Museum of Deadly Beasts

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Diabolical Eggplant


Martial Arts, Fantasy, Adventure, Action




Novel Museum of Deadly Beasts - Author: Diabolical Eggplant

Lin Jin never imagined he would ever transmigrate. And to such a peculiar world at that. Here, deadly beasts were regarded as sacred, and thankfully, he owned a museum for deadly beasts.

“Master, this is just a dying little tortoise…”

“What tortoise? This is a rare species that contains the blood of a Black Tortoise and could be promoted up to level seven.”

“What about this shedding mongrel?”

“Mongrel? How narrow-minded. This is a branch descendant of the snarling hound with a hint of Kirin’s blood. Take my word for it and sign the blood contract at once. I guarantee you that you’ll soar to success and be on your path to invincibility!”

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