Chapter 915 - Who to Blame?

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Chapter 915: Who to Blame?

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Gao Yi walked out, and once he raised his head, he saw two familiar people.

“Brother San, Shen Wei?”

He squinted his eyes. Why were they here? Did they know the person inside?

Gao Yi removed his mask and exposed his face to Shen Wei and Brother San.

“Gao Yi?” Shen Wei was also stunned, but now was not the time to catch up.

“How is she?” Hurriedly, she stood up, but she had sat for too long; her legs were slightly numb. Luckily, Brother San extended his hands and helped her up.

Gao Yi wanted to say something, but the door to the operating theater opened again. The few nurses carefully pushed a sickbed out with Xia Ruoxin wearing an oxygen mask on it.

They were walking very quickly, and Shen Wei wanted to follow them; however, Gao Yi stopped her.

“The person is still in a critical period. The surgery is done, but the real battle only starts in the next forty-eight hours.” Gao Yi sighed and did not say much, but Shen Wei and Brother San were smart people and understood.

“Follow me.” Gao Yi turned around and brought Shen Wei and Brother San into his office. In this kind of situation, no one could do anything but wait. Wait for time, wait for life, and wait for a miracle.

Not long later, Shen Wei and Brother San were seated in Gao Yi’s office; and he poured a cup of water for them.

Brother San took it but did not drink it; he passed it to Shen Wei instead.

Shen Wei held the cup, and her cold fingers finally gained warmth because of this cup.

“Let me say it.” Gao Yi knew what they wanted to ask and knew what they were waiting for. He took a cup of water himself, but he had maintained a certain posture for a long time so even his fingers were numb at times.

“That fruit knife was stabbed at a good place and had directly hurt her liver, gut, and spleen. These are all a human’s important organs. The surgery was so long because I managed to keep her organs while saving her life. However, even so, she had not left the critical stage. If she could survive the next forty-eight hours, she’s lucky. If not, I can only say that I’ve done my best.”

“How can you say such irresponsible words?” Piak! Shen Wei slammed the cup onto the table.

“Don’t say that you’ve done your best. You must do it; you must keep her alive.”

“I’m sorry.” Gao Yi shook his head. “I can’t guarantee you this. No matter who it is inside, the only thing we can do now is to wait.”

Shen Wei took a deep breath in, and her trembling hands clutched the cup on the table. The cup still had some warmth, but she could not feel it anymore.

“Gao Yi, do you know who she is?”

Gao Yi shook his head. “No matter who she is, they’re all the same. They’re patients.”

Shen Wei smiled, and her eyes started to redden.

“Gao Yi, she’s Ruoxin.”

Gao Yi’s face immediately changed, and his thin lips only opened half a day later. Then, he placed his cup by his lips and drank the cold water inside sip by sip.

“Shen Wei, this joke isn’t funny.”

Shen Wei laughed bitterly. “I hope this is a joke, too, but she’s Ruoxin. Xia Ruoxin.”

Yes, this was true. There were only a few people who knew Lu Xiaohua’s real identity in this world, and Shen Wei was one of them.

Gao Yi placed the cup in his hands down, stood up, and walked outside in big steps.

Inside the intensive care unit, the woman inside was surrounded by machines; and all sorts of tubes were inserted into her body. Now, there was almost no breathing sound.

He placed his hand on the glass ward door. This was an anti-bacterial ward, and even they could not go in as and when they wished. It was like what he had said—the next forty-eight hours was when the real battle began.


The man’s lips quivered as he pronounced this word slowly, painstakingly, heart-wrenchingly, and devastatingly. Being ripped apart was not common for his strong heart. Why did it become like that? How did it become like that?

This was clearly two different people. She was not Ruoxin, but he knew very clearly that Shen Wei would not joke about this. However, it was like what he had said.

If she could live, it was a miracle. If she did not, he could only say that they had tried their best.

At this moment, in this hospital, even though they were not the only ones who had not slept the whole night; they were definitely the ones who had the roughest night.

“It’s just like that.” Shen Wei sighed lightly. “This was what Ruoxin told me, and she did not say much about the rest. However, I know her injury must have been more serious than what she said.”

“I know.” Gao Yi stood up, and he put his hands in his pocket with a darkened face. Then, he leaned against the wall and raised his head. He just could not disperse the pressure and stuffiness in his heart.

“Back then, her voice box was broken, and she was severely malnourished. Her legs were broken, and her face disfigured with multiple organs breaking down.”

“How did you know?” Suddenly, Shen Wei stood up and almost hollered at him. “If you knew, why didn’t you help her just now? Why did you leave her in such a state? You knew? Why didn’t you save her properly during the surgery?”

Upon seeing Shen Wei agitated, Brother San hurriedly held her back.

“Do you have a cigarette?” Gao Yi asked Brother San.

Brother San took out his cigarettes from his pocket and threw it on the table.

Gao Yi took out one stick and lit it up before putting it in his mouth. Instantly, his fingers had the tobacco smell; and the moment his lungs made contact with the tobacco, it started to numb.

He inhaled, mouthful after mouthful, and pulled at his lips. “Back then, Lu Jinrong brought a severely injured patient… which was her. She might have already recognized me back then, but she did not tell me that she was Xia Ruoxin.”

Obviously, she did not want to acknowledge him. If not, it was impossible that he did not know her identity. She did not acknowledge him, and he did not recognize her.

Brother San patted Shen Wei’s shoulders comfortingly.

“Don’t blame Gao Yi. I think Ruoxin might not have wanted him to know.” He smiled bitterly and helplessly. “If she didn’t need your help, she wouldn’t have let you know either. At the very least, I didn’t know.”

Who said this woman’s personality was like a bun? She was essentially a stubborn mule deciding on her own things. Even if her bones shattered and turned into ashes, she would never give up. Yes, the current her had not much difference with her bones shattering.

“Do we need to inform the Lu family?”

Half a day later, Brother San asked.

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