Chapter 863 - Pain of the Fracture

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Chapter 863: Pain of the Fracture

The next day, Xia Yixuan came over again. She was wearing a watercolor red dress, and she looked as pretty as a flower that just bloomed.

“Hello, Sister. I came to see you again.” Just that when she saw Xia Ruoxin’s face with her meat and blood muddled up together, she really felt that it was disgusting to the point where she wanted to vomit.

“You’re really ugly.” She took out a packet of tissue from her bag and picked up a piece to wipe her finger.

She seemingly thought for a while. “Mm, I remember Brother Lui had once broken your arm. Today, he said he doesn’t want to see you walk again. What do you think should happen?”

She spread her arms as if she was in a difficult position.

“Forget it.” She stood up. “I need to listen to Brother Lui.”

She walked into the kitchen and took out a metal rod. At the start, this was what she prepared for Xia Ruoxin.

She looked over, and with a mighty pull, she pulled Xia Ruoxin to the floor. Xia Ruoxin clenched her fists and wanted to crawl forward, but Xia Yixuan seemed to be watching some kind of joke.

It was useless.

“Brother Lui doesn’t want to let you live, and neither do I.” She raised the metal rod in her arms and looked exactly like Chu Lui back then—equally as cold-blooded, ruthless, and heartless.

The metal rod smashed down hard at the thin legs.

“Ah…” Pitiful cries sounded as if they could wrench people’s hearts.

Then, there was another sound before it went silent.

Xia Yixuan threw the rod in her hands and wiped the sweat on her forehead. She walked over and smiled delightfully at the woman who looked as white as a sheet.

“Brother Lui told me to give you this.” As she said that, she released her hands; and the safety amulet just fell on the floor.

Xia Yixuan felt that she was tired so she picked up her bag, walked over, and kicked the woman on the floor. When she went out, she closed the door strongly; but perhaps she was too relieved and tired so she forgot to lock it.

A drop of sweat rolled down from Xia Ruoxin’s forehead as she clutched the safety amulet tightly. She crawled forward and remembered this fracture and hatred.

She had never truly hurt a person before, other than Chu Lui. However, was this her retribution? Then, why did so many people still live so happily in the end?

Was she wrong? Was it true that she should not be living?

She climbed to the door and tried to stand up with all her might. Enduring the pain in her leg, she supported her body weight. She felt it. She felt it! She raised her hands as if exhausting the last bit of her energy.

Ka! The door opened.

She pushed open the door, and the sky outside was already dark.

She crawled out but did not know where she should go, but she knew that she could not stay here. If it was not tomorrow, it would be the following day when she would die in Xia Yixuan’s hands.

Even if her pair of hands was cut and bleeding, she climbed down the stairs.

She climbed bit by bit and step by step. Her skin was grazed, and all her clothes were also torn and tattered; however, she kept moving her body forward. Even if she lived like a dog, she did not want to die; she wanted to live. Even if there were only a one-in-a-thousand chance and a one-in-a-million hope, she still wanted to live.

A car drove over from afar, and the car lights shone on her.

Screech! The car suddenly stopped in front of her. The car door opened. A man walked out and squatted beside Xia Ruoxin. However, once he saw her face, he was frightened until he broke out in cold sweat.

“Young Master Rong, it’s a woman.”

The young man in the car looked up, but no one could see his eyes in the dark. However, one could feel that his five features were extremely pretty.

“Is she dead?”

He asked nonchalantly as if a human life was like a plastic bottle he could throw aside casually.

“She’s not thoroughly dead. She’s still alive.” The man who was out of the car actually did not dare to look at her face. “However, her injury is pretty serious. Young Master Rong, what should we do? Should we leave her here or bring her away?”

The man in the car held her chin.

He took out a coin from his pocket.

“If it’s tails, we’ll leave. If it’s heads, we’ll save her.”

He threw the coin and caught it again before releasing his fingers. The coin lying on his palm was showing heads.

“Take her with us.”

He lightly lifted his lips.

They would bring the person to the hospital. Then, her karma would determine if she lived or not.

“Mm…” He touched his chin. “I’ll do it again. If it’s heads, I’ll be a good person all the way and treat you. If it’s not, then I’ll just throw you there; and it won’t be my business anymore.”

In the end, it was still heads.

The man thought for a while.

“It’s the last time. If it’s heads, then you should follow me. After all, not everyone has such good luck.”

He extended his hand and threw the coin outside. After the coin landed on the floor, it twirled for a while before landing to show heads.

The man outside wiped away the cold sweat on his head.

My young master, who would decide the fate of a human life like you? If you continue playing, you don’t need to talk about whether she follows you or not, this woman will be dead.

At long last, the man in the car curled his finger towards his driver. “Mm, let’s go to the best hospital here.”

The driver just carried the woman up from the floor, but once he carried her, he felt that she was too light. Was this a person or a skeleton? Also, this woman’s legs were so light as if it was dangling in the air.

Could her injuries be healed? Also, could this person live?

In the hospital, almost all the doctors were activated.

“What’s going on? What happened?” Gao Yi pulled a doctor aside and asked. “Why are you all so busy? What are you going to do?”

The doctor wiped the sweat off his head. “There was an important patient who was sent over just now. Young Master Rong sent her over personally.”

“That Young Master Rong?” Gao Yi hugged his arms. He had heard that this person was on decent terms with Chu Lui in the business world, and he’s Chu Lui’s long-term partner. Of course, the people who could have relations with Chu Lui were usually people that could not be messed with.

“Are you not going?” That doctor asked Gao Yi. “The director told all of us to go over.”

“It’s okay.” Gao Yi shook his head. “I have an upcoming surgery. I can wait, but the patient can’t.” After he finished his sentence, he turned around and did not think much.

In his eyes, this kind of respected patient did not matter; distinguished and non-distinguished people were the same as they were all patients.

At this time—in a ward, a group of doctors was surrounding a woman, who was as skinny as a monkey and doing their checks.

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