Chapter 812 - Not Afraid of Going Crazy, but Afraid of Being Awake

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Chapter 812: Not Afraid of Going Crazy, but Afraid of Being Awake

When Xia Ruoxin noticed that her surroundings were quiet, she then opened her eyes and looked at everything before her in a daze, including the bowl on the table.

“Should I eat it?”

She did not want to move because she did not want to eat and also because there was no taste.


She sat up slowly and stared at the bowl of fish soup on the table for a really long time before she raised her hand and placed the bowl on her lap.

She picked up a spoon and scooped the soup into her mouth.

The taste of the fish soup was very fresh, but as she drank it, she swallowed it down together with her tears. She raised her head and let the tears fall drop by drop into her bowl.

She must remember this taste and remember how exactly she landed in this state.

Her personality was always soft, but that did not mean that she was a pushover that allowed people to bully her.

Song Wan…

She fed another mouth to herself. Suddenly, she coughed violently and even coughed out her own tears; but she still swallowed it down with the fish soup mouth by mouth.

Every time she wanted to vomit and not drink, she would mutter Song Wan’s name and remember her revenge.

When she finished the whole bowl of fish soup, she wiped her mouth; and on the lethargic face, there was a weird smile. Her lips curled up in a way that was cold yet mesmerizing.

After a few days, Gao Xin went out again because his friend said that he had seen a child like Rainy in a village. The child did not like to talk but loved to cry and insisted on finding her mother. The village was filled with simple people, but the child got beaten up often which did not look like something her biological parents would do. Hence, people started getting suspicious. Coincidentally, Gao Xin’s friend remembered this incident and informed Gao Xin about it.

The whole way there, Gao Xin hoped that it was Rainy because they could find their child back. However, at the same time, he wished that it was not as he could not handle it if the pretty child really got beaten up every day.

Until three days later, he returned with a bearded face again. His eyes were red and were filled with spiderweb-like blood vessels.

“What happened?” Gao Yi felt that something was not right with Gao Xin.

Gao Xin opened his mouth, and it tore his heart. Suddenly, his tears dropped like rainfall.

“Brother, there was a landslide in that village. It killed a lot of people including the human trafficker and the children he abducted. I let other people see the picture, and they recognized her. It is Rainy… it really is…”

Gao Yi hurriedly covered his mouth and shook his head at him.

At this point, he was already choking up.

Gao Xin was crying, and so was Gao Yi.

At that time, they did not know that Xia Ruoxin’s hand was on the door handle. Slowly, she retracted her hand, turned around, and walked to the sickbed. She pulled open the covers and wrapped herself tightly in it.

No one knew that, at this time, she had bitten the back of her hand until the muscles and blood were in a blur.

“Are you trying to eat meat?” Gao Yi helped Xia Ruoxin bandage her wound, and Xia Ruoxin was behaving as if she could not feel any pain. He was suppressing something underneath his red eyes, but he was still smiling at her.

Xia Ruoxin raised her hand that was wrapped like a pig trotter, placed it at her mouth, and bit the bandage.

“I just wanted to know how human meat tastes like.”

Gao Yi raised his hand and placed it on her forehead.

“Trust me, human meat is awful. It’s sour and disgusting.”

“Why? Did you eat it before?” Xia Ruoxin looked down slightly and was in a daze as if she could not feel pain. Her colorless lips were curled upwards in a way that no one could describe.

It was an indescribable coldness.

“I guessed it.” Gao Yi laughed before placing her hands on her knees. “If you’re hurting, I’ll give you my hand for you to bite. Don’t bite yourself anymore. There’s almost no complete piece of skin and meat on your body anymore.”

Xia Ruoxin turned away and landed her gaze on a cactus by the window. It was the easiest to grow, it did not die easily, and it pricked people the most.

She raised her head, and at that moment, the light in front blinded her until she could not open her eyes.

From this day on, Xia Ruoxin changed. She started to eat; even though at the start, she would vomit out the food she ate involuntarily as she had not eaten in a long time. However, after puking, she would eat again until she was not hungry and until she was too full.

Slowly, her stomach started to adjust to food; and she ate more and more, day by day. Just that her face was still very pale, but it was much better than her ghastly look before.

Gao Yi walked over, sat beside her, and passed her a blanket to put on her shoulders.

“Slowly recuperate, don’t rush.”

“Okay.” Xia Ruoxin agreed, but her smile was insincere.

Gao Yi wanted to say something else, but nothing came out of his mouth. He only placed his hand on Xia Ruoxin’s shoulders and patted it like he was comforting and accompanying her.

The door to the ward opened, and the woman inside had her limbs tied up.

The woman opened her soulless eyes and would wriggle her body from time to time. She made all sorts of weird noises with her throat; and when one heard it, it was strangely uncomfortable.

“Hehe…” She opened her mouth and yelled the toneless noises; no one knew what she was saying. This was especially so when she saw Xia Ruoxin as her movements became even more intense.

Xia Ruoxin walked over to her, and suddenly, she pulled a mesmerizing smile.

“Ms. Bai, after being crazy for so long, do you forget that—sometimes—you’re a normal person?”

The woman with her limbs tied up yelled something weird again.

Xia Ruoxin was still smiling; her smile was light and cold. She saw that the woman’s limbs had scars from the rope burns; it was a startling state.

How did Bai Luoyin, who loved beauty like her life, end up like this? A mental patient or a maniac?

“Actually, I do wish that you had really gone crazy. However, the scariest thing is when the person is crazy, but their hearts are clear.”

Xia Ruoxin found a place for her to sit down. Suddenly, she felt cold so she hugged her arms while Bai Luoyin was still hollering like a lunatic at the side.

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