Chapter 910 - Live Like a Dog

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Chapter 910: Live Like a Dog

Like she said before, they were sisters that grew up together. She knew exactly what habits Xia Yixuan had like the back of her hand. There would be several voice messages on her every phone as she would not answer anyone’s phone when she was playing too much.

Xia Ruoxin threw her phone aside and let the wind blow at her face. The wind had once again stung the corner of her eye.

That pain was gradual, and it was as though a string had strangled her neck. It was also suffocating.

Inside, Xia Yixuan was still screaming, but slowly, those shrills became cries and then disappeared.

A dark start was also the start of chaos.

Xia Ruoxin was still leaning against the wall behind her, and the wind was howling as it blew her clothes. In this remote area, she remembered that Shen Wei was hiding here at the start so this place was very safe. No one could find her, no—them.

“Xia Yixuan, you should really feel how it is like to call for help but to no avail.”

She had been holding Xia Yixuan’s phone all along. Within the two days, Xia Yixuan’s phone rang a few times, but none of them was from Chu Lui or Xia Mingzheng. It seemed like they understood Xia Yixuan’s character.

She loved to play and would not be restricted to one place.

Bang! The door opened, and Xia Yixuan was shocked as she closed her eyes.

“Who? Who is it? Let me out. Let me out now. Do you want money? Okay, I’ll give you money. My family is wealthy, and so is my fiance. He has a lot of money. He’ll give you whatever you want.”

Not far away, the footsteps sounded nearer and nearer like a demon’s voice wanting one’s life, which almost caused Xia Yixuan—who had starved for two days—to break down. If there was not a bowl of water placed by the door every day when she was asleep, she would have already died a long time ago.

“I’m begging you… don’t… don’t kill me…” She was almost screaming her lungs out, and her body crawled forward. At this point, a lamp was turned on.

The sudden glare made Xia Yixuan hurriedly cover her eyes and almost rolled to the corner of the wall as she huddled her body. At this point, her hair was in a mess, and her face had streaks of black and white due to her crying and her makeup getting ruined. Even her clothes had all sorts of weird sour and pungent smells. She did not know if she solved her biological needs right there and then or found a spot for it. However, Xia Ruoxin felt that based on Xia Yixuan, she would have just directly done it in her clothes.

Xia Ruoxin held the torch in her hands and walked towards Xia Yixuan to squat down.

After starving for two days, she would not have much strength anymore. If she still wanted to hit someone, it meant that she was not too hungry and could starve for two more days.

She brought the light to Xia Yixuan’s face, and she yelled while covering it. There seemed to be water sounds. Xia Ruoxin lowered her head, and with the torch, she could see a puddle of liquid at Xia Yixuan’s butt.

Suddenly, she felt as if she did not have the energy to take revenge against such a person.

“Don’t you want to see who I am?”

She said lightly, and her lips curved up in a seemingly smiling manner. Her raised lips hid all her past and pain.

Finally, Xia Yixuan moved her hands, but her entire body kept shivering.

Once she saw Xia Ruoxin’s face, she almost jumped up.

“It’s you. It’s you—Lu Xiaohua. What do you want to do? Why did you lock me up? This is illegal. Illegal.”

“If you’re not afraid, what should I be scared of?”

Xia Ruoxin placed the torch aside and stood up to stare at her from a high place, just like how Xia Yixuan used to do to her.

“What exactly do you want to do?” Xia Yixuan hollered and had even sniffed some mucus out. Indeed, she was hopeless, and she disgusted people.

“Nothing. I just don’t like your face.” Xia Ruoxin used her foot to step on Xia Yixuan’s feet and rubbed her shoes on her body. Honestly, she did not feel happy at all from taking her revenge.

Instead, it had even made her recall the dirty past that could not be imagined.

Xia Yixuan’s face turned ghastly pale, and she kept trembling. She wanted to stand up but did not have energy at all. She wanted to fight it out with the person in front of her, but she had lost the strength to even clench her fists.

“Ms. Lu, just say. What do you want? I’ll give it to you… I’ll give you everything…” Xia Yixuan’s green face had two streaks of black—her mascara had long run, and she looked just like a ghost.

As long as Lu Xiaohua was willing to let her off, she would do anything and could give up on anything. Yes, anything, she guaranteed. She promised. She would not fight with her anymore and would walk far away from her when she saw her next time… as long as she let her off, and she could live. She did not want to die; she really did not want to die.

However, the other part of her was saying in her heart, ‘Just wait for it… when I go out, I will take my revenge.’

“Really?” Xia Ruoxin sat down again and watched the completely different Xia Yixuan, who was begging her just like a dog. Even though she did not smile, she felt great.

It turned out that this was how a bad person could feel.

It was great.

“Yes, yes. I’ll give it to you. I’ll give you everything.” Xia Yixuan was so frightened that she was close to going on her knees in front of Xia Ruoxin. As long as she could go out—as long as she could live on, anything would be fine… really… anything. She could have everything she wanted, and she would give her all of it.

“But, what do you have?”

Xia Ruoxin stared at Xia Yixuan’s face that neither looked like a human nor a ghost. She really did not know what Xia Yixuan would use to exchange for her freedom and her life.

“I have money. I have the Xia household’s.”

Xia Yixuan clutched her clothes tightly. “Everything that my dad owns is mine. His assets are mine. As long as you let me off, I’ll give you half of everything the Xia household has. No, I’ll give you everything. Everything, is that okay?” Now, she did not even dare to haggle with Xia Ruoxin. This woman was insane and perverted. She could do anything, and she would even kill her. She would definitely kill her.

“Am I short of money?” Xia Ruoxin smiled mockingly and asked Xia Yixuan in return. The Lu family did not fancy the things from Xia household. Besides, Xia Yixuan was not in charge of the Xia household. Xia Mingzheng was still around, and he had not died.

Even if Xia Yixuan wanted the Xia household’s fortune, it could not be now as she could not move any of Xia Mingzheng’s assets.

Suddenly, Xia Yixuan clenched her teeth. “I know you like Brother Lui. If you let me off, I’ll let you have him.” Yes, she did say that… but whether she would really give in or not, she would let Lu Xiaohua find out.

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