Chapter 815 - Decision and Tolerance

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Chapter 815: Decision and Tolerance

“Haha…” She sneered, and her heartbeat became cold, stiff, and ruthless.

She returned to the city that she was familiar with. When she first stepped on the floor, it was as if she could smell the conspiracy in the air; the hypocrite son and the cunning and hypocrite mother.

She found herself a flat of decent size from the agent. She could not sleep the entire night and kept rubbing her leg. At this time, her pair of legs was very white and did not have a single scar on them. They were thin and smooth; her legs had the shape of a beautiful woman. Who would have known that one of her legs was almost bitten by the fishes in the sea until she did not have any meat left?

She still remembered the feeling of her skin and meat being ripped apart. Yes, ripped apart and torn; it was bloody and super painful to the extent that she did not even know how she escaped from the sea. She also forgot about the countless days and nights she spent in the cold seawater. She floated and hurt, but she wanted to live.

After sleeping the whole night—actually, she did not even sleep a wink. She tossed and turned and was still having insomnia. It was close to daylight, but she only forced herself to sleep for one hour.

She walked into the washroom and saw herself in the mirror. No matter how pale she was, she was still Xia Ruoxin. No matter how much she changed, she was still Xia Ruoxin. Should she be thankful that her face was still around and she did not need to go for plastic surgery?

She scooped up some water and washed her face clean before putting on some light make up. She did not put any foundation as, naturally, her skin was decent. She only needed to put on some blush for her to look lively.

She casually tied her hair up, and when she went out, it was only eight in the morning.

“Why have you become like this?” Once Shen Wei saw Xia Ruoxin, she knitted her brows. “Does the world lack food for you? You let yourself end up in this state, just like a ghost.” She stood up from her rocking chair and walked to Xia Ruoxin. Then, she sized her up before raising her hand to pinch her face. “Are you really a ghost? How can you let yourself become this skinny? Only your face is passable.”

“Isn’t it good to be skinny? Women nowadays aren’t looking for any meaty beauty.” Xia Ruoxin walked to Shen Wei’s rocking chair, sat down, and closed her eyes. She let the rocking chair shake; it shook until she was drowsy.

Shen Wei gave her a blanket to cover herself before she found a place for her to sit down. She took out a cigarette, lit it up, and puffed it mouth by mouth.

“Do you want one?” She shook the cigarette in her hand at Xia Ruoxin.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I haven’t learned it yet.” Xia Ruoxin did not like or feel much about smoking. She tried before, but she could not handle being in the middle of smoke and the numbness in her lungs that came after.

She pulled the blanket and covered herself with it. She snuggled on the chair, and her entire body was almost trapped in the rocking chair.

Shen Wei puffed out another whirl of smoke, and her bright red lips were just like before, inviting anyone to come for it. However, whoever dared to touch it would be slapped and killed.

“I asked Brother San to look for her,” she suddenly said. Xia Ruoxin’s long lashes moved, but she did not make a sound.

“We won’t give up. We’ll find her one day.”

Xia Ruoxin pulled her lips and her heart. “I believe we’ll find her…” Yes, she would. After she took her revenge, she could then see her daughter again.

“Have you really decided?” Shen Wei asked again. “You can have any kind of life and walk down any path. Why must you choose this one?” She saw how far this woman had come and suffered as she had almost participated in it.

Regrets would destroy a woman, and she almost destroyed herself.

“Is there a difference?” Xia Ruoxin huddled in the rocking chair. “I’ll take my own revenge and get back what they owed me. No matter who and no matter how.”

“You’re such an idiot.”

Shen Wei threw away the half-used cigarette in her hands, walked over, and squatted in front of Xia Ruoxin. “This is a game where you will only lose and not win. Are you sure you can handle the consequences?”

“I know.” Xia Ruoxin tried hard to open her eyes.

“Thank you.” She reached out and placed her hands on Shen Wei’s shoulders. Her long fingers were so thin until it could almost break with a snap.

Shen Wei did not say anything and did not advise her anymore. Some people looked like they were easy to convince on the outside, but once they decided on something, they would be scarily stubborn.

Just like Xia Ruoxin, just like her… herself.

Ten at night was when Jiang Nan was the busiest. This place was ungoverned, and there were alcohol, beautiful women, and even gambling. One could enjoy anything they wanted and undergo all kinds of excitement. Of course, they would have to pay the price for it; one just had to pay the price for the economic stress behind their entertainment.

It was not Chu Lui’s first day here. Ever since Xia Ruoxin left, he became a regular here; but he only came over to drink and not play with women.

For women like these, he thought if he was not silly, he should leave it as far as possible. After being lied to once and losing his descendants… after being dumped once and his family broken apart, even his only daughter was gone.

He drank another mouthful of alcohol down his stomach. The burn in his throat extended to his lungs, and it was so spicy until his tears came out, but he still continued to drown himself in the alcohol.

“Handsome, are you alone? Do you want someone to accompany you?” A woman came over and placed her hand on his shoulders. When the other woman saw it, they did not envy her and were not jealous; they pitied her instead. How dumb; this should be something someone knew. Had she not thought of why this quality meat was not taken? It was not logical.

“Handsome, it must be lonely to drink so much on your own. Let me accompany you,” she said and took Chu Lui’s alcohol fearlessly while pushing her voluptuous chest onto the man.

Her hand kept extending fearlessly into the man’s clothes.

Hua! The man moved the wine glass, and the alcohol inside splashed out and onto the woman’s face. The woman was stunned, and before she could react, the man directly extended his long leg and kicked her body.

Bang! She fell awkwardly on the floor. Hiss! As her dress was too tight at the bottom and with her butt moving backward, this sound was made as a rip appeared in the woman’s extremely short dress, revealing her buttocks. People around laughed out loud as the woman screamed and held her butt. Under everyone’s mockery, she left the place. Even though they were in this profession, they never thought that they would expose their buttocks right under the public eye.

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