Chapter 909 - Revenge

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Chapter 909: Revenge

Xia Ruoxin took out her phone and called Lu Jinrong. “Brother, I need your help with something.”

Not long later, she put her phone back in her pocket and walked over like she had nothing to do. Then, she leaned her head against the glass; and her white skin seemed to be even whiter lately. Perhaps it was because she did not go under the sun.

She extended her fingers and gently held her chin.

Her red lips curved up meaningfully.

At night, Xia Yixuan asked her driver to park nearby; and she went to take the medicine from the doctor. How stupid… he could not even do this simple task and took her money for nothing.

A while later, she grumbled as she walked while holding something in her hands.

With much satisfaction, she held the thing in her arms tightly. This would be enough for that stupid old lady to continue sleeping. In the end—before she even took a few more steps, she felt a pain at the back of her head. Before she could even internalize what happened, she had already fainted.

Xia Ruoxin opened that small bag and took out a bottle of medicine. It was a tiny glass bottle. She heard that just one bottle would guarantee a good sleep. Perhaps she should try it too…

This medicine could be injected but could also be taken internally. She poured herself a cup of water and opened the medicine bottle to pour the contents into her mouth.

Very quickly, sleepiness overcame her. While she still had some consciousness, she walked to the bed, took off her clothes and shoes, pulled up the blanket, and slept.

When she opened her eyes once again, a long time had already passed. She did not know where she was and did not know how old she was. Was she herself when she was three or four and first arrived at the Xia household? Was she herself at twenty when she just got married to Chu Lui and gave birth to Rainy? Or was she her current self that was going to be twenty-six soon.

“What’s the matter? Are you okay?” Jia Xinbao squeezed out some air from the needle in his hands and injected it into her arms.

Xia Ruoxin placed her hand on her forehead. “I don’t feel too well.

“How long have I slept for?” Her hoarse voice sounded as if it was going to be voiceless soon.

“One day and one night.” After Jia Xinbao injected her with the needle, he pressed her arm. The skin was so white, just like premium white porcelain; and he almost could not bear to jab it.

“How much did you drink?”

Jia Xinbao pointed at the bottle inside the rubbish bin that had not been cleared yet.

“Not much.” Xia Ruoxin rubbed her eyebrows. “One bottle.”

“One bottle?”

Jia Xinbao almost screamed. Xia Ruoxin looked at him lightly. “Can you lower down your volume? Do you want everyone to know that I used some drugs?”

“What do you mean ‘used some drugs’? It sounds so awful.” Jia Xinbao kept the needle and grunted. “This is only a sleeping pill, but no one would eat it like this. Did you even ask me when you ate it? You didn’t, and you’ve just eaten it daringly. One bottle is usually used for three days, but you’ve actually drunk a whole bottle in one shot. It’s good that you didn’t sleep for three days and three nights, but you would have some side effects. I’m afraid you might have to sleep another day so you should eat more food and not starve to death.”

He always disliked this kind of people who did not care for their bodies.

So many people spent so much effort just to live on, and they were fighting every single day. However, there were those who would torture their healthy bodies. As a doctor, he seriously despised this kind of behavior.

Xia Ruoxin pulled the blanket up. Actually, it would be pretty good like that. She fluffed up her pillow. I have not tried sleeping without a care in the world in a long time…

Yes, when did she start not sleeping well? Was it after Rainy was gone, or was it at some other time? She had already forgotten.

She closed her eyes and was about to sleep. Jia Xinbao knew that the medicine had taken effect so he kept his stuff and closed the door behind him.

However, he did not know that the moment his foot stepped out, Xia Ruoxin already sat up.

She wanted to sleep. Her subconsciousness and brain wanted to sleep. Her eyes wanted to sleep.

However, she could not. She had not forgotten that someone was caught red-handed in her hands. She had waited for this chance for a really long time, but Xia Yixuan was really super meticulous. She would rarely go out alone in the middle of the night, but there would still be times where she would walk in the night like just now.

Now, she had to think about how to torture this piece of meat on the board.

Was she going to give her a taste of her own medicine?

No, it would not be enough… at all.

The vengeance of throwing her down the sea.

The vengeance of disfiguring her.

The vengeance of ruining her throat.

The vengeance of breaking her legs.

How was she going to take revenge? Even if she cut Xia Yixuan up into pieces—in the end, her wounds were still here, her face could not be returned, and she had already experienced the pain.

So, it was not enough. Not enough.

She opened her wardrobe and changed into a white dress with a white color cardigan. Then, she combed through her hair, and it was a very beautiful face with her new identity.

When Xia Yixuan woke up, the sky was still dark. An uncomfortable sensation was felt from her neck. She rubbed her neck and turned on the light habitually. In the end—piak! She fell onto the floor, and her entire body was weak without a single bit of strength.

“Where am I? Help, help…”

She was anxious and scared. She only went to take some medicine. How did she end up like this? This was not her home or any place she was familiar with.

Phone… phone… where was her phone?

She felt around for her bag. Her phone was in her bag. Her bag had her phone, but her bag… Oh yes, where did her bag go? Where was her phone?

“Help, help. Somebody, help me! Help me!

“Daddy, Brother Lui, where are you? Come help me! Help me…”

In the place where she could not even see her five fingers when she extended it, she called for help… but no one responded. Suddenly, she hugged her head and screamed.

At this point outside, it was also pitch-black darkness.

Xia Ruoxin held her arms tightly, and the incoming wind blew her body and had almost blown away the remaining effects of the sleeping pills. From time to time, she could hear the ghostly cry of a fox.

The wind messed up her hair, and she extended her hand to put the loose strands behind her ear. Then, she took a phone and turned it on.

“Hello, I’m Xia Yixuan. I’m currently busy as I’m going on holiday. If you want to speak to me, please leave a message.”

She pressed a button. Now, whoever who called would all receive this voice instead.

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