Chapter 857 - A Mouthful of Lies

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Chapter 857: A Mouthful of Lies

“Yixuan, tell Daddy. How did your Auntie Song’s injury come about?”

“I…” Xia Yixuan hesitated. Her hesitation made Xia Mingzheng’s face tense up, and his voice became stern. “Yixuan, tell Daddy honestly. What is all of this about? Is it related to you?” When he said this, he got a shock himself. He was really afraid; he hoped that the matter had nothing to do with Xia Yixuan. If not, he would not even know how to protect this daughter of his.

“Yixuan, tell Daddy the truth. There’s no outsider here.”

It was obvious that he wanted his daughter to spill the beans. Actually, he had no other intentions. Even if this thing was really related to his daughter, he would think of all sorts of ways to protect his daughter.

Just that, how could Xia Yixuan say the truth? Even if it was to Xia Mingzheng, she would not say a single word of it. For this matter, she would not mention it to anyone; even if it rotted in her stomach, there would not be a second one that knew about it.

Her eyes flashed, and she held onto Xia Mingzheng’s arm tightly.

“Daddy, what nonsense are you saying? How can this thing be related to me? Didn’t you already see? I’m the victim, too.”

Xia Mingzheng furrowed his brows and did not actually believe her. “Then, how did Song Wan get injured?”

“Isn’t it done by the daughter of the woman you brought back?” Xia Yixuan was very smart, and she understood how a human’s mind worked, especially Xia Mingzheng’s. She knew what to say to make Xia Mingzheng believe her without a doubt.

“What has this got to do with Ruoxin?” Once Xia Mingzheng heard it, he knew who Xia Yixuan was referring to. If it was not Xia Ruoxin, who else could be the daughter of that woman? Also, he did not quite like how Xia Yixuan called Shen Yijun.

“Yixuan, no matter what, she’s your mother.”

“My mother died a long time ago; that’s my auntie.” Xia Yixuan interrupted Xia Mingzheng. The more she hated Xia Ruoxin, the more she heated Shen Yijun. What mother? Her mother had died not long after giving birth to her. She was at most a stepmother and the mother of that b*tch who stole Brother Lui. If they did not enter their family, Brother Lui would still be hers. It was this mother and daughter that hurt her.

“Yixuan!” Xia Mingzheng’s voice was cold. Since when did this child become so rude?

“Okay, fine.” Xia Yixuan did not talk about this matter anymore. However, she held Xia Mingzheng’s arm tightly. “Dad, you must be careful of that auntie.” Now, she did not want to call Shen Yijun ‘Mommy’; anyway, she was never her biological mother.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Mingzheng really felt that Xia Yixuan was speaking nonsense.

Xia Yixuan stood up, took a look outside before sitting back down beside Xia Mingzheng. Then, she held his arm.

“Daddy, you really need to be careful of auntie. You don’t know how scary Xia Ruoxin is. Really.” She shuddered. “I have never seen such a scary woman in my life. She had even stabbed Auntie Song with the fruit knife and took it out. Back then, Auntie Song was bleeding quite a bit, and her intestines almost came out. It was so green and weird; it was the first time I saw someone’s intestine.”

She described it as though it was the truth, which made Xia Mingzheng’s stomach feel uncomfortable. Hurriedly, he pushed Xia Yixuan away, covered his mouth, and ran into the washroom.

Even after living for so long—once he thought about the imagery that Xia Yixuan just described, he felt disgusted and could not take it. He also heard that there was a hole in Song Wan’s stomach. It was also because of this hole that she had lost excessive blood and ended up in her current state: better dead than alive.

Xia Yixuan curled her hair and held it in her palm as a smile with deep meaning appeared on her face.

When there was no more noise from the inside, she kept her smile and continued to play with her hair.

Xia Mingzheng was done vomiting, but he was not very comfortable. When he thought about the intestines that Xia Yixuan said, he could not hold it back and vomited again.

“Daddy, are you okay?” Xia Yixuan was worried about Xia Mingzheng. How many times did he vomit? Her father’s tolerance level was really low.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” Xia Mingzheng waved his hand. Originally, there was not much in his stomach for him to vomit out, but it still kept flipping. He was afraid that Xia Yixuan would go in, but luckily, she did not.

When he walked out, he asked again in disbelief, “Was this really done by Ruoxin?”

“Yes.” Xia Yixuan had a look of confusion and terror on her face. “I don’t know what Xia Ruoxin and Auntie Song talked about. Didn’t I say that I wanted to move into our apartment for a few days? I met Auntie Song by coincidence so I asked her to come over to see how I should place the furniture. Auntie Song was in a pretty good mood that day, but after a while, Xia Ruoxin suddenly appeared and stabbed her. Look!” She pointed at her neck. “She almost cut this off, and she said that Auntie Song harmed her daughter.

“Daddy, what do you think Auntie Song did?”

“Don’t ask about the Chu family’s situation.” Xia Mingzheng still could not calm down. “Also, don’t let your mother—no, your auntie find out about this. She’s not in a good state.”

“She’s not in a good state?” Xia Yixuan frowned. “What’s the point of regretting now? She should have treated her family members better in the past.”

“Was that not because she wanted to be good to you?” Xia Mingzheng’s face darkened.

Xia Yixuan rolled her eyes, pulled the covers, and went to sleep. Anyway, she did not have much consideration now. Under the blanket, the smile that she broke into was happier and much more delightful than the rest.

Of course, she had to go see that woman. She did not know if she was still alive, but it would be better if she was dead.

At this time, it had been three days since Song Wan’s operation. Song Wan had long passed the critical period, but her condition now was exactly like that the doctor said. She was a vegetable and one that could only breathe and nothing else. Even though Chu Lui was not the CEO of the Chu Enterprise, it did not mean that he was bankrupt so he could still afford a nanny and her hospital bills.

When Xia Ruoxin woke up again, she opened her eyes; and it was still dark before her. She did not know how long she had stayed here. Had it been three days or five? It seemed to be three as she remembered the sky brightening up three times and also remembered that the sky had darkened three times.

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