Chapter 914 - Severe Injury

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Chapter 914: Severe Injury

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“Chu Lui, I hate you…” she said weakly, and in her blurred vision, her body gradually became colder. She knew that her life was slipping away from her. It was so tiring to live on; she was not even herself anymore. If it was possible, just let her die. She missed Rainy and missed her daughter that had suffered too much with her.

Rainy, tell Mommy, is there no more pain and heart in heaven?

Rainy, Mommy is in pain, but Mommy isn’t afraid. Mommy is going to see you soon. Let’s never separate again, alright?

“Ruoxin, Xia Ruoxin.”

Shen Wei ran over haphazardly.

“Ruoxin…” Once she saw her lying on the floor in a ball, she felt as if her breathing had almost stopped.

She squatted down and did not even dare to move her. Why was there blood on her hands? How was she? How did she get hurt?

Brother San hurriedly held her up, and he saw an unfamiliar face. “This isn’t Xia Ruoxin.”

“No, it is. She’s Ruoxin.” Shen Wei hurriedly extended her hand to touch Xia Ruoxin’s face. Just that, why was her face so white? What should she do? No matter how calm she was, Shen Wei was really terrified and petrified at this moment. Her tears kept dropping uncontrollably. “When I first saw her face, I was also shocked. After all, there are two different faces, but no matter how different they were, she’s still Xia Ruoxin.

“Ruoxin said that she had suffered from a very severe injury and her face was disfigured so the doctor did plastic surgery for her. No matter what she looked like, she’s still Xia Ruoxin. Her looks might have changed, but her lashes didn’t and are still as long as before. Also…” She pulled Xia Ruoxin’s sleeves and as expected, there was a tiny scar on her arm.

“Brother San, look. This scar was made when she cut herself with the rock back on the gold mining island. Back then, I jokingly said that we must keep this scar as not everyone was so lucky to go mine gold.

“Brother San, how is she?” Shen Wei asked and saw that Brother San did not look too good.

“She’ll be fine.” Brother San took off his clothes and covered Xia Ruoxin’s body before picking her up and not letting Shen Wei see the fruit knife jabbed into the woman’s skin.

The woman in his arms had almost lost her body temperature, and one could clearly see her life slipping away.

“Shen Wei…” At this time, Xia Ruoxin opened her eyes. She extended her hand, and Shen Wei grabbed onto it as her tears fell again.

“Ruoxin, don’t worry. You’ll be okay. Did you forget? You still have Rainy.” Shen Wei clutched her hand with all her might and was afraid that she would give up on life.

“No, it’s okay…” Xia Ruoxin’s red lips had already lost all of their color, and her face was as white as a sheet.

“Rainy…” She opened her eyes and smiled bitterly. In the midst of her pain, she actually felt a sort of relief. “Rainy… isn’t around anymore. I want to accompany her so…” She shook her head towards Brother San.

“Brother San, don’t save me. When I die, just burn me and scatter my ashes into the ocean. That way, I can find Rainy.”

Shen Wei and Brother San’s hearts clenched tightly, stopped, and hurt.

Rainy was not around, and nothing was around anymore.

Xia Ruoxin wanted to say something more, but once she opened her mouth, there was a blood stink; and her throat was itchy. She actually laughed.

How great, how great… I won’t have to hurt anymore. I won’t have to suffer anymore…

How great, Xia Ruoxin should not even have existed in this world.

In the car, Brother San drove the car rapidly. He wiped his own face, and the rain outside was pouring down heavily and anxiously as the big beads of rain were as though smashing against his car.

Shen Wei was still holding onto Xia Ruoxin’s hands, but they were getting colder and colder… colder and colder.

Brother San carried Xia Ruoxin and rushed in. Their bodies were almost drenched by the rain, and the droplets that hit their faces were even colder than ice and more freezing than icicles and made them even whiter than snow.

“Doctor Gao Yi, there’s an emergency patient. Her condition is quite bad. You need to go be her surgeon.”

A nurse ran over and informed Gao Yi.

“Mm, I’ll go over straight away.” Gao Yi stood up and checked the watch on his wrist. At this time, his steps were swift.

Inside the operating theater, he was changing into the sterilized clothes while listening to the nurse explain her condition.

“She’s not looking good,” a doctor said while holding a bunch of reports, “A sharp weapon had stabbed into her abdomen area and hurt her organs, causing major blood loss. Perhaps her gut and spleen are also injured, but the major blood loss is confirmed.”

“Prepare for blood transfusion.”

When Gao Yi entered the operating theater, all the lights were turned on in a flash. He walked over and first checked the patient’s wound. As expected, it was a sharp weapon. Was she committing suicide? How did she get so severely wounded?

“Prepare for surgery.” Gao Yi told the doctor beside him and started the surgery. Up to this point, he still did not know how the patient in front of him looked like and her name. To him, she was just a patient. It had nothing to do with her identity, age, and gender.

The surgery was very complicated, and five whole hours had passed; however, they were still in the operating theater. Outside, there were only Shen Wei and Brother San.

“It’s okay.” Brother San clutched Shen Wei’s hand tightly and was reproaching himself.

“Wei, I’m sorry.” Brother San’s voice sounded bitter. It was his fault as he did not check properly at the start. If not, he would have found out that Shen Wei did it. If he thought about it a bit more, things would not have ended up in this state.

“Brother San, it’s not your fault.” Shen Wei shook her head towards Brother San. None of them had expected things to be so coincidental: Chu Lui would ask Brother San for help. Without Brother San, no one could find that place. If not, she would not have arranged for her to be there at the start.

Brother San did not dare to say much to Shen Wei and could not even say words of comfort. It was not that he could not tell how serious Xia Ruoxin’s injury was, but he really wished that the woman could be lucky and survive this ordeal.

Finally, the lights to the operating theater were turned off.

A few doctors walked out. Even though they were all wearing masks, and even though their five features could not be seen, everyone could tell that they were exhausted. This surgery was done in almost seven hours without a single bit of rest.

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