Chapter 908 - How to Resolve Hatred

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Chapter 908: How to Resolve Hatred

Opening the door, the caretaker was dozing off. She was startled awake when she heard the door.

“Mr. Chu, why are you here?”

The caretaker hurriedly stood up to check on Song Wan. She was relieved when she saw that Song Wan was still fine and sleeping. She was scared. She had thought that something had happened to Song Wan.

“You can go first,” Chu Lui said to her as he walked over. He held his mother’s hand.

“Mom, you’ve slept for more than half a year already. When can you wake up?” He reached out and tidied up Song Wan’s hair. Even though she was well taken care of, she was still in a coma after all. Her muscles were shriveling, and she was aging.

“Mom, sorry…” Chu Lui placed Song Wan’s hand on his forehead as he muttered his apologies. The person who had caused her to be in this state was not Xia Ruoxin, it was him. He was responsible.

If he had given up or had been less indignant, Xia Ruoxin might not have become like that. No matter if it were a careless mistake or an intentional act, there was no taking it back.

How could he resolve the hatred of his mother getting hurt?

He sat down next Song Wan and rested his head on her arm just like he would as a child. Even though Song Wan had made many mistakes, he was partly responsible as a son. However, no matter what, death was not the solution.

His hatred was buried deep and would not dissipate.

Rather say he hated Xia Ruoxin and himself, he hated himself more.

There was a hand on his shoulder, gently patting him.

Chu Lui looked up, and Chu Jiang had arrived in the room unknown to him. Chu Jiang pulled up the blankets for Song Wan and sat down to talk to him.

“Ah Lui, don’t be like this. Your mom doesn’t want you to be like this either.”

Chu Lui let go of his mother’s hand but remained seated. “Dad, what brings you here?” Chu Jiang had to take care of Chu Xiang. She only stuck to him since Song Wan became like that. No matter what, she was the child that Song Wan adopted; and Chu Jiang had to take care of her.

“She fell asleep so I’m here to take care of your mother.”

Chu Jiang patted Song Wan’s hand gently. “Your mom’s not bad. She’s just very prideful. In the end, she could only resort to those methods to resolve problems she cannot solve.”

“So don’t blame her for Rainy’s matter. It’s not her fault. She didn’t do it intentionally.”

“I know.” Chu Lui tugged at his lips. At this point in time, there was no point in blaming anyone. Besides, Song Wan had already paid the price for it. She did not owe anyone anything now.

“Oh, right.” Chu Jiang just remembered that he had something to talk to his son about since he had run into him. “What are you going to do about your matter with Yixuan? Have you thought about it? Your Uncle Xia is here again.”

“Let him come a few more times then,” Chu Lui said plainly. “Until now, I haven’t thought about marrying, especially not with Xia Yixuan.”

“What if you have to?”

Chu Jiang asked. As the CEO of Chu Enterprise, Chu Lui’s marriage was—just like himself—under the public eye. If he did not get married, who knew what the rumors would become?

“I’ll think about it.” Chu Lui clenched his fists as he caressed his ring finger, which had a prickling pain.

Xia Ruoxin put her back down and sat down. Shortly after, Chu Lui arrived. He looked straight ahead, only stopping when he walked past her.

His dark eyes stared intently as if trying to find something from her.

Xia Ruoxin’s hand, which was by the side of her body, tightened. She smiled professionally at Chu Lui.

“Hello, CEO.” She lowered her eyes which were a little dark. She was actually most afraid of Chu Lui’s gaze. He was a little too sharp sometimes, and she almost gave in a few times.

“En,” Chu Lui replied plainly and walked into his office. He usually spent the day inside his office and barely even left for home.

Xia Yixuan would report punctually, too, but she never looked happy.

That was when Xia Ruoxin was the happiest.

That was building one’s happiness on another’s pain. En, she understood, and she liked it.

Picking up her mug, she walked into the pantry and fetched a glass of water. She then saw Xia Yixuan approaching. She turned and hid in a corner as she heard the sound of heels clicking on the floor.

Everyone had their own rate of breathing and their own footsteps. These footsteps clearly belonged to Xia Yixuan.

“I’m out of the medicine. Prepare more for me.” The person on the other end of the line said something, but Xia Yixuan lowered her voice as it cracked a little. “Just prepare some if I tell you so. Even if it gets caught, it’s not on you. I didn’t give you all that money for nothing. All that money should be enough for the rest of your life. Do you even need to be a doctor anymore? When can you give it to me?

“En, okay. I’ll go over the night after tomorrow. Prepare more for me.” With that, she picked up a glass, fetched some water, and walked out. She did not know that someone behind the corner heard everything she said.

If others heard this, they probably would not know what she was referencing. However, Xia Ruoxin knew exactly what was going on.

Xia Yixuan should have run out of the drugs for Song Wan. That meant that Song Wan was showing signs of regaining consciousness. The only reason she was still in a coma was because of the drug. Over time, she would just die in her sleep.

Jia Xinbao had said that the drug induced sleep immediately. If the drug was cut off, the person would wake up immediately. Too much of it would lead to dependency on the drug and cause someone to be killed easily.

If Song Wan died like this, the cause of her death would be really clear; and Xia Yixuan would not be able to get away with it. However, in small doses, they could probably say that Song Wan died in her coma.

That was why this drug was prohibited. Hospitals would not usually prescribe this drug. To put it plainly, the drug was practically the drug for euthanasia.

However, Xia Yixuan was good. She was able to get her hands on so much dosage. It was not hard to figure out though. Xia Mingzheng was never short on money, and she was the only daughter of the Xia household. All the family’s assets would go to her. As for Xia Ruoxin, she was never part of Xia Mingzheng’s plans.

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