Chapter 852 - The One who Pushed Me Down the Sea

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Chapter 852: The One who Pushed Me Down the Sea

She inched too closely, and the end result was either the desperate dog jumped across the wall or the warm-hearted rabbit had bitten someone.

“Where’s my daughter?” Xia Ruoxin held the fruit knife in her hand tightly. Once she went up and used the knife, this knife would stab into her stomach, stir in her intestines, and cut her heart.

Song Wan exhaled with all her might and successfully changed her face. Every time she mentioned the child, she would feel an unlimited suppression and guilt.

“She’s lost. How many times have I said that she’s lost? Where would I know where to find her?” She breathed out, and as she stood up, she shrieked. If an elegant lady could become even uglier than a reckless b*tch, one could just know how suppressed and bad she must have felt.

Xia Ruoxin placed the apple in her hand on the table. Suddenly, she went forward and held the fruit knife against Xia Yixuan’s neck.

“Didn’t you say you know something about my daughter? Say it. Did she not die? Did you hide her?”

Instantly, Xia Yixuan’s face had lost all its color. At first, she was still watching a good show, but now, someone was holding a knife to her neck. Neck? Neck…

Aorta… anyone with a bit of common sense would know that if the aorta was cut, the person would definitely die.

Even though she had already died once.

No, that was not counted. It was not counted; it was a fake death, a show. It was a show they put on to lie to people.

However, this was the first time she was so close to death. Now she started to regret being so careless and giving Xia Ruoxin a fruit knife. However, she really did not expect Xia Ruoxin would hold it to her neck.

In the past, she was a coward and did not even dare raise her voice at times. How could she kill someone? How could she dare to?

Just that, she seemed to have forgotten that that was the past and not the present. The present Xia Ruoxin could even trick Chu Lui and could even harm the entire Chu family. What else did she not dare to do and could not do?

“Did you hide my daughter? Say it!” Xia Ruoxin must have her answer. She wanted her daughter to be alive; she wanted Rainy to be alive and not dead. She held the fruit knife closer to Xia Yixuan and had even caused a trail of blood on her. The fear of the blood flowing out made Xia Yixuan’s face pale, and she had already broken out in cold sweat.

“I… I don’t know. I don’t know…” Xia Yixuan cried in a way no one could understand. “I lied to you. I don’t know… I really don’t know… how am I supposed to know where the child went? I didn’t lose her, and I didn’t hide the child. Why should I hide her away? I haven’t even met her much.

“Auntie, Auntie… please save me.” She begged Song Wan for help. It was only until now did she believe what Song Wan had said; she said Xia Ruoxin was crazy, and it was true. Xia Ruoxin was insane. She was a lunatic, a lunatic who wanted to kill someone.

Song Wan could not help but shudder.

At this time, Xia Ruoxin was holding a knife to Xia Yixuan’s neck coldly. Inside the decent-sized house, one could actually smell the fishy blood taste. If she was harsher, her neck would break.

“Auntie, save me…” Xia Yixuan was so frightened until she started to cry. Suddenly, she felt something warm below, and there was a smell of ammonia. She was scared until she peed her pants.

At this time, there were no emotions in Xia Ruoxin’s eyes. Her pair of black eyes was just like a black hole. The hand holding the knife did not even tremble. If she just used a bit more force, the fruit knife could cut the aorta in Xia Yixuan’s neck.

Ask her why?

There was no why.

It was because she had taken too much; she was used to it. She had cut vegetables, butchered fish, and did not have much feelings for them… cutting a person would be the same.

Everything she did today was for her daughter. She came here for her daughter, but Xia Yixuan told her that she did not know, that she lied to her, and that she did not hide her daughter.

She came with so much hope and had tolerated a slap from her. However, now, she actually told her that she was lying. Lying?!

“Ah…” Xia Yixuan screamed from time to time, and her screams woke Song Wan up. Song Wan did not think much and came over to stop Xia Ruoxin.

“Put down the knife. Put down the knife. You’ll kill someone with it.”

“Put down? Okay.”

Xia Ruoxin let go of Xia Yixuan’s neck and pushed her hard as if she was pushing soil.

“I let go of her. Should I go for you instead?” Xia Ruoxin inched closer towards Song Wan. Her pair of cunning eyes made Song Wan’s hand drop weakly.

Xia Yixuan almost rolled as she ran to the corner of the wall. She huddled her body tightly, and wherever she went, there was a puddle of pee.

She was crying, embarrassed, humiliated, and angry.

“Auntie, kill her. Kill her…”

She yelled at Song Wan angrily. “Kill her, then we can leave. Have you forgotten? We came here to kill her.”

Suddenly, Xia Ruoxin shifted her gaze towards her side and landed on Xia Yixuan’s dyed hair. The perfume that came out of her body was familiar that had made her angry for some reason.

“You are the one who pushed me down the ocean?”

Her voice was icy cold and filled with snow.

Xia Yixuan touched her neck and was stunned. Now, she could not care about much and kept glaring at Song Wan. Why would both of them be afraid of one? Why could they not handle one Xia Ruoxin?

Just that, she did not seem to notice that she was hiding at a corner. Could she still be considered one of the two?

A chill went down Song Wan’s spine. Just when she wanted to snatch the fruit knife from Xia Ruoxin’s hand, Xia Ruoxin turned around and held the fruit knife at her stomach.

Song Wan opened her mouth wide and did not dare to move now. Her body kept trembling, shuddering and vibrating; the cold sweat had already drenched her clothes.

They had never experienced life and death.

However, Xia Ruoxin was different. She came from the gold mining island. Some people died there every day. She had seen too much, and she wanted to kill someone, too. When this knife went down, she could take revenge for Rainy and could have a conclusion.

Just that, her finger was scratched by something. At that moment, she felt that there was a cut at the corner of her eye. That wound was hurting so much.

In between her fingers, it was that pink diamond ring.

She still remembered that the man was holding her hand tightly when he gave her that.

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