Chapter 856 - He Wanted the Reason

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Chapter 856: He Wanted the Reason

The door opened, and Chu Lui was sitting inside expressionless. She could not help but to shudder and had the urge to run out, but she still braved herself and went in.

“How’s Auntie?” she asked softly and took a glance at the woman lying in bed. Now, there were all sorts of tubes inserted in Song Wan’s body. Just by looking at the heart rate monitor, one could know that she was still alive. However, it would not be easy for her to wake up.

Chu Lui walked over, sat in front of Song Wan, and held her hand tightly.

“I have something to ask you,” he said lightly like a cold wind had blown past. Xia Yixuan felt a chill down her spine as she walked over carefully and stood beside her.

“Brother Lui, just ask. I’ll tell you everything I know.” She forced a smile, but she realized that Chu Lui was not even looking at her. What was the point of smiling?

“I want to know why.”

Chu Lui said lightly, and his fingers were tightly wrapped around Song Wan’s hands. He wanted to use this method to wake her up, but Song Wan was still lying motionless. Other than knowing how to breathe, she had no form of consciousness and did not even know pain.

Whatever they did was in vain. The doctor had already said that she would become a vegetable; a vegetable that only knew how to breathe and nothing else.

Now, he only wanted to know the reason; the reason for everything.

“Brother Lui…” Xia Yixuan called him, and her tone was filled with injustice. Her eyes turned and said everything she had prepared earlier as if she was memorizing a book, and she tried not to attract anyone’s suspicions.

“Actually, I don’t really know what’s going on. I only know that I was preparing to stay in my family’s apartment. I met Auntie Song coincidentally so I invited her over for tea. Then, Sister came, and she picked up the knife to kill people. She even wanted to kill me. Look.” She pointed at her neck. “She almost cut off my neck and said that she wanted to slice my aorta and let me bleed to death.”

She shuddered as if she was really frightened. Then, her voice started trembling as well.

“Afterward, for some reason, she kept saying that you did her wrong so she wanted to kill Auntie Song and the Chu family to take revenge for her daughter.

Brother Lui…” she asked carefully, “what happened to my sister’s child? Did Auntie do something to her?”

Chu Lui’s gaze landed on Xia Yixuan, without a single bit of warmth, so Xia Yixuan was smart enough to not ask further. Of course, she had already said enough.

She lowered her head and continued. “I think Brother Lui already knows what happened next…” She squatted down and hugged her head. “Brother Lui, did you know? Xia Ruoxin was just like a lunatic then. She kept repeating how she wanted to take revenge for her daughter. Then, she suddenly stabbed Auntie Song’s stomach, and it was too late for me to stop it…”

“Also, I think…” She licked her lips. “Actually, Sister must have accidentally done it. I can feel that she didn’t kill Auntie, she just did it by accident.”

This word ‘accident’ had already confirmed that it was Xia Ruoxin who hurt her. No matter if it was intentional or not, she had already killed Song Wan. No, even though the person had not died, she was better dead than alive.

Xia Yixuan sneered in her heart. She did not believe that Chu Lui would be with Xia Ruoxin again. No matter how much they loved each other, this was about the vengeance of his mother’s murder.

Vengeance of his mother’s murder was above all.

They were finished.

Yes, over.

Chu Lui and Xia Ruoxin were over. It was no longer possible between them.

She kept the smile on her face and only lowered her head to use her hair to cover her expression.

She walked over and held Song Wan’s other hand tightly.

“Auntie, don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You will wake up. Brother Lui will definitely not let go of the person that killed you, right?”

She said to Song Wan, but it was also for Chu Lui.

She wanted Chu Lui to remember who hurt Song Wan and made her lie down here lifelessly. A person that was well and alive and could talk the previous day… was now lying here, breathing and nothing else.

This was not anyone else, but his mother—Chu Lui’s mother.

Inside the ward, there was a suffocating atmosphere so Xia Yixuan only stayed for a while as she felt that she could not even breathe properly. She placed her hands on her neck; that suffocation was unbearable. She wanted to leave the place immediately and breathe in some fresh air from outside.

“Brother Lui, I’ll go out first, I still have something to do. I’ll come and visit Auntie tomorrow.” Xia Yixuan stood up and told Chu Lui, but he did not even bat an eye as if she was part of the air here. A speck of dust here, exhaust fumes that were not fresh.

Xia Yixuan did not dare to talk loudly here. She stood up and walked outside.

When she placed her hand on the handle and turned it, she suddenly heard Chu Lui’s toneless voice.

“Xia Yixuan…”

Xia Yixuan’s hand trembled.

“If you dare to lie to me, I will definitely skin you alive when I find out. Then, I’ll break your bones and eat your meat.”

His sentence was just like a curse that made Xia Yixuan’s heart beat rapidly.

She took in the fears and told herself that since this was it, she could not turn back. Actually, when she wanted to take back Chu Lui at all costs in the beginning, there was already no return for her.

“Brother Lui, I only said the truth.” She took a deep breath, and after she said it, she opened the door and left the place.

She walked quickly, very quickly; after a few steps, she even started to run. The wind that came kept scratching her face. Her heart was still beating wildly; she was uneasy and petrified.

No one knew about it; it must be that no one knew about it. She wanted everything; she wanted to take everything back so she could not panic. She must not panic.

“Yixuan, where did you go? Why did you run around on your own?”

Xia Mingzheng had waited for his daughter for a really long time. How did this person just go missing? Where did she go? Did she not know that she was still a patient?

“Daddy, I’m okay. I just went out to take a walk.” Xia Yixuan patted her chest lightly, but the intense breathing still continued.

“Come, take a seat.”

Xia Mingzheng pulled his daughter’s hand to sit down. Now, only the father and daughter were left in the ward.

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