Chapter 862 - He Said, I Never Want to See You Again

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Chapter 862: He Said, I Never Want to See You Again

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Weakly, she fell back onto the floor, and the pain in her throat made every minute of her living torturous.

She placed that bag of duck necks on the floor and did not touch it anymore because her throat was already hurt, and even the corners of her lips were starting to blister.


She wanted to make a sound, but in the end, she could only mutter syllables like ‘sisi, ahah’.


She stood up and—bang! She fell back onto the floor.



She kept rolling around on the floor, but there was still pain in her throat; it was the discontinuous and toneless unpleasant voice.

Piak! The lights were turned on.

Xia Yixuan was in a pretty good mood today. When she walked over, she saw Xia Ruoxin curled up on the sofa with blisters around her mouth.

She picked up that bag of super spicy duck necks from the floor.

“You’re really stubborn. You didn’t eat it. It’s been two days, sister. Why can’t you starve to death?”

She threw away the bag and lifted her leg. With one leg forward, she stepped on Xia Ruoxin’s face and almost burst all the blisters around her mouth.

One could only hear the sound ‘ahah’ coming from Xia Ruoxin’s throat.

Xia Yixuan retracted her legs and took out a few hardened biscuits that had obviously been left in there for quite some time. Then, her fingers released them, and the biscuits fell on the floor before she stomped on it harshly.

“Sister, I’ll give this to you.

“Oh, right. I forgot to pay for the water, but it’s okay now.” After she finished talking, the smile on her pretty face became increasingly arrogant and touching—not because of love, but because of hatred.

Holding her bag, she walked out once again. When she came, she was in a decent mood; when she went out, her mood was even better.

Xia Ruoxin held her own neck and dragged her body, which was on the verge of collapsing, into the washroom as her trembling fingers opened the tap and scooped up the water. When the cold water ran into her throat, the corner of her eyes kept tearing.

Her throat hurt.

After drinking a lot of water, she then stumbled out and picked up the biscuits on the floor. She took a bite, but once the blisters burst, it was as if tearing her nerves apart.

She swallowed it in one bite and coughed again. She twisted her face to the side and spat the biscuit out. There were bloodstains on the biscuit.


She opened her mouth, but there was no sound. She could not make a sound no matter what.

She took some cold water and dipped the hardened biscuits inside. As for the duck necks on the floor, she did not dare to touch it again.

After she ate, her throat still hurt; and her stomach was very uncomfortable.

She curled her body up and shrunk into a small ball.

There was the sound of a door opening from the outside. She opened her eyes but did not move.

“Brother Lui, do you want to turn on the light? But Sister doesn’t like the light to be on now.”

As the room was very dark, Chu Lui did not even know how Xia Yixuan looked and how unusual she was. Actually, she did not know why Chu Lui would walk over and went to come in. She was really afraid that Chu Lui would see the present Xia Ruoxin and would pity her and feel bad for her.

She tortured Xia Ruoxin to this state not to gain Chu Lui’s sympathy. It looked like Xia Ruoxin could not stay. Her face darkened, and one of her hands was clenched into a fist.

“No need,” Chu Lui said lightly. He did not want to see that woman’s face again.

Xia Yixuan was happy for a moment. However, it was quite good as the darkness could be her cover, and Chu Lui would not notice anything.

“Brother Lui,” Xia Yixuan asked carefully. “Do you still like Sister? I believe Sister did not do it on purpose. Besides, isn’t Auntie fine? She will wake up one day.”

“Like?” Chu Lui tore his cold and thin lips. “Does she deserve it? Does she deserve my love? If I—Chu Lui—still loved her, then I would be the biggest idiot in the world.

“In the future, don’t let me see that dirty woman. I find her disgusting.” He turned around and left in coldness. There was no more noise.

Bang! The door shut.

No one knew that the woman inside had long cried without a sound.

Was it? Don’t love anymore, don’t deserve it anymore.

“Hah…” She laughed. Who exactly did not love anymore, and who did not deserve it?

Hua! A big pot of cold water was splashed onto Xia Ruoxin’s face.

Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes and looked at the woman in front of her lightly.

You were sleeping so well; even I was jealous.

Xia Yixuan slapped Xia Ruoxin’s face that was skinny to the point where she did not have any meat left. Her prettiest face was eventually gone. However, it was not enough; it was still not enough.

“Sister, did you know? You’re actually really pretty… to the point where I was very jealous of you.” Xia Yixuan extended her hand to pinch Xia Ruoxin’s face, but all she felt was a layer of skin.

Suddenly, she seemed to remember something. She took out a fruit knife. “Sister, do you remember this? Back then, you almost killed me with this.” She gently caressed her neck. Up until now, her neck still seemed to hurt; and she could still feel the wetness in her pants. In her whole life, she had never been so humiliated. Hence, she would get back everything she lost from this sister that she did not even consider as one.

“Hehe…” Suddenly, she laughed and thought of a good plan.

“Sister, Brother Lui said that he never ever wanted to see you again.”

“Then…” She used the fruit knife and tapped Xia Ruoxin’s face.

“Why do you need this face? Why not…”—she broke out into a smile, and her set of white teeth were cold—”let me help you ruin it. Brother Lui would love it, right?”

She picked up the fruit knife and brandished it in front of her face.

Xia Ruoxin’s red lips did not even move. She opened her mouth; she smiled, but she cried.

Then, she closed her eyes again until she felt the pain on her face, but what to do? She could not feel any more pain. A slash after another, she knew her face was ruined.

It was ruined cleanly. It was ruined thoroughly.

Piak! Piak! Xia Yixuan slapped her hands.

Like a psycho, she admired the bloodbath in front of her. “Sister, look, you’re so pretty, just like a ghost.” She covered her mouth and laughed daintily. Then, she kicked the fruit knife under the sofa.

“Sister, I’ll come to see you again tomorrow. Don’t miss me too much.”

Xia Ruoxin’s fingers trembled slightly. She wanted to touch her face, but before she even did, she felt the heart-wrenching pain.

Do you still want to live? She asked herself.

Yes, she wanted to live.

She still wanted to live.

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