Chapter 864 - Young Master Rong

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Chapter 864: Young Master Rong

“Serious nutrient deficiency, and all of her organs are starting to deteriorate.”

“The wound on her face was done by a sharp weapon. As it has been quite long, the injury is starting to suppurate.”

“Her scapular bone is broken.”

“Her legs are severely fractured.”

“The burn in her throat is serious.”

All in all, it was severe, extremely severe. They did not know how she incurred this injury and how she survived. Normally, when someone was injured to this extent, they would have lost their lives—let alone a woman who had nutrient deficiency for an extended period.

“Don’t tell me nonsense.” Lu Jinrong lightly rubbed his brows. “Save her immediately. I want her to live. Even the King of Hades can’t steal someone from me.”

Not long later, the woman injured in almost every part of her body was pushed into the operating theater. All the surgeries took a total of more than ten hours. Also, the ones who did the surgeries were all doctors above the grade of department heads.

Of course, the person who was pushed out was wrapped like a mummy. Only her eyes, nose, and mouth were exposed.

Lu Jinrong walked over and extended his finger to prod the woman’s face, which startled his driver—Xiao Ma—until he almost screamed. My brother, could you not prod her? She was still a patient.

“She’s so ugly?” Lu Jinrong laughed before finally retracting his finger and sticking his hand into his pockets.

Coincidentally at this time, a doctor walked over.

He handed something to Lu Jinrong. “This was what she was clutching in her hands. We took half a day to get it out.”

Lu Jinrong took it from him. It was a wooden block which edges and corners were almost smoothened out.

He walked over and hung the wooden block around the woman’s tightly-wrapped neck before covering her with the blankets.

“Oh, yes, how is her face? Can it be fixed?”

Since he had already decided to keep this woman by his side, she could not be too ugly. If she was too ugly, he might not be able to eat every day. Even though he did not ask for her looks to be admirable, it could not be intolerable as well.

“It’s hard to say about her face.” The doctor flipped the patient’s medical records. “There are too many injuries on her face—ten in total. Besides, quite a few of them were infected. Even if she recovers, it would leave a huge scar.

“However, her face can be recovered through surgery in the later phase.”

“Oh…” Lu Jinrong thought for a while. “This can do, too. Save her life first. Coincidentally, I’m going overseas in a few days, and I’ll bring her along. Just make sure she doesn’t die midway.”

“That won’t happen.” The doctor could guarantee this. “Even though the patient was in quite a bit of danger when she was sent over—luckily, they were just excessively big injuries. However, she still needs quite a long time to recuperate. Slowly, her body can recover close to its original state. She could ride on planes and trains… but not bicycles because she can’t sit up.”

Lu Jinrong was then relieved. He left his driver behind and went home to sleep. He still had a meeting the next day, and the driver—Xiao Ma—was on the brink of tears.

Young Master Rong… he was a male, and this was a woman. How could he allow a male to take care of a woman? In the end, he had no choice but to call Lu family’s nanny over.

A few days later, when Lu Jinrong came by again, she had not woken up yet. However, the doctor said that the woman was recovering well. Even though it was slow, her body could really recover slowly day by day.

Just that, she did not wake up.

Lu Jinrong put his face close. “She still hasn’t moved?”

However, Xiao Ma was sharp-eyed enough to realize that the woman’s finger had moved.

“It’s moving! It’s moving! Young Master Rong, it’s moving!”

“What’s moving? It didn’t move?” Lu Jinrong extended his hand and prodded the woman’s forehead. In the end—when he kept his fingers, he met with a pair of eyes in a daze. His finger stopped there, and he hurriedly retracted it.

Mm, his awkward illness had relapsed.

Actually, Xia Ruoxin thought that she was already dead. She seemed to have reached a very warm place, and the injuries on her body were about to disappear. Actually, she did not want to wake up because she would be in pain if she did, and she hated pain.

When a ray of light landed on her eyes, they seemed to be covered by a layer of mist. If she used her strength, the mist might go away; in the end, it was still dry.

She did not cry.

“You’re awake?”

Lu Jinrong smiled rarely as he moved his face closer to the woman.

“I seemed to have seen you before.”

Xia Ruoxin moved her dry lips before she squinted her eyes. Actually, he guessed it right—he did meet her before.

He might not even remember that Chu Lui had sold his newly-wedded wife to him that night.

He did not touch her.

She knew he was called Lu Jinrong.

Actually, I really owed you a ‘thank you’.

Thank you for letting me go that night. Thank you for saving me again now.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.” Lu Jinrong lightly placed his hands on her forehead. “Your injury will get better. As for your face, you don’t have to worry. Next week, I’ll bring you overseas and get the best plastic surgeon there for you. It’ll recover.”

Xia Ruoxin opened her mouth but could not make a single sound. Lightly, she nodded as if she said ‘thank you’.

“You’re welcome.” This time, Lu Jinrong understood what she wanted to say.

Before Lu Jinrong went overseas, he had to see a few old friends.

In a VIP private room at Jiang Nan, Lu Jinrong folded his legs. “You have so much face. Not everyone can get a private room like this in Jiang Nan.”

“I just have some ties with Tang San,” the man opposite Lu Jinrong replied lightly.

“Ties can also be differentiated into weak or great.” Lu Jinrong laid his back against the couch behind him comfortably.

“Oh, right, Chu Lui, is your mom better?”

“Mm, her injury is almost recovering, but she hasn’t woken up.” Chu Lui lightly shook the glass in his hands, and his gaze reflected the light on the cup. It was slightly dark.

“Don’t worry, she’ll get better.” Lu Jinrong patted his shoulders. “As long as you have hope, everything will be okay.”

“Thank you.” Chu Lui placed the glass next to his lips and drank it in one shot.

“Oh, how’s your company? Is that person still sitting at your seat? You’re really tolerant. If it were me, I would be disgusted to no end every day. I don’t even know how many times that person had farted on my seat.”

Chu Lui’s lips curved upwards mockingly. “He just sat there not long ago. I’ll let him sit for a few more days.”

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