Chapter 865 - Picked Something Up

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Chapter 865: Picked Something Up

“How many of the shares have you bought back?” As for this point, Lu Jinrong had never worried about Chu Lui. If the Chu Lui was so easily swallowed by someone else, then it was not Chu Lui’s Chu Enterprise. If Chu Lui was so easily kicked out by someone, then he was not Chu Lui.

The Min family never had business dealings with Chu Lui so they did not know how much secret weapons he had and what other stunts he would pull. However, he did know that the Chu Enterprise was worth a lot.

The legendary gold mine of Chu Lui’s really did exist. These few years, he had dug out so much gold from there. Let alone one Chu Enterprise—even if he threw three away, he could still buy them back.

Of course, he would still use the lowest price to buy it and would also get the other party to throw up all the advantages they took. If not, he would not take some disadvantages.

Those who dared to calculate against him must bear the consequences of doing so. However, he just hoped that the person from the Min family could bear with Chu Lui’s revenge.

“Oh, yes, this is for you.” Lu Jinrong took his document bag and pulled out a stack of documents to pass it to Chu Lui. “These are the shares from the Chu Enterprise that you told me to buy a few days ago when the prices were low. There’s fifteen percent in total. You should have quite a few on your own hands.”

“Mm, yes.” Chu Lui took the documents from Lu Jinrong’s hands, and after flipping through roughly, there was twenty percent of the shares as expected.

“How much do you have on your hands?” Lu Jinrong leaned against the couch, almost sinking half of his body into it.

“Thirty percent,” Chu Lui said lightly as if he did not care about it.

Lu Jinrong smiled. “You can finally clear the parasites in your company. Now, counting the shares with your father, Du Jingtang, and yourself; you would already have nearly fifty percent of the Chu Enterprise’s shares. Now, Min Guocheng only has thirty-five percent. As for the other fifteen percent, it doesn’t pose much of a problem.

“The majority of the shares are with you. Those old folks should stop for a while. You have provided for them for so long, they should get lost. If I were you, I would have kicked them out of the company long ago. You’ve earned so much money and provided for their daily lives. They have gained almost ten times the profit for nothing, but they’re still not satisfied. They’re really overboard.

“Do you want the original building or your new building?” Lu Jinrong felt that based on Chu Lui’s personality, if his own office building was occupied by someone else, if his office was taken by someone else, if his lounge was slept on by someone else; a cleanliness freak like him would definitely not be willing to take it back.

“I’ll move to the new building.” Chu Lui threw the documents on his hand aside.

“It’s there? It’s a good place.” Lu Jinrong held his chin. “It has twenty-eight levels. Are you taking the highest level again?”

“Mm.” Chu Lui answered. It was obvious that Lu Jinrong had guessed correctly. He just loved the feeling of being at the very top, even if it was lonely at the top as he loves the number eight. Of course, it was not because eight had similar pronunciation to ‘prosper’; but it was because of the eighteen levels of hell, which was a hell amongst the twenty-eight hells.

Lu Jinrong felt that something was troubling Chu Lui, but he did not ask further. Everyone had things that they could not bear and stop like him and Chu Lui. Chu Lui took out a box of cigarettes and picked out a stick to light it up. Lu Jinrong did the same and took the cigarette. Then, he laughed. “You still have the same likings as the past and haven’t changed. Should I say that you’re devoted or you’re just stubborn?”

“Mm, I’m used to it.” Chu Lui puffed out, and his lungs were filled with the smoke. It was a numbing feeling as if it could make someone forget about a lot of things.

“If you could get used to all of these, then what about people?”

Lu Jinrong really did not understand this matter. Of course, it was his privacy so he did not ask much. Logically speaking—based on Chu Lui’s weird personality, he should be a devoted person; but why did he divorce twice?

Chu Lui puffed out again, and his dark eyes were empty and emotionless. At this point, Lu Jinrong could not handle his vision. He really wanted to hug his head and hide under the table. Of course, he would not be so useless and actually hide under the table.

“Okay.” He raised his hands to surrender. “Don’t look at me with this gaze. I really didn’t make you a cuckold. Don’t worry.”

He extinguished the cigarette in his hands and threw it into the ashtray. “I didn’t touch her. Do I not know your personality well enough? I won’t take this kind of advantage from you.” He was not stupid or dumb to make Chu Lui a cuckold. Even though he would not be at a loss if he took the advantage as the contract was there after all. However, he could not take advantage of Chu Lui’s woman.

Even if Chu Lui did not want any women, she still belonged to him. If he really took advantage of her, even their small friendship boat would capsize. Of course, he would not dare to make him a cuckold—let alone plant a whole patch of green grass[1] on his head.

Chu Lui half-squinted his dark eyes, but no one knew what he was thinking. Only the smoke kept coming out from his nostrils before enveloping his eyes.

“Oh, right.” Lu Jinrong then thought of something. “I have something on recently so I won’t be back. I also won’t watch the commotion between you and the Min family.”

“What are you going to do?” Chu Lui asked nonchalantly. Of course, he was just asking, and it was not like he had to know the answer.

“Actually, it’s nothing much.”

Lu Jinrong took the glass on the table and flicked it. “It’s just that I was quite bored recently so I picked some little thing up, and I want to change it. Maybe I’ll change into something.”

Lu Jinrong knew that Chu Lui had a weird temper. Of course, Chu Lui also knew that Lu Jinrong would find something for himself to do for no reason. The two of them could be considered as jackals of the same tribe. Even though they did not have much ties on the surface and they were just business partners and friends built from money—in actual fact, the both of them had a totally different relationship from normal business friends.

At the very least, they had trust between them.

After Lu Jinrong left, Chu Lui picked up the documents from the side. Forty percent of Chu Enterprise’s shares were taken back just like that. His lips curved up coldly to the point where it was scary. The smile on his lips was also icy cold without warmth.

At first, he thought that he was an opponent; in the end, it was just a fool plus another fool which added up to a bunch of fools who were just a pile of rotten eggs.

He took out his phone, and the number was Xia Yixuan’s.

He placed the phone by his ear and continued flipping the documents with one hand.

[1] In Chinese, the phrase for being a cuckold means ‘wear a green hat’ so the author was playing a pun on ‘green’.

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