter 811 - She Did Not Want to Eat

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Chapter 811: She Did Not Want to Eat

“Okay.” Bai Zhenfeng’s mouth answered faster than he could think. Actually, everyone knew that it was just polite to ask. If it was someone else, he would have left ages ago; but Bai Zhenfeng was thick-skinned enough to stay. He had not eaten the food that Wei Lan made in a long time; he did not even care if he bumped into a needle. Actually, he felt that Wei Lan was asking for trouble; why did she want to cook when he could just treat them to food? Now, he knew.

It turned out that Wei Lan was not making food, but was making a family.

Wei Lan saw Bai Zhenfeng come over and was not surprised. She took out another pair of chopsticks from the kitchen; clearly, she had no intention of letting Bai Zhenfeng stay for food.

However, since he was seated down, she should get a set of cutlery for him.

“Xiao Yi, bring the food to Gao Xin and Ruoxin later. I made soup for Ruoxin to drink. I’ll go find her tomorrow.”

“Okay, Mom. Thank you.” Gao Yi drank a mouthful of soup and still did not talk to Bai Zhenfeng.

“Don’t need to thank me. Ruoxin, that child…” Wei Lan sighed lightly. “Why does she have such a tough life?” She herself was a mother. If her child went missing, she really did not know if she could endure it. A child, to a mother, was akin to her life.

Xia Ruoxin… Xia Ruoxin… Bai Zhenfeng had not heard this name in a long time.

“Gao Yi, you’re together with her?” Even though he had suppressed his tone, his displeasure was clear to others.

In his heart—even though Gao Yi and his daughter had divorced, he was still his son-in-law. When Bai Luoyin was better, they could even reconcile and reunite as a whole family.

Just that, he did not imagine that Xia Ruoxin would still be here. Did she not go back?

“Uncle Bai, I don’t think this is any of your business.” Gao Yi smiled coldly. Why did he have to report to him about dating someone else?

“Nothing. I just asked casually.” Bai Zhenfeng was clearly embarrassed. At first, he took it for granted, but when he saw Wei Lan’s nonchalant look, he then remembered that this pair of mother and son treated him just like a stranger.

After Gao Yi was done eating, he was prepared to leave. There were still two people in the hospital, and he had to bring food to them.

Of course, Wei Lan did not want to stay here for long and was prepared to go out. Here, she would only have a staring competition with Bai Zhenfeng. Honestly, she really did not want to. In the past, she could sit with Bai Zhenfeng for a whole day and not get tired. However, now, after spending time with him for a while; she was exhausted.

When Bai Zhenfeng saw that both of them were leaving, it seemed inappropriate for him to stay here. After all, it was someone else’s house so—in the end—he saved some dignity for himself and left before them.

“Mom, stay away from him in the future.” Gao Yi told Wei Lan; he was afraid that Wei Lan would soften up and would cross the Rubicon[1] with Bai Zhenfeng again. He was not a fool. The reason why Bai Zhenfeng came over was obviously for Bai Luoyin. He was just a normal father who would dare to do everything and anything… but not for him, Gao Xin, or his mother.

“Don’t worry. Mommy knows that. I’m living a good life now and wouldn’t go back to the hell days of the past.” Indeed, Wei Lan’s attitude had improved. Ever since she moved over, she felt that she had entered another world: simple yet fulfilling.

“I’ll go and buy a chicken to make soup for Ruoxin.”

As she was saying, she took her wallet and went out. Just that, when she was turning, no one noticed the darkness on her face and the sigh she let out.

Gao Yi did not think much and brought the two lunch boxes to the hospital.

When Gao Xin saw Gao Yi holding something, he immediately ran over.

“I was still thinking when you were going to deliver my food. Luckily, there’s still something for me. I was still afraid that the Bai person would finish all our food, and then I can only eat packet food.”

Gao Yi passed him a pair of chopsticks. He warned him, “Eat your food and don’t talk.”

“I know.” Gao Xin took the chopsticks over and sat by the side to eat.

Gao Yi took the other thermal lunch box over. This was the soup that Wei Lan had boiled for a long time. Now, Xia Ruoxin’s stomach was still very weak so she could only eat this easily digestible food. No one knew when she would finally recover.

Actually, he knew clearly that the physical injuries on Xia Ruoxin had already covered almost fully. The wound that had not healed was the one in her heart.

He opened the lunch box and took out the bowl of hot fish soup inside. The fish soup was already a cream-white color; one could tell that the soup was boiled for a long time.

“Ruoxin, come. Drink some soup.”

Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes and shook her head. Her thin fingers were still clutching onto the blanket tightly.

“I don’t want to drink it.” When she finished saying, she closed her eyes. She rejected all the food, and she did not want to drink. She did not know what Rainy was doing when she was drinking all of these. Was she suffering?

So she did not want to drink, not even a single mouth.

“Your Auntie boiled this for a long time.” Gao Yi placed it by her mouth and blew it before placing it in front of her. “She made this especially for you. You can’t not-eat for the rest of your life.

“You just got your life back; do you really want to die again?”

Xia Ruoxin closed her eyes and did not want to speak.

“Ruoxin, you can recover earlier if you finish the soup. When you’re better, you can then look for Rainy. Don’t you want to look for her? Do you want her to lose her mother and for you to lose your daughter?”

Gao Yi said as he picked up the bowl and used the spoon to stir it from time to time. The fish soup had a special fresh taste, and there were quite a few herbs in it. The herbs did not only remove the fishy taste and could also aid her body. For patients, this was the best tonic.

Xia Ruoxin knew all of this, but she could not energize herself or convince herself. She simply had no appetite.

She could not drink it.

Gao Yi could only place the bowl on the table before walking over and patting Gao Xin’s shoulders. “Let’s go.”

“Oh, okay.” Gao Xin packed his unfinished food in a hurry, hugged the lunch box, and walked out.

He did not understand why he could not eat inside and wanted to ask why. In the end, he saw Gao Yi standing in front of the ward and looking in from the window.

As for himself, he directly sat on the resting chairs outside and gobbled down his unfinished food.

[1] ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ means making a decision where there is no turning back.

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