Chapter 860 - Yan Jinyi Learns To Drive

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Chapter 860 Yan Jinyi Learns To Drive

“I’m not good enough.” Huo Xishen nodded.


Yan Jinyi raised her pretty brows, rather surprised that Huo Xishen had taken the initiative to apologize to her.

“We only consummated our marriage after we got married for a long time. Darling, I must make up for the regrets of the past year or so tonight.” ‘Damn it!

‘I knew it. Nothing good would come out of his mouth. Doggy Huo is still Doggy Huo. He’ll never become a godlike idol.’

For some reason, Leng Yuxi had been behaving herself the last few days and she didn’t even appear at the wrap-up party despite being the producer of the drama series.

The filming for Yan Jinyi’s drama series had also ended a day before Leng Yuxi’s. Next, was the post-production.

It was still too early to run the publicity campaign. It was Yan Jinyi’s time for a holiday.

It was extraordinarily warm in the city today, and the sun was so glaring that they couldn’t open their eyes at all.

On a bare land surrounded by trees, Yan Jinyi stood still in front of a white car, with an umbrella in hand. Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan were following behind her.

“Second Sister-in-law, the students taught by Mr. He have all passed the test in one try. Why don’t you try getting familiar with it first?” Huo Zihang said fawningly.

She pushed away the sunglasses on her face and looked at the tanned middle-aged man standing in front of the car. Yan Jinyi nodded slightly and tried to look gentle and dignified. “Hello, Mr. He.”

“Hahaha hello, Second Young Mistress Huo. Second Young Mistress Huo, don’t worry I’m sure you will learn well. I heard that you passed all your previous tests in one attempt. That’s very impressive.”

“I’m so-so, the tests were quite simple.”a

She initially did not want to learn to drive so soon, until Shen Yan asked her when she intended to get her driver’s license.

“Shall we start now then?”


After handing the umbrella to Huo Zihang, she was just about to pull open the door of the passenger seat when Huo Qingyuan suddenly pulled her to the side.

“Second Sister-in-law, are you sure you want to learn how to drive from Mr. He?”

Yan Jinyi was puzzled. “Is he a bad teacher?”

“No, Third Brother learned from him. He might seem very friendly now but once he starts to teach, he’ll be really stern and strict, regardless of the identity of his students. Even a thick-skinned person like Third Brother almost broke down in tears after getting scolded by him.”

‘Huo Zihang cried because he got scolded during a driving lesson?’

Yan Jinyi immediately developed an interest. “Tell me what’s going on.”

“Third Brother was stupid. Out of confidence, he wanted to drive the car out for fun but he crashed Mr. He’s car as soon as he drove out of the driving school.”

That was indeed something Huo Zihang would do. “Second Sister-in-law, Mr. He is really fierce. Many of Third Brother’s friends got scolded by him during their lessons with him. Why don’t you learn from my coach instead? He might not be as impressive as Mr. He but he never scolds girls.”

Before learning to drive, she had done due research and found out that 80% of netizens had been scolded by their coaches before. Some had even angered their coaches to the point of suffering a heart attack.

She found it quite challenging. “Alright, take your Third Brother with you and get lost quickly. You don’t have to wait for me for dinner. I have a date with someone.”

Seeing that Yan Jinyi did not take the advice, Huo Qingyuan sighed and could only leave with a sympathetic gaze in her eyes.

“In that case, Second Young Mistress Huo, shall we begin?” Mr. He said politely.

The first lesson was about some simple facts, knowledge and techniques. Yan Jinyi even felt that driving was really simple.

On the third day, she found it a bit strenuous, but mainly because she was anxious to learn quickly.

“Second Young Mistress Huo, you…”

Just after Yan Jinyi’s umpteenth mistake, Mr. He finally couldn’t help but lose his temper.

As soon as he spoke, he was interrupted by Yan Jinyi, “Mr. He, what is wrong with you? Do you know to be patient with female students? What are you being so fierce for? If you were a good teacher, I wouldn’t have experienced difficulties learning such a simple thing!”

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