Chapter 858 - Was She Going to Die?

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Chapter 858: Was She Going to Die?

She tried hard to separate her dry lips. She thought it would be cleaner to die this way, but she really did not want to die here. She did not want her corpse to decay, decompose, and be filled with maggots by the time someone discovered her. So she did not want to die. If she wanted to be clean, she wanted a clean death and was indignant to be part of someone else’s calculations.

She struggled to stand up from the floor. Just that, she felt that her shoulder area was shattered. That pain was the exact same feeling when her arm broke back then. Once she stood up, she fell back down again. Then, she realized that she had not eaten or drunk in days.

She tried to find the door, but bang! She fell back down again and hurt her bones. She clenched her teeth, stood up, and walked to the door to open it.

However, no matter how much she turned the handle, the door refused to open.


She laughed. She laughed sarcastically.

Were they afraid that she was going to run or what?

She let go of her hand and walked back. Using the dim light coming in, she licked her dry lips as she practically crawled to the living room. There were apples there, yes, apples. She stood up weakly and walked towards the coffee table. She remembered that there were a few apples on the table; she had peeled one so there were two left.

She reached out and felt for an apple. Without even considering washing it, she wolfed it down. She was hungry, starving in fact. She had never been so hungry until she wanted to vomit lactic acid, bite the table, and bite herself.

Just that when she was done eating, she started to regret it. If she was going to stay here for a few more days, would there be anything left for her?

She stood up again and felt her way forward as she did not dare to turn on the lights to see the blood on the floor and the blood on her.

There was nothing in the kitchen—not even a fridge—so there would not be anything to eat.

She had searched a few times, but there really seemed to be nothing here. She did not know if there were mice; it would be good if there was as when she got really hungry, she could catch them to eat.

She turned on the tap, and cool water came running out.

Luckily, there was still water.

She licked her dry lips and placed her hand below the tap, letting the water clean the blood on her fingers that did not belong to her. Then, she scooped up some water to drink it, regardless of the temperature.

The water was just like a fountain that moisturized her dry lips and her heart and saved her life. She did not know how much water she drank, but she only knew that she could hear her stomach moving in between her movements.

She had heard that people could survive up to seven days without food, but only three without water.

She did not know how long she could last.

She walked out and curled herself up into a ball at a corner.

She placed her finger in front, and she could still feel the warm blood in her palm as if her hand really ended a person, a life.

In the past, there was a life in her hands; and they all said that she did it. Now, there was another life in her hands, but who would believe that she did not do it?

She did not kill Xia Yixuan; she escaped.

She did not kill Song Wan…

But Song Wan might die.

Actually, this kind of person deserved to die. She really wanted to kill her, but she did not. She did not do it in the end. No matter how much she wanted to kill that woman, she was Chu Lui’s mother. She was still Chu Lui’s mother.

Lightly, she sniffed. Would it not hurt anymore after some time? Would it really stop hurting after a few days?

She curled herself up and spent another day in this place without light or dark. There might still be a tomorrow, or the day after, or even a few days; she did not know. There was also the possibility that she would not live to the next day, and there would be no ‘her’ in the world anymore.

Another day passed as she reached out her hand and took an apple. Her stomach kept growling. She placed the apple under her nose and as she smelled the fragrance of the apple, her stomach keeping on churning stomach juices. She placed the apple by her mouth, opened it, but did not dare to take a bite. She was afraid that she would not have anything to eat after the apple.

Until she woke up again, she was still holding the apple in her hand. However, she was so hungry until she bent over. All these years—no matter how tough life was, she never starved.

She told herself that as long as she had her limbs, she would never starve herself; and she really did that. She had never starved. At the gold island, she also used her own two hands to earn a bowl of rice. However, at this point, facing the apple, the endless darkness, and the unknown future; she really did not know what her limbs could do for her.

She placed the apple in her mouth and lightly took a bite.

The sweet and sour taste made her want to cry.

However, there was no other food in her stomach. When she ate this, it made her stomach even more upset and hungrier.

She did not know how many days she took to eat one apple. Every time she was starving until she could not make it, she would eat one bite. When she got hungry again, she would drink a mouthful of water.

When she really could not do it anymore, she would tell herself to sleep. Yes, sleep. She would not be hungry once she slept. However, the longer she slept, the hungrier she felt.

She finished yet another apple. She was not hungry; she was starving. She was hungry until she cried, but what could she do? She did not even have the strength to lift her arms.

Once again, she opened her eyes and placed her hands on her stomach before she turned around to vomit. However, after vomiting for quite some time, she only puked out gastric juice.

She held the sofa to stand up. Then, she went to the washroom to drink a whole stomach full of water before she wobbled out with her weak body.

When she reached the couch and lay on it, she had no strength left.

She reached out her hand and wanted to take an apple, but after feeling around for some time, there was nothing. She reached under the table, but there was still nothing. She searched everywhere, but there was still nothing.

There were no more apples.

She held her face hopelessly.

What to do? What to do? There were no more apples; she had lost the last bit of food that she had.

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