Chapter 916 - Come Bite Me

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Chapter 916: Come Bite Me

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After all, Xia Ruoxin was no longer Xia Ruoxin. Her last name was Lu; she was part of the Lu family and was Lu Jinrong’s sister—as well as the missy of the Lu family.

“Inform them.” Gao Yi took another puff. As he had done it too quickly, he started coughing violently—almost until his voice was gone.

After all, Xia Ruoxin was now called Lu Xiaohua. Her identification documents and immediate guardians were all from the Lu family. Besides, Shen Wei had said that Lu Jinrong was quite nice to Xia Ruoxin, but he only meant informing Lu Jinrong and no one else.

Not long later, Lu Jinrong came over with a black expression. He stood in front of the intensive care unit door and literally could not believe what he saw. How did she go back into the hospital again after coming out?

“Say. How did my sister end up like this?” Now, he still could sit there and talk to them calmly without throwing his temper, but he himself knew how much he could exactly endure and how tightly he had clenched his fists on his lap.

Yes, this was not his biological sister; but his entire family had already taken her as part of their family so she was his—Lu Jinrong—sister and his parents’ daughter.

Gao Yi took Xia Ruoxin’s medical records, but his fingers were still trembling slightly.

Also, his usual voice was actually slightly shaky.

“She was stabbed in her liver and gut, and her spleen is also affected. Multiple organs were damaged at the same time, and she had an excessive loss of blood. The surgery was very successful, and we had tried our best to save all of her organs and not remove them.”

Actually, up till now, Gao Yi was still thankful that he had spent nearly five hours fixing the organs and not just removing them like other doctors.

In one’s entire life, one would never have extra organs. If it was removed, it would be gone. This was what he insisted on ever since he knew about Rainy’s incident, and this determination also caused him to save a whole Xia Ruoxin. As long as she could wake up, she could live.

However, the thing that he did not mention was that the current problem was no longer related to the medical side. Actually, Xia Ruoxin had completely lost the will to live and had always been like that since she knew something had happened to Rainy. It turned out that she knew it all along, and he only realized now that she might have known much earlier about the incident he and Gao Xin kept trying to hide from her.

The only thing that was supporting her was her hatred. If not, she would have long been gone.

“Who did it?” Lu Jinrong clutched his hair with his might and was breathing heavily. It was obvious what he was holding back and how much he could hold back.

If it were someone else, they might have already gone insane and broken down.

Gao Yi closed his eyes and only spat out two words coldly after a long time. “Chu Lui.”

Lu Jinrong crossed his arms. On his slightly cold face, it expressed his cruelty and ferociousness.

Chu Lui, your heart is really ruthless. How could you do this to her? She was once your wife and had given birth to a daughter for you, but how did you treat her? You wanted her life again and again.

He could not let his parents know about this incident. If not, he was afraid that they could not bear with the impact of losing their daughter again. Xia Ruoxin was Xiaohua, their Xiaohua that the Lu family had acknowledged themselves.

He took out his phone and made a call. “Jia Xinbao, I’m Lu Jinrong. Can I trouble you to come to the hospital and ask your father to move into my house no matter what he’s doing?”

When Lu Jinrong put down the phone, he really felt…

Probably, yes, probably.

A giant storm would hit their family real soon.

Jia Xinbao rushed over in a hurry, and when he arrived, he himself had sighed as he finally realized why Lu Jinrong asked him to come over.

Come to think about it, he was also the most suitable one; and no one was more suitable than him. Just that, he simply could not understand how a person could just be admitted into the hospital.

Based on Old Master Lu’s health, he really could not be agitated.

Once again, Lu Jinrong stood outside the intensive care unit and could vaguely see his sister’s figure through the glass. She was originally very skinny and managed to gain a little weight during this half a year, but this might all go to waste this time. Her small face was wearing an oxygen mask, and her body was inserted with all sorts of unknown tubes. He could only tell from the monitor that she was alive, her heart was beating… and her life was still there.

You must live. His lips kept opening and closing, but there was no sound.

You must live, you aren’t alone. Don’t forget, you still have me as your brother and your parents… 

Suddenly, he felt his nose turn sour, and no one knew how much tears he had shed from the corner of his eyes. He turned around to not let anyone see and discover.

Xia Ruoxin had a battle to fight, and so did their family.

Just that, he did not know that they had to fight another battle now.

When Lu Jinrong went home, there were guests in his house.

“Who is here?” He took off his jacket and passed it to Qin Xuejuan. Exhaustion was written all over his body.

Qin Xuejuan looked inside and hurriedly tugged at Lu Jinrong’s sleeves. “They’re from the Xia household. All of them look so ferocious as if our family owed them money.”

“Rong’er, do you really owe them money? If you do, then return it to them. It’s not like we lack money in our house.”

Lu Jinrong patted Qin Xuejuan’s shoulders. “Auntie Qin, don’t worry. We don’t owe them anything.” His face turned cold and the curve on his lips became icy.

He really wanted to see what exactly they owed the Xia household. If they had to talk about owing somebody, they were the ones who owed Xia Ruoxin—his sister.

Now, his sister was still in the hospital, and her life was on the line.

He noted down this debt and this hatred.

He did not go in, but he could already hear Lu Ke’en’s holler, loud and clear, which did not allow any suspicion.

“Even if my daughter killed your daughter, so what? I—as the father—will take full responsibility for what happens to my kids. If you have the ability, then go and sue us.”

“You’re just taking advantage of your power and bullying us.” Xia Mingzheng almost wanted to bite Lu Ke’en’s face. He saw unreasonable people, but he did not see anyone this unreasonable.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing. So? If you have the abilities, come and bite me. Bite me.”

Lu Ke’en slammed the cup in his hands forcefully on the table.

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