Chapter 906 - Prohibited Drugs

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Chapter 906: Prohibited Drugs

She opened Xia Yixuan’s bag and took out the contents of the bag. It was a bag of drugs, but she was not sure what they were used for. She took a small pack out and returned it to the thief.

“Please return this and get double the amount from my brother.”

The boy laughed and disappeared into the crowd nimbly.

Xia Ruoxin placed the bag of drugs into her bag and went to work nonchalantly. However, she was surprised that the Great CEO Chu was not at work today. Needless to say, Xia Yixuan would not be here if he were not there.

“Why isn’t he here?” she asked Secretary Xiao Chen.

Secretary Xiao Chen whispered to her with the news she received, “You don’t know?”

“Know what? What’s so mysterious?” Xia Ruoxin cleaned up her table. There was not much to it. She would listen if they wanted to say it. If not, she was fine, too.

Secretary Xiao Chen stood up, ran over to Xia Ruoxin’s desk, and rested her hand and chin on the desk.

“Our CEO’s mother was in an accident last year and turned into a vegetable.”

“I’ve heard about that,” Xia Ruoxin said plainly. Some streaks flashed across her eyes.

Not only did she hear about it, but she was one of the two witnesses in the world. The other was Xia Yixuan.

“I heard that she’ll be regaining consciousness recently,” Secretary Xiao Chen said in a hushed tone. “So our CEO might not be coming in recently. It’s good that he’s not coming. We can go whatever we want in that case.”

Xia Ruoxin, who was tidying documents, paused a little before she looked down and finished what she was doing.

Oh, Song Wan’s waking up. No wonder Xia Yixuan can’t fall asleep. As the person in question, Song Wan was the only other person who knew about the incident.

There were no eternal secrets in this world. Xia Yixuan thought she was safe, but there was still Song Wan. The doctor said that she might sleep forever or wake up at any time.

If that were true, the day Song Wan woke up would be the day Xia Yixuan died. Of course, she understood that. Otherwise, she would not be that anxious. Xia Ruoxin suddenly thought of the bag of drugs in her bag. She stood up and took her bag from the shelf. It was a small glass bottle. She did not understand the label… if only Gao Yi were here. However, with her current face, she could not go see Gao Yi.

She placed the glass bottle back into her bag, then stood up, and prepared to go home.

“You’re leaving?” Secretary Xiao Chen placed her hair behind her ears. “You dare leave early?”

“Why not? Since the boss isn’t here anyway.” Xia Ruoxin straightened her clothes and went into the elevator. She did not even bother with her remaining work. Secretary Xiao Chen was sprawled across the table.

Sigh… she could not help but sigh.

She could not imagine what the rich people’s world was like.

When Xia Ruoxin got back home, Jia Xinbao happened to be there, too. He was drinking tea with Lu Ke’en. Jia Xinbao was good with people. If it were older Doctor Jia, the two old men would probably be arguing by now. Jia Xinbao looked good and was good at talking. He was rather popular with the old folks, and he knew his boundaries. He never spoke of illnesses because some people were really sensitive to the term ‘illnesses’.

Lu Ke’en was sipping on a cup of tea. He seemed rather leisurely. It was clear that he was in a rather good mood. This was probably the best mood he had been in since he was discharged.

The patient must remain in a good mood for an illness such as this.

“Young Doctor Jia, I have something to talk to you about,” Xia Ruoxin said to Jia Xinbao.

Everyone here called Jia Shengsheng Doctor Jia while Doctor Jia was addressed as young Doctor Jia, so that the two could tell the difference.

“Okay.” Jia Xinbao stood up and followed Xia Ruoxin.

She took the small bottle from her bag. “Young Doctor Jia, do you know what kind of drug this is?”

“Let me see.” Jia Xinbao took the bottle from Xia Ruoxin and shook it. He then smelled it and covered up the bottle.

“I’m not sure about this since it doesn’t have any labels. There’s no name on it so I’ll have to run some tests.”

“Okay, thank you.” Xia Ruoxin felt reassured when she heard Jia Xinbao’s offer. Otherwise, she would not know where to figure out the contents of the drug.

“Don’t worry, it’s a small thing.” Jia Xinbao placed the bottle into his pocket. He looked at his watch. “It’s just nice. I have some time now. I’ll give you the results tonight.”

“Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin thanked him again.

“Hehe, I said that you don’t have to.” Jia Xinbao laughed. He then leaned in closer. “You just have to tell me if your face has undergone surgery. Don’t forget, I’m a doctor.” He pointed at his eyes. “My eyes are really sharp.”

Xia Ruoxin remained smiling. He could figure it out for himself. Sometimes, the best answer was no answer. Jia Xinbao was probably bored so he moved on from the topic.

At night, Jia Xinbao went to Xia Ruoxin when he returned.

“The results are out. Have a look for yourself.” He passed a page of the report to her. Xia Ruoxin took the page from him and sat down to read it. There were a lot of technical terms on the page, and she struggled to understand it since she was not in medicine. However, Jia Xinbao could understand it.

“This is actually a type of sleeping pill, but doctors usually will not prescribe this to patients.” Jia Xinbao leaned back on the table and continued. “Actually, this is kind of a prohibited drug. Even though it is quite effective in treating insomnia, something about it is deadly. There was a kind of dependency on the drug, and users would always feel sleepy. The dosage had to be controlled, or one would slip into a coma.

“That’s kind of it.” He rapped his fingers gently on the table.

Slip into a coma…

“I understand. Thank you.” Xia Ruoxin stood up and kept the report away. She did not say anything else, and Jia Xinbao sharply decided not to ask.

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