Chapter 925 - Choosing Another Two Prescriptions

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Chapter 925 Choosing Another Two Prescriptions

Fang Qiu rested with his eyes closed on the way back.

After the phone call, his feelings became complicated.

He was both worried and angry and blamed himself. But he also held onto the hope that the conference would be held on time.

For the first time, he, who was in the Guru Realm, could not control his feelings.

“What should I do now?

“What if the conference is postponed?

“If it’s postponed, how can I gather all those highly-skilled doctors and holy doctors to treat my master?

“Where is he now?

“He has been ill for so long. Is he alright now? Can he hold on? How long will he hold on?”

Fang Qiu was so worried about his master’s illness.

Curing his master’s illness had been his biggest wish and something he must do since he could remember. He had put in much effort and finally saw the hope. However, now, the hope was going to be shattered.

Two years!

Could his master hold on for another two years?

The more he thought about it, the more complicated his feelings were!

“Alas, is there nothing I can do but wait?” He wondered.

Shaking his head firmly, Fang Qiu tried hard to keep a clear mind. “It will take me a month to finish my part in the movie, and by then, the result of the poll will come out. I have signed the contract, and even if I quit now and try my best to practice, I won’t be able to become a highly-skilled doctor in such a short period.

“I can only try to improve my strength while making the film.”

Then, he thought of the last time he met with his master.

“Obtain two flowers in my dantian!

“As long as I obtain two flowers in my dantian, my master will show up.

“My master is a man of his words. He certainly will keep his promise.

“I know little about his health condition, so I can consider what to do next only after he shows up.

“If all this fails, I will bring those highly-skilled doctors and holy doctors to see my master even if I have to tie them up.”

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu immediately made up his mind.

He had to improve his strength as quickly as possible and obtain two flowers in his dantian as soon as possible!

He bought an air ticket to Beijiang as soon as he arrived in the capital.

On the way back to the cultivation base, he called all his companions and told them to come back to the cultivation base to discuss the matter about the Snow Lotus.

The next day, all the people gathered in the office of the cultivation base.

Fang Qiu sat by his desk with a pale face.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Fang Qiu’s pale face, Zhu Benzheng immediately asked him with concern.

“Why is your face so pale? You don’t look well. Are you ill?” He added.

“I’ve never seen you so pale before except during the competition between the eight schools. Are you poisoned again?” Zhou Xiaotian also asked worriedly.

“If you got a problem, just tell us. We’re good friends, and we’re worried about you,” Sun Hao also said in an extremely serious tone.

Hearing those words, Zhao Shanlin and He Xue also could tell that Fang Qiu didn’t look well. They all showed their concern at once.

“I’m fine.”

Fang Qiu shook his head gently and replied, “Don’t worry. I’m a doctor, so I can take good care of myself.”

Hearing this, everyone was slightly relieved.

Fang Qiu was the backbone of the group, so they must make sure that he was fine.

Despite Fang Qiu’s reply, they were still worried about him as he looked really pale.

In fact, Fang Qiu was just too worried about his master, which caused him to be anxious and look pale.

“The meeting starts.”

He stood up, walked to the sofa, and sat down with everyone. “We have successfully cultivated some Tianshan Snow Lotuses, and we can keep cultivating and even cultivate more Snow Lotuses according to the current model. The purpose of today’s meeting is to discuss how to use them, and about that, I have two ideas,” he said.

“First, we can choose to continue our cooperation with Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation. I’ll provide them with the formula of the medicine and sell the Snow Lotuses to them at a high price. In this way, we will just need to cultivate the lotuses and provide them with the lotuses on time. We won’t be tired, but Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation will get the most of the profits.

“My second idea is, we can choose to do the business ourselves!”

As soon as he said that, everyone got a little excited.

They were going to make a fortune if they chose to do the business on their own.

“I support your second idea,” He Xue said.

“Our motive for starting a company is to make money. So how can we give this great opportunity of making a lot of money to others?”

“I agree.”

Zhu Benzheng nodded and said, “If we produce medicine by ourselves, we can guarantee the good quality of the medicine. I don’t mean that the quality of the medicine produced by Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation is not good. I just think that we could produce better medicine.”

“I agree. I also support the idea that we do the business on our own.”

Sun Hao nodded in agreement. “Isn’t that why we have started a company?”

“Mr. Zhao, what do you think?”

Fang Qiu looked at Zhao Shanlin.

“In terms of business, I also hope that we can do it ourselves.”

Zhao Shanlin said slowly, “But I’m wondering if we will offend Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation by stopping cooperating with them. After all, their president, Yang Ningyuan, has always been nice to us.”

“I’m thinking about that, too.”

Fang Qiu nodded and continued, “Previously, I let them run the Desert Cistanche business alone because I wanted to gain some experience from them and lay a foundation for our own business. Now I think it’s time we run our own business. But once it starts, Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation and we will become competitors. How should we deal with the relationship?”

Speaking of this, Fang Qiu turned to look at He Xue.

He knew that He Xue would offer a good suggestion because she was an expert in this field, and this was also one of the reasons why Fang Qiu asked her to attend the meeting.

“How should we deal with it?”

“Well, business is business, and it’s just about benefits, not friendship. Whoever has the better product will win!” He Xue shook her head calmly and spoke matter-of-factly.

“Well, you have a point but those words are not pleasing to the ear.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and frowned slightly.

It was really difficult for him to handle the relationship with Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation.

After all, Yang Ningyuan had helped him a lot. Although Fang Qiu had once saved Yang Ningyuan’s life, there was a super-rich man, Li Qihua, behind Yang Ningyuan.

It would be hard for Fang Qiu to deal with both Yang Ningyuan and Li Qihua at the same time.

“So you’re trying to think of a win-win solution?” He Xue asked.


Fang Qiu nodded.


He Xue nodded with understanding, thought for a moment, and said, “How about this? You give me the finished products that are made of Snow Lotuses and make sure that their efficacy is better than that of Desert Cistanche. Besides, I need a medical product mainly made of Desert Cistanche with better efficacy than that of the two products produced by Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation. Then, you can leave the matter to me.”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

Fang Qiu glanced at He Xue in surprise.

“Yes,” He Xue said confidently with a smile.

“Alright.” Fang Qiu nodded.

Since He Xue was recruited by him, he chose to believe her.

If she failed, he would clean up the mess for her.

“Then that’s decided. The meeting is over. I’m going to make medicine first.”

Fang Qiu made the final decision. Then he stood up, walked out of the office, and was ready to make medicine.

The others also got busy with their own affairs.

Fang Qiu took some people to collect the first batch of ripe Snow Lotuses and then went to the processing room. Among the ancient prescriptions he could remember, he chose two prescriptions with Snow Lotus as the main ingredient.

The first one was the Holy Flowers Formula.

The ingredients included Snow Lotus, peach blossom (collected on March 3rd), Fructus Tribuli (collected on July 7th), Camomile (collected on September 9th), the leaves of matrimony vine (collected in spring), the blossom of matrimony vine (collected in summer), the fruit of matrimony vine (collected in autumn), the root of matrimony vine (collected in winter), and etc.

Process Method: Dry the ingredients naturally in shade.

How to take it: mix 10 grams of the medicine with water and take it at a time, and three times a day. One can take this medicine for a long period.

Effects: It can lighten human bodies and make people move and jump freely. It also can cure all kinds of illnesses, help people retain their youthful looks, prolong people’s lifespan, and make people more energetic.

When Fang Qiu first found this prescription, he was stunned.

That was because this prescription had better efficacy than Life-prolonging Earth Pill. It not only could help people retain their youthful looks but also could slow down people’s aging. This effect was simply amazing.

Besides, since this prescription could help people retain their youthful looks, it could also nurse people’s health well. Its efficacy was definitely much better than that of Life-prolonging Earth Pill if people took it for long.

The most important thing was that it had irresistible appeal to women.

Almost every woman wanted to look young forever.

The second prescription was Fine Jade Paste.

The ingredients included rehmannia glutinosa, ginseng, poria, white honey, and Snow Lotus.

Process Method: mash rehmannia glutinosa into a soft mass for juicing, add ginseng, poria, and white honey into the juice, put all of them into a porcelain container, and wait for three to four hours before taking it. Take two spoons of it with warm wine or water if one doesn’t drink wine, two to three times a day.

Effects: Taking it for a long time can replenish one’s essence, nourish one’s marrow, cultivate one’s nature, nourish one’s body, and cure illnesses. When one became energetic and his organs were in a good state, his hair would become black again from white and his teeth that had fallen would grow again as well. Besides, it would strengthen one’s body and increase one’s strength.

“This prescription is better than Trillium Root-Securing Pill!”

After reading the prescription, Fang Qiu immediately realized that its efficacy would be good.

After all, Trillium Root-Securing Pill could only prevent one’s hair and beard from turning white early, but Fine Jade Paste could help one’s hair and beard grow again. From this, one could tell that the efficacy of Fine Jade Paste was much better than that of Trillium Root-Securing Pill

Though it was paste, one could take it together with wine, enjoying the wine and curing the illness at a time.

This was a good product for wine lovers!

“I’ll choose these two prescriptions.”

Fang Qiu wrote down the two prescriptions and chose them in the end.

However, something bothered him after he made the decision—the ingredients of Holy Flowers Formula must be collected at the designated time, which was a high requirement.

After thinking about it again, Fang Qiu believed that the Snow Lotus, which contained a lot of Qi of Heaven and Earth, could help the formula achieve the same effect even if the other ingredients were not collected at the designated time.

Despite that, he decided that if possible, he would collect the ingredients strictly according to the prescription.

“Where can I get peach blossom that was collected on March 3rd, Fructus Tribuli that was collected on July 7th, and Camomile that was collected on September 9th?” he wondered with a wry smile.

Then, he thought of Xu Miaolin and immediately called him.


Xu Miaolin answered the phone.

“Mr. Xu, do you know where I can buy some medicinal ingredients which were collected at the designated time?”

“Why are you asking this?”

Upon hearing his words, Xu Miaolin immediately asked, “Do you want to make medicine?”


Fang Qiu nodded.

“Well, you asked the right person!”

Xu Miaolin smiled proudly and said, “I’ll give you an address later. You can find what you need there.”


Fang Qiu was overjoyed.

“Well, that place sells all kinds of medicinal ingredients which were collected strictly according to ancient prescriptions. So you surely can find what you want there,” Xu Miaolin replied confidently.

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