Chapter 854 - She Wanted to Run

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Chapter 854: She Wanted to Run

Was she not too spoiled?

“She’s from a wealthy family. She has a precious body,” the doctor said as his hands did not stop moving.

“Everyone is made with the same body.” Once the nurse heard that, she could not help but frown. “No matter how precious her body was, she will still use the same medicine as us and would suffer the same way.”

Why must she make a mountain out of a molehill and ask for a neurosurgeon specialist to help her with such a wound?

Could it be that only their body was precious, did not need money when they visited the doctor, and would not fall sick?

After the doctor was done handling Xia Yixuan’s wound, he told the nurse to put her on a drip and told her. “Look after her first and don’t leave. This is a person who is going to stay in the VIP room. She has some connections with the director.”

“I got it.” The nurse nodded in agreement, but she did not quite like this patient. Actually, she could not pinpoint the reason why; perhaps it was a bad first impression.

Yes, she did not feel good about it.

At all.

At this time, quite a lot of people were sitting outside the operating theater. No one had expected after just a few days of Chu Lui recovering, it became Song Wan instead.

Chu Jiang was on the verge of breaking down. The wife that he had lived with for half his life was fighting for her life inside. How could he not be worried? First, it was his granddaughter, then his son, and followed by his wife. He was thinking if it would be his turn next to be resuscitated in that room; then, it would be the other family members worrying about him outside. Even though his relationship with his wife soured because of Chu Xiang…

This was his wife, his only wife. Now, she was fighting for her life inside. How could he take it? He was still thinking if anything happened to his wife, then he would not want to live anymore.

In the past, he did not believe anything about living together and dying together. He thought that even if one passed on, the other could still live on. The world would still turn.

However, he only understood this today.

It turned out that there was really such a thing. Perhaps it was not about love, but because he was dependent on her. If his partner were to leave, then what was the meaning of being alone in this world?

Chu Lui closed his eyes as he leaned against the world. There was an unusual coldness on his face as his lips were pressed tightly together. No matter how much other people asked, he did not say a word.

He opened his eyes, and both of them looked like they were trapped in ice, without a single bit of warmth from before.

Everyone was staring at the door to the operating theater and did not even dare breathe loudly; even Du Bin and Su Yunfei were here… even though Song Wan had stabbed Su Yunfei right in the heart earlier.

However, no matter what, they were family. Even if they did not meet until the day they died, she could not just pass on for no reason. Su Yunfei still wanted Song Wan to live on happily, and at the very least, she was still around and was alive.

She sat next to Du Bin, and her eyes were red; so were Du Bin’s. This was his only big sister. Even though they had different last names, they still came out from the same mother’s womb. Both their parents were gone, and the two siblings only had each other left.

Time passed quickly, and it seemed like both of them did not do much. However, they were already in the middle of their lives with their children all grown up. However, why was she lying in the hospital for no reason?

Su Yunfei held Du Bin’s hand tightly and could clearly feel the sweat in his hands. He was very nervous and could not even sit still.

Du Jingtang sat beside Chu Lui and did not dare to ask anything; everything should wait until his aunt was fine.

He covered his face. Now, he was at the end of his wits and wanted to scream. He was going to go crazy. If he was like that, what about Chu Lui? Did he lose his mind already?

First, it was the company, then his wife, and now his mother.

These things kept happening one after another, and any of them would cause a man to break down. Now, he had to handle all three things alone; how could he do it?

The door to the operating theater finally opened, and a lethargic doctor walked out. He removed his mask, and his face was tense.

“Ah…” Xia Yixuan suddenly woke up in fright.

“Ms. Xia, are you okay?” The nurse got a shock and hurriedly walked over. By then, Xia Yixuan was already sitting upright, and there was cold sweat all over his forehead. Her clothes were now crumpled like preservatives, and the originally manicured hair was now a bunch of weed. Needless to say, her dress had a stain. Even though one could not tell, she was disgusted herself.

Xia Yixuan used her sleeves to wipe the sweat on her head. Suddenly, she thought of something, and there was a flash in her eyes. She hurriedly grabbed the nurse’s arm, and her fingers almost sank into the other party’s skin.

The nurse almost screamed, but she still calmed down and said.

“Ms. Xia, are you feeling unwell? I’ll get the doctor to come over.” When she finished talking, she wanted to save her own arm; she did not expect Ms. Xia to have so much strength even though she was so skinny.

“Let me ask you.” Xia Yixuan refused to let go of her hands for her life as the cold sweat trickled down from her forehead repeatedly.

“The person who came here with me… is she dead? Did she die?”

The nurse could not react in time and did not know what she was talking about. Oh, was it that person?

“Ms. Xia, are you asking about Song Wan, Madam Song?” She tried to ask.

“Yes, it is her.” Xia Yixuan raised her head, and she stood up, too. She forgot that she was still on the sickbed, and nothing was blocking her. In the end, boom! She fell directly onto the floor.

“Ms. Xia, are you okay?” The nurse hurriedly helped her up to sit properly.

“Is she… is she okay?” Xia Yixuan held her hand tightly, and her legs were jelly. She could feel that her body was shaking, and there were big beads of cold sweat on her forehead. She really could not imagine what would happen to her if other people found out that she killed Song Wan. She would die, she would definitely die. Even if she was lucky and was not sentenced to death by the law, Chu Lui would definitely kill her himself.

She understood him; she understood the man too much.

The nurse blinked and was actually considering if she should talk about it. It seemed like this Ms. Xia was pretty scary; should she talk about that madam’s condition?

“Hurry, tell me.” Xia Yixuan nervously held the nurse’s arm.

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