Chapter 903 - Trouble Arrived

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Chapter 903: Trouble Arrived

Xia Ruoxin returned to her seat, and just as she sat down, Xia Yixuan came in with her red heels. She looked young and pretty. At this time, her feet seemed to have wind as she stopped in front of Xia Ruoxin and smiled at her brightly.

Xia Ruoxin picked up her cup on the table and placed it by her lips. After drinking one mouthful, she popped a mint candy into her mouth. The mint candy was refreshing, but it started to taste bitter at the same time.

Xia Yixuan raised her chin and sashayed into Chu Lui’s office.

Xia Ruoxin’s lips curved up slightly, and she smiled sarcastically.

She picked up her phone and leaned against her chair behind him, and her fingers tapped the cup gently.

“Mm, I know. Then, will you be coming home tonight?” After a while, she held her forehead. “Don’t worry, I’m not young. Auntie Qin is at home, too. I won’t starve or thirst to death. I hope you all have fun.”

After she finished her sentence, she hung up; and her fingers gently touched the warmness of the cup—it was warm and cold at the same time.

When she stood up and was about to leave, she suddenly bumped into someone. The impact made her move backward. At this time, a hand grabbed her arm; and that force almost broke it.

“Thank you, CEO.” She stood up straight and said her thanks politely and distantly. Then, the man that walked past her had returned to his own seat. Everything seemed normal, but only she knew how tightly she had held the cup just now. Luckily, the cup was made of glass. If not, she could not guarantee that she would not directly break it.

At this time, Chu Lui placed both his hands in front of his eyes; and there was some confusion in his gaze.

It was very strange. They were clearly not the same person, but why did she give him such a similar feeling? After half a day, he then put down his hands; but the fingers laced together were still not separated.

When Xia Ruoxin went back home, it was kind of empty as all of them had gone on a holiday. Of course, they did not desert her on purpose; but she did not really want to go. She returned to her room and habitually hugged the doll in her arms.

She widened her eyes and actually did not know what she was thinking. For a long, long time; she did not have any sleeping intentions and did not really dare to sleep.

She took a book and placed it on her knees while flipping it one by one. She did not know how long she had read the book, but when she finished almost half of it, the sky was already very dark.

After placing the book down, she walked out of the room and made herself a cup of warm milk. She could finally sleep after drinking it, but perhaps it might not be a good one. However, at the very least, she could last through this slow and long night.

The milk boiled in the pot, and she leaned at the side with her lashes gently shut. However, she did not have any intention of sleeping. The noise that came over seemed to have made her more awake.

After the milk was done boiling, she held it with one hand and was about to go back to her room and sleep. Just that, when she passed by her parents’ room, she discovered that the light was still on.

Strange… she knitted her brows. Did they not go on a vacation? There should not be anyone in the room. Did Auntie Qin forget to turn off the light when she was cleaning?

Her pair of feet, originally stepped into her room, had moved out as she wanted to turn off the lights in her parents’ room.

She placed her hand on the handle and did not think of knocking on it. There was no one in the room, what was the point of knocking on the door? She was the only person left in the entire house—even Auntie Qin had gone over to her son’s place.

Lightly, she turned the knob. Yes, the door was open.

Screech! The door opened, but at that very moment, the cup in her hands fell onto the floor.

Clang! The cup broke into pieces, and the milk scattered everywhere.

Inside, Lu Ke’en was lying on the floor motionless with a pale face. Even with the loud noise of the cup shattering, he did not wake up.


Xia Ruoxin rushed in and squatted down to hold Lu Ke’en’s hand. However, Lu Ke’en’s hand did not have a tinge of warmth. It was very cold, and his chest did not look like it was moving up and down.

He lost his breathing.

Xia Ruoxin placed her finger under Lu Ke’en’s nose in disbelief. Then, her finger trembled and hurriedly moved away. Then, she placed it by Lu Ke’en’s mouth once again in disbelief. He still had no breathing.

The blood color on her face faded away as she placed her face on Lu Ke’en’s chest to hear his breathing. In the end, there was nothing at all.

She remembered… she remembered…

Her breathing suddenly intensified as she clutched her hair with all her might. The pain from her scalp made her much more alert as she remembered that her mother had mentioned this father of hers had a weak heart. However, Lu Ke’en had always been in good health, and he was not too old.

She held her own hand tightly and released it repeatedly. On her forehead, she kept dropping beads of cold sweat.

“Xia Ruoxin, don’t be nervous. Yes, don’t be scared. You mustn’t be scared.”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Actually, it has only been less than a minute since she entered, but she felt as though a few years had passed. Her forehead broke out in sweat again.

She knelt on the floor and tried to recall the first aid knowledge she learned before.

First, use your left middle finger and index finger to press below the rib cage.

Then, place your right hand on the lower third of the rib cage before placing your left hand on your right hand with your fingers intertwined and hold your right hand tightly.

Do not bend your wrist when you put pressure. The pressure you put must come from below, and your fingers must leave the chest. The cardiovascular pressure way: the first-aider’s arms are to be placed on the lower third of the patient’s rib cage, and both wrists must be straight when you use your body weight to put pressure.

To an adult with average weight, the rib cage must be pressed down to about five centimeters before letting go rapidly to take away the pressure.

Her brain clearly remembered this sentence. Gao Yi had taught her this once. When they had nothing to do, he had taught her a lot of first-aid methods. She held her hand and placed her hands on Lu Ke’en’s chest.

Then, she pressed down with all her might again and again. The sweat droplets on her forehead kept dropping, her fingers were already numb; and her left arm was in slight pain. However, she could not stop.



While doing CPR for Lu Ke’en, she kept yelling his name.

“Dad, wake up.”

No reaction.

No, she did not even have time to make a call and could only press on Lu Ke’en’s chest with all her might. After some time, she heard—gulu! It seemed to be a sound coming from a human’s throat.

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