Chapter 726 - Thief

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However, Zhong Nuannuan retained her amicable temper on account that Lu Chao was Chi Yang’s soldier.

No matter what tricks Lu Chao had up his sleeve, she was always able to turn the moves he just used against him. Moreover, she would always make him lose within three moves.

However, she would not injure Lu Chao the same way she injured Zhong Kuijun.

The officers below could tell that Zhong Nuannuan was teaching Lu Chao how to utilize his moves to the maximum.

Slowly, after failing more than ten times, Lu Chao still used the same old moves and defeated in three moves. However, the officers below discovered with burning gazes that he was more accurate with every time he attacked—with each attack, he was getting faster, and his attacks were more vicious!

This was simply…

Computer-grade sparring machines in the shape of humans!

Too overpowering!

Finally, after being knocked down 20 times, Lu Chao’s stamina was starting to run out. Knowing that he would not achieve better results than before, Lu Chao straightened up and gave Zhong Nuannuan a military salute.

“Thank you for your guidance, Sis-in-law! That’s all for today! I’ll practice properly once I get off the stage. I look forward to your guidance next time!”

Zhong Nuannuan loved it when people called her Sis-in-law. A smile blossomed on her face and she said, “Sure!”

At that moment, Chi Yang’s grave face finally regained some life.

He strode to the ring and held Zhong Nuannuan’s shoulders affectionately, giving her unlimited strength.

He turned around and looked at Ling Pinyuan. “Do you have anything else to say about my fiancée’s understanding of martial arts?”

Ling Pinyuan’s face turned pale, “…”

Zhong Nuannuan felt that Chi Yang’s words was not mean enough, so she added on—

“In the future, don’t call yourself the best and question others’ abilities. You’re already so old. If you can’t beat the soldiers from your military base, you should have already switched careers.”

All the officers, ‘…Our goddess drips poison! Yet, her poison is definitely V587[1]!!!’

Ling Pinyuan nearly ascended into the air, fueled by her rage at Zhong Nuannuan’s vicious tongue. She replied angrily, “Even if you have a photographic memory and can memorize everyone’s moves, let me ask you this—how did a village girl from a farming district have the ability to connect with people who knew martial arts? How did you memorize their moves and steal them for yourself?”

“Steal? So, are you saying that you’re stealing the martial arts you’re learning now from my fiancé?”


Ling Pinyuan had never met such a difficult opponent.

She could not win against Zhong Nuannuan in a fight.

Neither could she win against Zhong Nuannuan in an argument.

If they chose to flaunt their wealth, one imperial jade from Zhong Nuannuan would have amounted to the entire net worth of Ling Group.

Ling Pinyuan could not understand how she ended up like this in the blink of an eye when she used to think that Zhong Nuannuan was unworthy of becoming her enemy.

At this point, she could only target Zhong Nuannuan’s identity.

“Zhong Nuannuan, don’t you try to evade the topic. I’m not questioning whether you’re a genius or whether you can memorize other people’s moves and use them quickly. What I’ve been suspicious of has always been your identity! Please answer me. You’re just a village girl from a farming district, so how do you carry yourself with such sophistication? How did you find the top-grade imperial jade worth five billion from Soaring Clouds Pavilion effortlessly from among a few thousand raw stones? How did you get so good? Since you’re so good; so good that you can casually pick out an imperial jade, why didn’t you just leave the village?”

[1] An online term for valiantly wilful and determined.

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