Chapter 493 - Do You Want To Leave With Me?

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Chapter 493: Do You Want To Leave With Me?

“Tch…only dirty people end up in here. Why are you acting like you’re morally above us? Psh!”

Mu Wei’s back stiffened. She clenched her fists and sped up.

Although she was used to the unpleasant words, she was still upset when she heard it.

If one had the choice, what decent girl would want to work in a place like this?

Born into a poor family, the best she could do was maintain her bottom line.

But how long could she maintain it? Mu Wei had no idea.

“Your name is Mu Wei?”

“It’s you…”

When she saw the girl, who was being served by the manager, sitting inside the meeting room, Mu Wei’s eyes lit up.

She wanted to greet her, but when she saw that even Fang Gan was being careful around her, she ended up standing frozen in the doorway. She carefully nodded her head. “Yes, my name is Mu Wei. Thank you for saving me. May I ask why you’re looking for me?”

Fang Gan initially thought Song Yaoyao was here to cause trouble. After all, she looked so serious.

When he heard Mu Wei speak, he was completely confused. “Oh? Weiwei, do you know Miss Song?”

What an honor! That night, he had seen Mr. Huo carry this girl off the sofa and out of the club with his own eyes.

He completely doted on her.

Mu Wei nodded. “We had one encounter…”

The light from the crystal chandelier cast softly on the girl’s beautiful face. Mu Wei could tell that she didn’t have any makeup on, yet her skin was fair and delicate like jade.

As she sat there, her every action was polite and elegant.

Mu Wei felt sad on the inside. How was she worthy of befriending someone like this?

This girl was like the clouds in the sky, while she was the mud at her feet.

“I see.” Fang Gan smiled attentively. “Miss Song, did you come to see our Weiwei because of something important? Don’t worry, no matter what you ask for, I will try my best to help you—”

“Do you want to leave with me?”

Song Yaoyao cut Fang Gan mid-sentence as she looked calmly at Mu Wei.

“I…” Mu Wei was stunned. She looked into the girl’s clear eyes and felt ashamed. “Me? Leave with you?”

Fang Gan did not expect this. He swallowed his pride and said, “Miss Song…Weiwei still owes us a large sum of money. So…”

If it wasn’t necessary, he would never offend her.

But if he let Mu Wei go, he would have to shoulder her debts. How could he afford it?

“So you’re making her pay with her body?” Song Yaoyao asked as she lowered her gaze.

“No! No such thing!” Fang Gan frowned and almost kneeled on the ground. “Miss Song, we are seriously a legitimate business! At most, we will simply ask her to drink with our clients! We never force anyone to do things!”

But based on the amount that Mu Wei owed, if she simply drank with clients, she would have to spend the rest of her life working for Royal View.

Fang Gan glanced at Mu Wei, gesturing for her to explain.

Mu Wei’s palms grew sweaty. She quickly nodded her head. “Yes, Manager Fang never forced me. I only drink with the clients at Royal View.”

Apart from a bit of unwanted groping, she did not make any other sacrifices.

Song Yaoyao did not understand things like this, so she glanced at Huo Jiu.

Huo Jiu nodded his head. “Indeed, this place is owned by Young Master Yi. It is relatively clean.”

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