Chapter 902 - Accept the Sister-in-Law

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Chapter 902: Accept the Sister-in-Law

Chu Jiang really had no energy to care about these things, but Xia Mingzheng was right. Now that Chu Enterprise and Chu Lui were at the top of the world, perhaps this marriage had to be settled.

Chu Lui did not express his opinion, and Xia Mingzheng thought that he had agreed.

“Dad, go announce it first.”

Xia Yixuan gave Xia Mingzheng an idea. As long as the matter was announced—based on the Chu family’s identity and status, they would get married no matter what. At the very least, it could first dash the hopes of ambitious women.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Xia Mingzheng was quite hesitant as this was only the conclusion they got after he spoke to Chu Jiang. Chu Lui himself had not nodded his head. If they went to announce the news of their marriage on their own, the plan might even backfire.

“It’s okay, Dad. Trust me.” Xia Yixuan comforted Xia Mingzheng. “There will only be advantages to us if we announce it. Besides, Chu Jiang also agreed. Even if he did not nod his head, we have already brought the matter up to him so even if he knew, it won’t matter anymore.

“I know Brother Lui’s character. Even if he found out about it later, he would only let the incident continue to develop and wouldn’t explain further. If we miss this chance, perhaps it won’t be so easy when we bring it up again in the future.” So they had to grab this chance. Even if it was fake, she would make it real sooner or later.

She could guarantee that it would definitely work. Her status would change, and her identity would be upgraded.

Yes, this was Chu Lui’s personality. Of course, Xia Yixuan was not only banking on this as Chu Lui had a certain responsibility to bear about the trouble she had met with. Even though she did not suffer from any real harm—if she played some small tricks regarding this in the future, Chu Lui would only turn a blind eye to it.

However, it seemed like she had forgotten this was not a small track but a calculated plan of someone who had changed her looks.

Xia Mingzheng was still kind of worried, but seeing his daughter’s look, he agreed.

At this time, Xia Ruoxin was still in the Lu family. She had not gone to work in a few days; after she was drenched in the rain, she fell sick for a few days with fever and cough. She barely recovered.

It was impossible that Jian Qingying would let her out, and Xia Ruoxin felt the same. Without talking about herself, it was the peak period of influenza; and she was afraid she would infect other people so she took leave from Chu Enterprise. On Chu Lui’s end, they agreed without thinking.

Actually, Xia Ruoxin thought about it and felt that it was right. She was originally someone who dropped in from the outside, and this job could do with or without one extra person as the others could do it well. However, her hard work and time had made this empty duty become important; and she made a place for herself.

However, she was still someone that could be absent.

In the entire Chu Enterprise—other than Chu Lui himself, everyone else was replaceable.

Her phone placed aside suddenly rang. She took a look at it—it was Lu Jinrong.

“Xiaohua, I have something to tell you.”

On the phone, Lu Jinrong’s voice was still calm, but for some reason, Xia Ruoxin felt that something was upsetting behind it.

“Mm, I’m listening.” She stretched her body lightly on the couch and hugged the doll in her arms.

“I’ve just received some news. Chu Lui might get engaged with Xia Yixuan.” Lu Jinrong held a pen and kept knocking on his office table as he did not know how Xia Ruoxin would react after listening to him. Would she be upset, in pain, or indignant? Anyway, she would definitely not be okay.

Some feelings could not be swept away just because they wanted it to; some suffering could not go away as and when they liked.

One could stop thinking about it, but they would always exist.

“Really?” Xia Ruoxin held the doll in her arms tightly, and her long and tight lashes drooped down. At the bottom of her eye, there were two patches of light gray.

“They can get engaged if they want. In this world, it’s easy to be attracted to someone but hard to stay committed. A man’s words could never be trusted.”

She said nonchalantly and placed the doll in front of her face as her fingers gently touched the doll’s face.

“Right, Rainy? He betrayed Rainy and doesn’t deserve to be Rainy’s father.”

Lu Jinrong put down his phone and shook his head. He stood up, walked to the full-length window, and pressed his forehead against the glass. At that moment, no one saw that excruciating pain had flashed across his eyes.

Who had not loved before? Who had not suffered before?

The next day when Xia Ruoxin reached the office—as expected, she heard all the employees gossiping about Xia Yixuan being their lady boss.

Actually, everyone knew very clearly that this was bound to happen, and it was only a matter of time. After all, there was only one woman—Xia Yixuan—beside Chu Lui. If there were anyone who could be Mrs. Chu, the first one would definitely not be Xia Yixuan. After all—after divorcing his previous wife, there were no more rumors or gossip about him talking to another woman.

“Have you heard?” Secretary Xiao Chen pulled Xia Ruoxin aside and softly whispered to her ears.

“Mm, what happened?” Xia Ruoxin arranged her sleeves, and there was a platinum zip on her wrist, which made her snow-like skin even nicer.

“We’re going to have a lady boss soon,” Secretary Xiao Chen said in shock, “I thought the CEO was going to die alone, but he’s still getting married in the end.”

“Oh…” Xia Ruoxin raised her eyes. “He still accepted his sister-in-law.”

“Uh…” Secretary Xiao Chen found her sentence a bit weird, but it was true. Xia Yixuan was originally the younger sister of the first Mrs. Chu. Even though they were not biological sisters—based on their status, they had an in-law relationship.

It was as if they were watching a blood-sucking drama, and it was true. Suddenly, she hugged her arms as she felt that it was very cold. When she turned back, she saw their CEO standing not far away and staring straight at them lightly with his dark eyes.

A chill ran down Secretary Xiao Chen’s spine, and she rushed back to her seat in embarrassment. She did not dare to move, but Xia Ruoxin picked up her cup, strolled to the pantry slowly to get water, and drank before she came back.

By then, Chu Lui had already entered his own office.

Secretary Xiao Chen did a neck-slashing action.

Xia Ruoxin tilted her forehead and stuck out her tongue. Secretary Xiao Chen was taken aback, and she did not understand her.

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