Chapter 853 - Someone was Killed

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Chapter 853: Someone was Killed

“I will make a will right now. If one day, I did you wrong and you killed me, you don’t need to be responsible for it. I’ll give you all my assets and all my fortune. I’ll give you my life.”




Or not okay?

Her fingers trembled, and piak! The fruit knife in her hand dropped on the floor.

She turned around and tasted her own tears. It was slightly bitter and salty.

Step by step, she was going to leave the place. She thought it was hope, but it was all lies. She thought she could get some news, but it was all a trick. She thought that her daughter might still be alive, but who knew? They used her daughter’s death to take her life and not tell her that her daughter was still alive.

However, Song Wan picked up a fruit knife from the floor.

“Auntie, kill her.”

Xia Yixuan said to Song Wan, and the hand that was holding the fruit knife kept trembling. This was not killing a chicken or a fish; it was killing a person, murder. She did not dare to do it; how could she?

She was too dumb.

Suddenly, Xia Yixuan stood up and did not care about how bad she looked. If Xia Ruoxin did not die today, it would be her. She had not forgotten who held the knife to her neck previously. Her neck still hurt, and her eyes reddened. She just wanted to murder someone and have revenge.

She ran over and directly snatched the fruit knife from Song Wan’s hand, but Song Wan was still holding it tightly.

“Kill her.”

She held Song Wan’s hand and wanted to stab towards Xia Ruoxin.

Suddenly, hiss! Something went into someone’s body.

Song Wan widened her eyes and did not dare believe it. Slowly, she lowered her head and saw that the fruit knife was inserted into her stomach, leaving only the handle on the outside.


She raised her finger towards Xia Yixuan.

“You… killed me…”

“No, it’s not.” Xia Yixuan hurriedly let go of her hand, and she could not seem to control her trembling fingers. She kept moving back involuntarily.

“You… killed me…” Song Wan spat blood out. Every word she spoke, more blood would come out of her mouth. It was a fresh red that would terrorize people.

“It’s not. It’s not me…” Xia Yixuan held her own hand tightly and clenched her teeth. Suddenly, she pushed Song Wan towards Xia Ruoxin, causing her to fall. Xia Ruoxin turned around instinctively and was knocked down. Based on her instincts, she wanted to grab onto something; however, her hand only clutched onto the fruit knife.

She lowered her head and saw blood dripping out of Song Wan’s mouth. Perhaps she wanted to say something, but she could not even say anything. Whatever that came out of her mouth was suffering and weakness.



Her mouth kept opening and closing; there was blood but no energy. Her fingers kept cramping, and so did her body. At this time, she was in a wrecked state. Her clothes were dirtied, and the color had disappeared from her face. The only color was blood red that kept coming out from her mouth.

Xia Yixuan was stunned, and so was Xia Ruoxin. At this time, her hand was still holding onto the handle of the fruit knife in Song Wan’s stomach.

Bang! The door was pushed open.


Xia Ruoxin felt her eyes twitch. One leg over, and it had kicked her leg, kicking her to the side of the cardboard. Ka! It was the sound of a bone cracking, and the hand that was kicked pulled the fruit knife out with it.

With it, blood spouted out like a fountain. The warm blood was spilled everywhere, including her hand.

Her head hit against the cupboard, and there was a ringing in her head.

Vaguely, she heard Xia Yixuan’s cries.

“Brother Lui, she wanted to kill Auntie. She killed Auntie. She said Auntie had stolen her daughter’s kidney so she wanted to kill her. She wanted revenge.”

“Brother Lui, this woman is crazy. Look, she almost cut my neck off. Hurh… Brother Lui, I’m really scared.”

“Brother Lui, come look at Auntie. She’s bleeding a lot…”

Xia Ruoxin wanted to take a closer look at something, but her consciousness was slipping away from her. There was a pain in her right shoulder, but she wanted to pull away from it. She wanted to open her eyes wide, but with the light that came in, she saw a man’s back view vaguely.

Lightly, she touched her lips, and her lashes dropped weakly.

She thought, how good would it be if she died?

This was the first time that she did not want to live anymore.

Why was living such a difficult thing? Why? All she wanted was a peaceful life, but no one was willing to let go of her. Why did her Rainy go missing? Why could she not find her daughter? Why did her daughter die?

Why did all of them want to kill her? Why? Why…?

Bang! The door closed and shut away all the light in the world. Her entire world was left with darkness and not a ray of light. She ran towards the brightness, but every time she was about to reach it, when she could finally reach the light and feel the endpoint…

Her whole world descended into darkness once again.

She was just like a child that was lost and could not find the way home. Where was her home? Where exactly was her home?

At this time, in the hospital, Xia Yixuan kept shaking. The doctor was washing the wound on her neck, but her body was shaking and trembling. Before the doctor could apply any medicine, she started trembling again.

“Ms. Xia, can you endure it for a while? It’s just a small wound. You’ll be fine after you apply some medicine. You don’t even need stitches.”

Xia Yixuan trembled again.

The doctor could not even apply any medicine, and if this continued, he was going to start trembling, too. Involuntarily, Xia Yixuan started shaking; as expected, the doctor’s hands shook too. After applying medicine for so long, he still could not do it; some medicine had even ended up on her shirt.

The doctor could only look at the nurse, and she hurriedly walked over and quickly injected Xia Yixuan’s arm. The drug took effect quickly, and Xia Yixuan then calmed down slowly.

“What happened to her?” the nurse asked the doctor. “Is she a drug addict?”

“No.” The doctor helped Xia Yixuan apply medicine. “Actually, it’s just a small wound.”

“How can she be scared until like this from such a small wound? All those who had wounds that could see their bones aren’t even as scared as her.” The nurse frowned. The wound was really too small; it was just a tiny wound that did not bleed anymore. According to her, it did not even need to be wrapped; it just needed some medicine to reduce the chances of infection.

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