Chapter 851 - All Arrived

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Chapter 851: All Arrived

The clothes on his body seemed to have become bigger, and the wind kept blowing inwards. His face did not have much of an expression and was still much stiffer than others’ features.

Xia Ruoxin paused and reached out her hand to tidy the loose strands of her hair. Then, she walked forward, and at this time, there was a gloomy vibe suppressing her.

Perhaps not long later, it would be yet another rainy day.

The weather these days seemed to be abnormal.

Knock, knock. She knocked on the door.

Not long later, the door opened and revealed Xia Yixuan’s face that seemed to be smiling.

Worriedly, she looked behind Xia Ruoxin.

“Don’t worry, it’s just me.” Xia Ruoxin walked in fearlessly.

“If you don’t commit bad deeds, you don’t need to be scared. Why are you so afraid?”

“Am I?” Xia Yixuan slammed the door shut, and her expression was hypocritical. Xia Ruoxin knew that she did not have a good heart so she did not want to expose her. What was the use if she did? She only wanted to know if Xia Yixuan had any news of her daughter’s whereabouts; even if it was just the child’s corpse, she would still want it.

“What do you want to tell me?” She stood at the door and had no intention of going closer.

“Sister, come in and sit.” Xia Yixuan sat on the couch before picking up a fruit knife to peel the apple. There was not much stuff here, only those.

Xia Ruoxin still stood outside and did not move or talk.

“If you continue behaving like this, I won’t say anything and would forget about some stuff. Also, you better make me happier; if not… you should know my temper. Whatever I don’t want to say—even if you kill me, I won’t spill it. It’s fine by me, but you won’t know anything about your daughter for the rest of your life.”

She peeled the apple and did not even look up once. Even though she sounded like she was joking, Xia Ruoxin could tell that Xia Yixuan was threatening her.

She went over and sat beside Xia Yixuan.

Xia Yixuan threw away the apple in her hand as she did not even intend to eat it in the first place. Facing Xia Ruoxin and that face, how could she have the appetite to eat? Xia Yixuan used her side glare to size up Xia Ruoxin. Actually, they had not seen each other in years. Back then, Xia Ruoxin was just like a bean sprout that had not grown out, but she had become like this now.

Her five features were much more distinct than before. Shen Yijun was not ugly in the first place; if not—based on Xia Mingzheng’s reputation and wealth, he would not even have looked at her. Shen Yijun’s looks were not bad so how could Xia Ruoxin, who was Shen Yijun’s daughter, be ugly? Just that—before she exploded to death, Xia Ruoxin always had a clear face wherever she went… just like a sketch that did not have any color at all.

Just that—after a few years, this sketch was filled with colors and was even framed. It became much livelier. Why did time give everyone else wrinkles and had them glow down, but for her, she had more distinct features. It was as if her time was the opposite of the others.

Xia Yixuan hated this feeling; she resented it.

“Peel it for me.” She threw the apple at Xia Ruoxin. “I remember you loved peeling apples for me in the past. I’ll throw everything that you peel, and in the end, you got hit by Mommy. Oh, right, it’s your mother.” Xia Yixuan smiled.

“I really miss the you back then, so stupid and dumb.”

Xia Ruoxin took the fruit knife and speechlessly peeled the apple. She let Xia Yixuan mock her and make a commotion. What else could she make noise or mock about? The past had already been over.

No one would stay the same forever.

She had nothing to do with everything in the Xia household; it had been the same, no matter in the past or now.

She removed the apple skin bit by bit, and her fingers had quite a bit of the fruity taste. It was sweet, refreshing, and fragrant.

On her beautiful finger, there was a pink diamond of the size of a pigeon egg. Even though the lighting was not that good, the light that the diamond reflected still made Xia Yixuan’s eyes hurt.

She sneered.

“Brother Lui is really nice to you, isn’t he? This diamond is worth millions, and he’s still willing to give it to you.”

“He has always been generous with women. Didn’t you already know? So what if it’s worth millions? Didn’t he give you a black card before? He won’t even bat an eye no matter how much money you want.”

Xia Ruoxin replied softly. Xia Yixuan should not be a stranger to Chu Lui’s generosity. Back then, he treated Xia Yixuan like Xia Ruoxin and bought everything for her. In his eyes, as long as Xia Yixuan wanted it, even if it was the stars; he would spend all his money just to buy them for him.

Xia Yixuan’s face darkened and felt that Xia Ruoxin had slapped her face.

“If it was not for you, I think I’ll be really happy; and Brother Lui won’t leave me,” Xia Yixuan said it while clenching her teeth in hatred.

The fruit knife in Xia Ruoxin’s hand paused. “Without me, I don’t know if you’ll be happy, but you would have definitely not known Chu Lui.”

Her words successfully made Xia Yixuan’s face even more distorted… and calmer. Just that this calmness was hiding everything, and if she exposed them, none of them could handle it.

Piak! Her hand flung over and hit Xia Ruoxin’s face. Xia Ruoxin’s fingers stopped for a while before continuing to peel the apple in her hands.

“How cheap.” Xia Yixuan flung her hand. “You’re still like the past where you won’t hit back or scold back. Your mom is cheap, and so are you. Your mom seduced my father, and you seduced Brother Lui. You caused him to lose the Chu Enterprise and everything he had.”

Xia Ruoxin raised her head. “How do you know?”

“What do I not know?” Xia Yixuan was in a good mood after slapping the person’s face. “What else do I not know? Don’t you want to take revenge against Auntie Song? Just nice, she’s here.

“Auntie Song, you can come out now.” Xia Yixuan yelled towards the inside. A door opened, and Song Wan walked out. She inched closer, but every step she took, she felt like she was walking towards her death and touched the corners of hell.

“Auntie Song, come over and sit. My sister wants to know news about her daughter. Why don’t you tell her?”

Xia Yixuan was still smiling brightly as she reached out her hand to touch her curls. Song Wan’s body was stiff, and after many steps, she finally reached the couch. She sat down and was still uneasy, but her gaze towards Xia Ruoxin was filled with hatred. Humans could not be pushed to the dead end.

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