Chapter 905 - What are You Guilty About?

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Chapter 905: What are You Guilty About?

This was the first time Xia Ruoxin has met the Lu family’s private doctor. The doctor was not around the Lu family much, mainly because Lu Ke’en was stubborn and did not like doctors. Moreover, it was not just the family’s doctor; it was all doctors. However, he was at a disadvantage this time.

He knew the condition of his body. He would probably be stuck with a doctor from now on.

The family doctor’s last name was Jia. It was a rather unique last name. Xia Ruoxin knew another doctor with the same name. His name was rather interesting, too. It was Jia Xinbao. He was quite nice to her, and she wondered if he was related to the family doctor.

Sometimes, she really did feel that it was like a play, and one really did not know how the play ended.

Doctor Jia brought his equipment and son along. His son was none other than the Jia Xinbao that Xia Ruoxin knew.

“Old Lu, did you drink secretly again?” Doctor Jia asked this instant he arrived. He knew when he saw Lu Ke’en’s that the latter had probably ignored his advice. He had told him not to drink and smoke, but it seemed like it had all been in vain.

Lu Ke’en widened his eyes angrily as he clenched his fists. He really wanted to give Doctor Jia a punch to his face. He was stepping on a minefield there.

Can’t he see that Jian Qingying’s face is extremely gloomy?

“He drank?” She asked Lu Ke’en eerily.

“No, I didn’t.” Lu Ke’en’s face was red. He was prepared to deny it the whole way.

He glared at Doctor Jia angrily. No one will think you’re mute if you don’t say anything.

Doctor Jia touched his nose and shook his head. This old man was stubborn. He was stubborn as a young man, and he was even stubborn now.

“Oh, right, this is my son, Jia Xinbao.” Doctor Jia introduced the man with him. “He’s better at your kind of illness than I am.”

The mere mention of the word ‘sickness’ has Lu Ke’en jumping up and down.

“You’re ill, your whole family’s ill!”

What illness? He was really healthier. He had never been healthier. He would fight anyone who said otherwise.

“Okay.” Doctor Jia could not be bothered to argue with the stubborn old man. Would he be here if the old man were not sick?

Xia Ruoxin closed the door gently. Dad seems as energetic as before. It seems like he’s fine. He scared everyone this time around, especially her.

“Xiaohua.” Lu Jinrong walked over and placed his hands on Xia Ruoxin’s shoulder.

“Thank you.”

“We’re family.” Xia Ruoxin smiled at him. “Families don’t speak like this.”

“Fine, I won’t say it.” Lu Jinrong placed his hands in his pockets. “You sure you don’t want my help?”

“No need.” Xia Ruoxin knew that he was saying, but she really did not need it. She had her own means of revenge. It was her grudge; she did not need others to get involved.

“Eh?” Jia Xinbao rubbed his eyes. “This back…”

“Miss Xia, please wait.” He hurried over, but when the woman turned, it was an entirely different face.

“Miss Xia, you had plastic surgery?”

Xia Ruoxin blinked. How did this person recognize her? No matter how he did it, she would never admit to it.

“Young Doctor Jia, are you talking to me?” she asked in feigned confusion.

“En, yeah.” Jia Xinbao scrutinized Xia Ruoxin’s features. It did not look like she had undergone surgery, but something was different. Moreover, her voice was changed, too.

Something was off, but he could not put a finger on what was strange.

“I’m sorry, you are…” He still did not know her, but… but this felt like that person. Even though the face was different, the ratio of the distribution of her features indicated that they were the same person.

“Hello, I’m Lu Xiaohua.” Xia Ruoxin could conceal her emotions perfectly now. Even Chu Lui could not tell the differences, not to mention Jia Xinbao. She had only known him for a few months.

She believed that he found her familiar because of his profession as a doctor. After all, doctors looked not at faces but features like bones.

Of course, those were not her words; those were from what Gao Yi had once told her.

“Lu Xiaohua?” Jia Xinbao was confused for a second, but he came around quickly.

“You’re the missy of the Lu family?”

“En, yes,” Xia Ruoxin admitted. She was the missy—a fake one counts too, right?

“I still have something on. I’ll head off first.” Xia Ruoxin nodded at him before he turned and left. She returned to her room and hugged the dolly habitually. She then proceeded to play with the dolly emotionlessly.

She went to work three days later. Jia Xinbao did not stay in the Lu family home but in a small apartment nearby. Even though he was not here 24/7, he was here three times a day.

“Stop the car.” She got to the chauffeur to stop the car and got off herself. She had run into someone she knew. Not just that, but it was someone who seemed a little unstable.

It was Xia Yixuan.

She was nervous and high-strung like she needed something badly. However, she was scared and probably did sleep well at night. Thus, she was unwell.

That was Xia Ruoxin’s determination of Xia Yixuan’s current state.

Given the latter’s state, she had probably run into a problem that she could not solve.

Xia Ruoxin followed after her. Even though she was not good at tailing people, Xia Yixuan was clearly not in the state to notice anyone trailing her. She ran into the hospital and went into a doctor’s cubicle. Xia Ruoxin was not sure what was said, but Xia Yixuan came out of the office looking anxious and holding something in her hand. It was probably a human instinct to be paranoid when they were doing something suspicious. Xia Yixuan looked around carefully before she put the item into her bag and hurried out.

Xia Ruoxin followed after and gave Lu Jinrong a phone call. “Brother, do me a favor.”

After a while, a scrawny fifteen-year-old walked over. He handed a bag to Xia Ruoxin.

Xia Ruoxin took it from him. It was the bag that Xia Yixuan was holding just now. She got Lu Jinrong to get a skilled thief. He would get his hands on everything he set his mind to.

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