Chapter 855 - Vegetable

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Chapter 855: Vegetable

The nurse grew afraid and hurriedly blocked her hand. “Ms. Xia, please calm down. The madam had already undergone surgery, and it was very successful.”

There was a ringing in Xia Yixuan’s brain; those few words kept whirring in her brain: ‘it was very successful’. Song Wan did not die. What was she going to do? Should she return home and pack her luggage to leave the country immediately, just like what she did four years ago? If she continued hiding like this, would people find out where she was? Yes, no one would find out, and no one would find her. If she changed places every year, she did not believe that Chu Lui would chase after her.

Yes, that was it. She was going to leave. She was going to leave over the night and immediately, definitely not staying here for a second longer.

Hurriedly, she jumped off the bed and was going to rush outside barefooted.

“Ms. Xia…” The nurse hurriedly pulled her back.

“You can’t go over now. Even though that madam’s surgery was successful, she had lost too much blood. With her internal organs damaged, she’s still in a coma. Even if you go over now, you can’t do anything about it. The doctor said that she might not wake up for the rest of her life…”

Suddenly, Xia Yixuan stopped in her tracks.

“Not wake up?” She turned around and asked the nurse.

“What does ‘not wake up’ mean?”

“It means…” The nurse was thinking about how she should explain it. Actually, now she really hated herself for being so nosy. It seemed like this Ms. Xia had good relations with that madam. If she knew about it, would she cause a commotion? Just that, how was this Ms. Xia related to Madam Song? Were they relatives? If they were, why did no one come visit her?

“What does that mean?” Xia Yixuan held her own hand tightly. “Do you mean that she will never wake up and would be in a vegetable state?”

The nurse hurriedly nodded.

“It’s like that. However, the doctor did say that there was a chance she might wake up, but no one knows when.”

Xia Yixuan turned around and heaved a sigh of relief.

She had not woken up yet? That would be great. Her lips curved upwards. Yes, see, even Heaven was helping her.

She walked back again and lay down. “Put me on a drip. I want to sleep.”

The nurse was confused by her statement. However, she did feel that Ms. Xia needed an injection so she hurriedly brought the medicine over and put her on a drip. When Xia Yixuan was in a daze, her red lips were still curved upwards.

Don’t wake up. Don’t wake up for the rest of your life, and it would be better if you just died. Everything would be over and there would be no witness. Just that, she could not help but shudder. Once she thought of Chu Lui finding out about this, what was she going to do? She would die.

Chu Lui would definitely kill her. Luckily, she pushed everything to Xia Ruoxin. Now, she just needed to think of the details and handle everything perfectly. Then, she did not have to worry anymore.

As for Song Wan, she was no longer worried about her. As long as she did not wake up for the rest of her life, no one in the world would know what she did. Oh, yes, she could not keep Xia Ruoxin alive. If she was still around, she was like a time bomb and would explode anytime, causing her to be in pieces.

At first, she was still worried that Song Wan would suddenly wake up. The news that she tried her best to get that Song Wan would no longer wake up. This made her calm down.

Xia Mingzheng came in from outside and brought soup that the nanny had made for Xia Yixuan.

“Daddy, you’re here.” Xia Yixuan smiled at Xia Mingzheng as he dotingly caressed his daughter’s hair.

“Are you feeling better today?”

“Yes, much better.”

Xia Yixuan knew that there was nothing wrong with her body, and she was not sick. However, she acted as she wanted to stay in the hospital for a while more to hear more news. All the news she heard had been pretty consistent so she should be discharged soon as this place was making her uncomfortable.

“Daddy, have you seen Auntie Song?” Xia Yixuan held Xia Mingzheng’s arm and shook it left and right as she talked.

Both families’ relations were decent so he should know a little about it. Besides, once she had the time, she would ask Xia Mingzheng to find out about the situation from that side.

“Sigh, she’s okay but still in a coma. The doctor confirmed that she was a vegetable.” Xia Mingzheng sighed and caressed his daughter’s head. “If it was you, what would Daddy do? You’re the only child in our Xia household…”

Everyone would have this thought of other people dying and not their own. Every time Xia Mingzheng saw Song Wan’s condition, he would feel uncomfortable and would be thankful that it was not his Yixuan; luckily, it was not.

Now, he was still worried and scared as his daughter was injured together with Song Wan. Even though she was only slightly injured—luckily, it was just a small cut. Even though he had always said that Xia Yixuan was a shame and did not learn well, how could he not dote on his daughter? This was not anyone else but his daughter, his only daughter.

Xia Yixuan knew very clearly that all Xia Mingzheng said was true. However, if anyone found out about what she did, she would be dead. Hence, she would definitely not tell anyone about this, even Xia Mingzheng.

“Daddy, can you confirm?” She asked again uneasily. “Did the doctor really say that? Did he say that Auntie Song would become a vegetable and never wake up? Is there any possibility that she would wake up tomorrow or suddenly wake up in a few days?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” Xia Mingzheng nodded. “She’s a vegetable now. I just saw your Auntie Song earlier and asked the doctor. The doctor said that the chances of her waking up were not very high. After all, she’s still in a deep coma. Just that, what a pity for Ah Lui. Something just happened to his company and now Auntie Song…”

He did not continue, but Xia Yixuan understood it well.

Chu Lui was not in good condition; he was stressed and needed comforting.

She lay quietly and was finding a good chance. After all, she had to think carefully about some things and plan properly. Chu Lui belonged to her, Xia Yixuan; she could not let any other woman snatch him away.

Knock, knock. She knocked on the door and took a deep breath.

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