Chapter 814 - Think About Herself

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Chapter 814: Think About Herself

She did not look at her leg, but she heard Gao Yi said that a piece of her meat was bitten off her leg and she needed to undergo a series of surgeries. She even had to go for skin grafting, where a piece of skin would be cut off from her front. She did not even know herself; how did she endure the pain of her skin being forcefully pulled apart?

She endured it on her own because she did not know what else she could do except to endure?

Oh, yes, there was something she could still do which was to recuperate her spoiled body and take her revenge.

This was her umpteenth time on the operating table. She turned around and saw Gao Yi in surgeon clothes talking to the nurses. He was wearing a pair of golden spectacles, and even though she could not see his face properly, his pair of eyes was still as warm as the very beginning.

Suddenly, she felt as if she was in another world and had met him for the first time. It was just the day before that he was a doctor and she was carrying a sick child with her thin arms.

Right now, he was still a doctor; but she was the patient.

Gao Yi took a look at her. Even though his face was covered by his mask, Xia Ruoxin knew that he was still smiling.

“It’s okay, don’t be afraid. Just take a nap.”

His stable voice that made people feel secure was hypnotizing her. No matter how big the hurt was—when it reached him, he would help appease the matter. Xia Ruoxin gently moved her lips.

“Thank you…”

Then, she closed her eyes, and her consciousness slowly faded away, leaving some tear droplets under her long eyelashes.

The surgery was very successful. Actually, it was just a simple grafting surgery that any average doctor could do; but Gao Yi insisted on doing it himself. The surgery took a whole two hours, and he had used all his effort on it. Of course, the surgery was perfect; and after hurting once, she did not hurt anymore.

Xia Ruoxin woke up on the second day and felt shrill pain on her back and leg. Even though it was painful, it was still within her tolerance.

Gao Yi walked over holding a box of medicine.

“I’m going to give you more painkillers so it wouldn’t hurt. You should sleep more, and it’ll be okay in a few days.”

“Okay.” Xia Ruoxin agreed, and her voice was a bit hoarse. Her face was pale again; even though it was not a major surgery—to her handicapped body, it was already a very big burden.

However, Gao Yi could not control any of this. He was just a doctor, not a deity.

The injuries on her body needed to be recuperated on her own; so did the wounds on her heart.

He added several medicines into the drip, and in no time, the medicine took its effect. The drowsiness came in waves, and once again, Xia Ruoxin fell asleep.

In the ward, there was a bunch of fresh gypsophilas. Even though these flowers did not have much of a smell, it was very easy to keep. The flower had already been here for three days, and it was just as new.

Gao Yi took the medicine out, and since she fell asleep, he allowed her to have a good rest. She had not slept properly in a long while; it was rare that she could finally sleep for so long.

Time passed day by day, and the gypsophila on the table finally withered and was thrown into the dustbin by the nurse on duty. Then, many other fresh and fragrant flowers replaced them. However, no matter what kind of flower it was, it would wither after some time. No one knew how many times the flowers withered, how many times the flowers bloomed, and how many times the flowers dropped.

Xia Ruoxin’s wounds were getting better day by day.

She could stand up and walk, but she was as if floating in the air with no liveliness at all. Also, recently, she bought many business magazines back crazily and was learning the ways of business.

She was not like these people who graduated professionally so learning was very difficult. However, she believed that hard work would finally pay off; she was not smart, but she was hardworking. She did not have talent so she would use the time to make up for it.

Gao Yi also exhausted his means to find relevant books for her and taught her personally. Even though he was a doctor—honestly, he was handling the Bai family’s fortune himself. Although his methods could not compare to Chu Lui, he was definitely much better than the rest.

He did not ask why Xia Ruoxin wanted to learn all these, but if she wanted to know, he could only support her.

When Xia Ruoxin was discharged, it had already been a very long time.

Facing the mirror, Xia Ruoxin gently touched her hair that had grown to below her ear. There was a mist in front of her distinct features and a distinct conflict between her smiles. In the past, her clear eyes were now covered by coldness.

“You really want to leave?” Gao Yi stood up. Actually, he did not know how long she had been in here. He took out his hands from his pocket and walked closer to Xia Ruoxin as he habitually tidied her hair.

“Do you need my help?”

“I want to do it myself.” Xia Ruoxin laughed just like the past as if she was not hurt, but actually, she was hurt very deeply.

“Thank you.” She held Gao Yi’s hand tightly, but Gao Yi’s face darkened.

“Sorry… for saying those words back then and chasing you away, which led you to be homeless.” Gao Yi suddenly reached her arms out and hugged the woman in front of him. Just that, she no longer belonged to him after he harshly chased her away and opened her old wounds. Even the current Xia Ruoxin did not want to love anymore.

“I don’t blame you.” Xia Ruoxin clenched her fingers by her side tightly. She did not move and just let him hug her; she no longer had any rights to miss this.

Gao Yi placed his hand on her face, and she saw the sadness and hurt in his eyes, but she was powerless to help appease him.

She believed… she really believed that he could definitely find someone that truly loved him, understood him, and was willing to spend the rest of her life with him; but not Xia Ruoxin who was filled with hurt.

Her body was hurt, and this injury could most probably not recover for the rest of her life.

She could not even cure herself; how could she help others?

She did not have anyone else to send her. She just carried her bag and left the place. Gao Yi said that he would help her find her daughter, and Gao Xin stubbornly went on his way and said that he would help her find Rainy back. However, this search was meaningless. He was just lying to himself and others.

All these people who had nothing to do with her were all helping her, loving her, and protecting her; but what about her so-called family members? What did they do?

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