Chapter 913 - That Pain

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Chapter 913: That Pain

“Lu Xiaohua, don’t be rash!”

This voice made Xia Ruoxin’s hand tremble and did not even hold the fruit knife properly, causing it to almost drop on the floor.

Also, this voice made Xia Yixuan holler towards Chu Lui.

“Brother Lui, save me. Brother Lui, save me. This woman is crazy. She’s a lunatic. She wants to kill me. She wants to kill me!”

Xia Ruoxin put her hands behind her back, and between her fingers, there were strands of Xia Yixuan’s hair.

“Lu Xiaohua, put the knife down.”

Chu Lui stepped forward and was afraid that Lu Xiaohua would accidentally stab Xia Yixuan. Was the shocking scene from half a year ago going to happen again? Perhaps the thing that happened to Song Wan was going to happen to Xia Yixuan?

Xia Ruoxin held the fruit knife and raised her head. She was not crazy and was not overwhelmed. Instead, she was very calm and to the extent that she was not a murderer. Yes, she was not and never was as she had never let anyone down.

“Lu Xiaohua, think about your parents. Think about the Lu family.” Chu Lui walked forward and clenched his fists tighter. Today, he would definitely not allow Lu Xiaohua to hurt Xia Yixuan. If not, the consequences were not something that she could handle.

“So what if I want to kill her?” Xia Ruoxin brandished the fruit knife in her hands and moved it to Xia Yixuan’s neck. With just a light slash, Xia Yixuan’s throat would be cut open; and her blood would splatter out.

Xia Yixuan was frightened until she could not even move. Her face was shaking, and her muscles were shrinking. Her eyes were glued to Chu Lui. Save her, save her…

He must save her. She did not want to die just yet.

Chu Lui stopped in his tracks and said with knitted brows. “Let her go first. There are many ways to solve an issue in the world. Killing someone is the dumbest way.”

His eyes only saw Xia Yixuan’s disheveled state, and he did not realize the misery hidden in Xia Ruoxin’s eyes.

Yes, there was more than one way to solve things in the world, but she could only do this.

Once again, she held the fruit knife next to Xia Yixuan’s neck and waited for Chu Lui to come closer and for his next action. Now, she actually pathetically hoped that he would first see her and not Xia Yixuan who was like a dog.

However, it did not happen at all.

There was no her in his eyes or his heart. Now, he was only inching closer because of Xia Yixuan and to save her. Back then, when her legs were broken, face disfigured, and voice lost; why did he not save her? She was pushed down to the ocean and the fishes were vying for her meat as her body soaked in the seawater, but why did he not save her? She finally understood.

It turned out that she only had one true family member in the world—Rainy. However, her pitiful daughter was gone. With all her might, she held back the tears that were going to fall out from the sourness and misery. Her lips had a cold smile, but her heart was already wounded.

Xia Ruoxin did not move, and Xia Yixuan did not dare to. Once she moved, the knife would slash her artery; and her blood would flow endlessly.

Chu Lui extended his hand and suddenly grabbed Xia Ruoxin’s fruit knife. Actually, without him snatching, Xia Ruoxin was prepared to give it to him. Let him take it. What meaning was there to this circumstance?

“Brother Lui, Brother Lui…” Xia Yixuan crawled and almost rolled into Chu Lui’s arms as her dirty hands clutched Chu Lui’s clothes. “Brother Lui, she wants to kill me. She wants to kill me.”

“Mm, it’s fine.” Chu Lui comforted the woman who was as dirty as a beggar and did not push her away. He held the fruit knife tightly. As for Xia Ruoxin, she only looked down slightly; and no one knew what kind of face she was hiding behind her hair.

Suddenly, Xia Yixuan turned around and pounced on Xia Ruoxin.

“Crazy woman!” She screamed. Even though she had starved for a few days, she still had the energy to pounce on someone.

“Yixuan.” Chu Lui extended his hand and held Xia Yixuan back. He boomed, “I’ll bring you to the hospital first. I believe the Lu family will give you an explanation.” However, how would Xia Yixuan let Xia Ruoxin off? This woman dared… actually dared to treat her like a dog.

Like a lunatic, she kept hitting Xia Ruoxin’s chest weakly.

It was not that Xia Ruoxin did not want to move, but she already did not know why she should continue living because she could not take revenge anymore.

She remembered her Rainy and thought that she must be very scared and lonely in the place.

Then, Chu Lui pulled Xia Yixuan back strongly, but Xia Yixuan held Chu Lui’s hand. Suddenly, she pushed his hand forward, and the knife in Chu Lui’s hand was released.

Tch! There seemed to be a very, very soft sound; and Xia Yixuan screamed timely. Her elbow had knocked into Chu Lui’s nerves on his elbow, and for a moment, Chu Lui could not feel anything in his arms.

Xia Ruoxin’s body stumbled backward, and Chu Lui let go of his hands as he looked down at the woman huddled on the floor. Suddenly, he felt his eyes heating up; but he did not know what had happened.

“Brother Lui, let’s go.” Xia Yixuan extended her hand. “Look, you knocked the knife onto my elbow.” She extended her arm, and as expected, on her dark arm that one could draw mud streaks with… was a wound.

Chu Lui removed his outerwear and placed it on Xia Yixuan. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the hospital.” Up till now, his fingers were still numb.

“Brother Lui, I haven’t eaten in three days. I can’t move.” Xia Yixuan said miserably and kept exposing her arm to the outside to let Chu Lui see the wound he had caused on her.

“I can’t walk anymore. I don’t want to. I feel terrible. I feel terrible…”

As she said that, her eyes rolled; and her entire person was already on Chu Lui. Chu Lui held her with one hand and tried to find his phone with the other as he prepared to call Lu Jinrong and asked him to take his sister back.

However, after fiddling half a day, he then remembered that he had left his phone in the car. Forget it, he would just send Xia Yixuan back first. Luckily, nothing major had happened; if not, it would be hard to settle.

He held Xia Yixuan up. For some reason, his steps were hesitant; and his eyes darkened. In the end, he still turned around; and this scene was still as heart-wrenching and painstaking even when he thought back about it decades down the road.

Xia Ruoxin widened her eyes and extended her trembling hands. There was blood all over her hands, and the fruit knife was already stabbed into her stomach, like Song Wan back then.

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