Chapter 813 - Nightmare

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Chapter 813: Nightmare

“Actually, you aren’t that bad…” She muttered to herself, and some words were really just her own murmurs. “Thinking about it now, you are just a spoiled brat; and what had nothing to do with you still had nothing to do with you. You only hurt the people closest to you; those that loved you like your father and yourself.

“Actually, I don’t hate you that much. Compared to other people around me, you didn’t do much to me actually.” When she said this, she stood up and squatted in front of Bai Luoyin as she extended her head.

Suddenly, Bai Luoyin moved back in fear, perhaps she was scared of being beaten up or that someone already had beaten her up. No one knew what kind of hell life she had been having in this place.

Xia Ruoxin’s hand did not land on her face but on her forehead as she tidied the strands of loose hair.

“If you’re really crazy, then continue doing so. Actually, in the world of the lunatics, it’s pretty clean. If you aren’t crazy, then don’t use this way to avoid everything and trample on yourself. They aren’t bad people: Auntie Wei, Gao Yi, and Gao Xin… including your father. You’re still young and have many days ahead of you. When you come out, it’s not too late to be a proper person again.”

Suddenly, she smiled at Bai Luoyin. “Who wouldn’t make mistakes in their life? It’s easy to say ‘to turn over a new leaf’; it’s just six words. It’s as easy as drinking water, but no one would be willing to admit their own faults. Actually, this isn’t a black mark in your life but your saving grace.”

When she finished talking, she stood up; and Bai Luoyin still had a pair of aimless eyes. Her facial expression was not any better, but as compared to her, Bai Luoyin did look healthier.

When she walked to the door, she heard Bai Luoyin’s voice. That voice was choking with emotions; sad and perhaps depressed.

“Xia Ruoxin…

“Thank you.”

Xia Ruoxin smiled lightly before opening the door to leave.

In the ward, everything was as quiet as normal.

When she just fell asleep, she heard the door open and someone talking in a low voice. She moved her lashes a little. She was awake, but she did not want to be so she continued sleeping. The light coming in from the window outside was warm and comforting. She just hoped that she would not have any dreams because, if she had, they would all be nightmares.

“Is she asleep?” Wei Lan carefully placed the thermal lunch box on the table.

“Mm, she just fell asleep. She didn’t sleep well last night so she’s tired.” Gao Yi looked at the weak body on the table, and there was tiredness written all over his face. She could eat, but her sleeping pattern was still terrible. Sometimes, he needed to comfort her and assure her for a long time before she fell asleep.

“Aish…” Wei Lan sighed. “What a good child, and so was Rainy. Who knows what happened to her now? However, even if the child was missing, she shouldn’t torment herself until this state.”

Gao Yi did not want to explain. If she really jumped into the ocean and wanted to commit suicide, she would not have held onto the wood and floated on sea for a long time. Even if she was unconscious, she still did not want to let go of the wood and her chances of survival. Also, Rainy… he did not even want and did not dare to talk about her.

Xia Ruoxin did not commit suicide but was harmed by someone. Even though Xia Ruoxin never talked about this, he knew that the hatred was growing in Xia Ruoxin’s heart. She had always been smiling, and no matter what happened, she would always smile. Just that, she had changed. She had become cunning and complicated, which did not let people get close to her.

“Oh, yes.” Wei Lan thought of something.

“Xiao Yi, Bai Luoyin seems to be fine now.”

“Is it?” When Gao Yi heard Bai Luoyin’s name, he was not too surprised. “If she’s fine, then what did she do?” He never thought that Bai Luoyin was a lunatic as she knew too well how to protect herself.

“She surrendered.” Wei Lan sighed. “She’s to be brought back into custody in England.”

She surrendered? Gao Yi was surprised. That woman would actually surrender? The woman that loved herself until she went crazy would surrender?

“Forget it.” Wei Lan shook her head and patted her son’s shoulders. “Things are already over. If there’s a chance, you should see her. Even though she’s at fault, her only fault was that she was too stubborn. Besides, no matter what, you two were still a couple. There’s a Chinese saying that goes: a day as a couple comes from a long way back.”

Gao Yi did not agree nor disagree. Perhaps he would in the future, but now, he had not reached the point of forgiving the woman even though they were once the closest couple.

Even though Xia Ruoxin was asleep, she was also listening. Slowly, her consciousness faded away; and whatever they said at the end, she did not know. She only knew that she really did fall asleep and dreamed of a very long dream.

She was back at the tiny rented house, and Rainy would help her collect people’s clothes to wash. That small pair of hands washed the clothes diligently, but when she got closer, she could not see where her daughter went.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and sat up straight; her body had already broken into a cold sweat. She was long used to this and the scenario in her dream. She had been scared awake again and again, resulting in her insomnia.

“You’re having a nightmare again?” Gao Yi walked over and conveniently brought the bowl of soup over. He had just warmed it up, and if she drank it now, it would still be warm.

“I’m okay.” Xia Ruoxin curled her legs up and breathed lightly. Then, she let her breathing go back to normal until a bowl was placed in front of her.

“Drink it.”

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin picked up the bowl, drank mouth by mouth, and did not force it down like before. When could she finally have a good sleep? Perhaps when that day came, she would finally be cured. They all thought of it that way, but in reality, it was already impossible.

“Tomorrow, you need to undergo surgery for your leg.” Gao Yi took the blanket and covered her with it as he sat aside. “Don’t worry, I’m the main surgeon. It won’t hurt too much.”

Xia Ruoxin’s lashes moved a little, but she still continued to drink the soup at the same pace. As she swallowed the soup into her mouth, the soup glided down her throat and into her stomach to give her the nutrition she needed to recuperate her body.

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