Chapter 282 – Chapter of Peace

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Chapter 282 – Chapter of Peace

When Black Sea Devil Banmu finally fell to Nie Yan, Lil’ Gold lit up with a brilliant radiance and levelled up six times, all the way to Level 26. Since Nie Yan had changed his experience settings, Lil’ Gold received full experience from Banmu.

Nie Yan jumped down from the cliff face and landed on one of the three rocky islands. He called Lil’ Gold out of his hiding spot, then checked his upgraded stats: 1,030 health and 730–757 attack and magic power. As Lil’ Gold’s level rose, his frightening growth rate would start showing an increasingly greater effect. His stats would soon reach ludicrous heights!

Nie Yan could scarcely imagine just how powerful Lil’ Gold would become down the line.

Lil’ Gold also grew another head taller, making him about as tall as Nie Yan.

Nie Yan recalled Lil’ Gold in a brief flurry of excitement. He still hadn’t collected the loot that dropped from Banmu!

He jumped off the rocky island, falling roughly 30 meters before plunging into the water with a loud splash.

Nie Yan activated his Underwater Breathing Pearl and dove down. Swimming ever deeper, he followed the columns of light that bore down from above the water’s surface until he arrived at the bottom of the cove, where they could scarcely reach. By now, Banmu’s corpse had despawned. He searched around the seafloor for a while before eventually finding the drops. A certain item among the pile drew his attention, a pearl that emitted a faint glow in the surrounding darkness.

Nie Yan’s heart quivered. Could it really be…? No, I’ll get back up to the surface first.

Stuffing all the items into his bag, Nie Yan was about to swim back ashore when a shimmer in the far distance caught his eye.

Nie Yan raised an eyebrow in surprise. He was familiar with this sort of light. This gentle yet piercing radiance without a doubt belonged to a chapter from the Book of Order!

He immediately started swimming towards the light. I’ve never heard of there being a chapter in this area…

Swimming through the murky waters, Nie Yan was suddenly caught by a strong current which nearly swept him away.

An intense feeling of foreboding surfaced in his heart. Aside from Banmu, was there another powerful monster lurking in these water?

Nie Yan took out an Unknown Transfer Scroll. If he encountered any danger, he could use it to escape at a moment’s notice.

After much struggling, he regained control of his body and continued swimming forwards. About five minutes later, he could almost touch the source of the light. Only a few meters away, he saw its origin—a golden scroll floating calmly in the darkness, giving off a dazzling radiance.

Nie Yan’s heart shook in excitement. It really was a chapter from the Book of Order!

He wondered if anyone had found this chapter in the previous timeline. He never knew there was one here. This encounter was purely coincidental!

If he hadn’t noticed that faint shimmer in the distance, he would’ve never come searching in this area.

Nie Yan pondered on the information he collected in his past life. Every chapter from the Book of Order was discovered by players exploring maps for the first time. Only 31 were ever found. As for the remaining five, no one knew of their locations.

There weren’t many chapters near Calore, only about 12 in total. The other 24 were scattered in maps around other cities. Some were even located in the distant Satreen Empire. Nie Yan knew the rough locations of many of them. However, acquiring them was but a wishful dream for now. They were either guarded by extremely terrifying existences or hidden in almost impossible to reach places. Him completing the Glimpse of Darkness at this stage of the game was already an extraordinary accomplishment.

Nie Yan was overjoyed at finding another chapter from the Book of Order. The Glimpse of Darkness was already overpowered. If he could complete another volume, just how much power would he wield?

Nie Yan vigorously swam toward the chapter.

A strange, captivating melody drifted over from somewhere far out in the abyss.

Nie Yan’s vision swam as illusions of scantily clad maidens, showing off their bare-naked skin, appeared before him. His eyelids grew heavy, his body relaxing as drowsiness took over him. It was as if he was atop cloud nine!

At the very last moment before he lost consciousness, Nie Yan’s mind shook in alarm as he quickly regained his senses. His intuition told him he fell subject to the Song of the Siren!

Legends told of Sirens living far out at sea that sung bewitching melodies which invoked the deepest desires of men. Anyone who heard their songs would fall fast asleep, only awakening after what felt like an eternity.

Only those with an especially firm will could resist their song.

The Siren’s melody was otherwise impossible to escape.

Nie Yan was done for if he waited for the Siren to come closer. It was a Level 100+ monster!

He struggled to maintain a semblance of clarity as he swam closer to the chapter. However, a surging current knocked him about a meter back.

Nie Yan spotted a faintly glowing figure swimming towards him in the far distance. Its upper half was a young naked woman while its lower half resembled the tail of a fish covered in dark scales! It wielded a large golden trident which flickered with a sharp light.

It had simply wandered here from further out at sea. Nie Yan felt incomparably nervous. Although the Siren was only the size of a human, it was still an unrivalled existence, especially at his current level!

Perhaps the Siren had swam all the way over here after hearing the commotion Nie Yan caused by fighting Banmu.

Nie Yan felt a sense of drowsiness wash over as the Siren’s song drifted into his ears. Feeling his eyelids become heavier, he forced himself awake and swam faster toward the chapter.

The Siren brandished its trident and sent a crescent-shaped beam flying towards Nie Yan.

Nie Yan quickly did an underwater tumble as the beam brushed past his body.

The Siren charged toward him, resembling an arrow piercing through the water.

Seeing the Siren about to reach him, Nie Yan reached out and grabbed the chapter, then performed some underwater acrobatics to create space.

The Siren’s trident swept toward him. Nie Yan could feel a cold chill behind his neck. If he was hit, he would be a dead man for sure!

The Siren arrived beside him and slashed down with its trident.

In this life-or-death moment, Nie Yan activated the Unknown Transfer Scroll just in time to see the trident coming down on him.

The surroundings blurred, and Nie Yan was teleported away.

The Siren looked around in confusion. It could no longer sense Nie Yan’s presence.

Nie Yan reappeared on land as he hit the ground with a thud. With his head still spinning, he looked around and discovered he was in a dense forest. He could hear the roars of monsters in the distance. As he felt a heavy drowsiness overtake him, he found a concealed spot between two trees to hide in before losing consciousness.

High Willpower and Focus stats would grant greater resistance to abnormal status effects. But the Siren’s song was simply too powerful. After holding out for a good while, he still eventually succumbed to it.

About 30 seconds later, Nie Yan woke up.

There were many Level 50 monsters roaming around the area. Thankfully, none of them discovered him while he was sleeping. Otherwise, he would find himself waking up in the Calore cemetery.

Seeing several Demon Bears wandering over in his direction, Nie Yan shot out a web line from his Silk Spinner Ring and climbed up a tree. He felt they wouldn’t pose a threat to him this high up.

Nie Yan impatiently took out the chapter and looked over its properties.

-Chapter of Peace

Description: The second chapter of Volume V of the Book of Order. A fragment of a Legendary item. Whoever shall possess this chapter will receive the inheritance of the God of Light. Your mission is to spread the glory of light!

Properties: Chance to nullify an incoming enemy spell. Receive 5 additional health every level up. Endurance +30, Resilience +20, Physique +30, Movement Speed +20.

God’s Blessing: Grants immunity to all magic and gain 30% extra health for 60 seconds.

Cooldown: 2 days (1/2)

Restrictions: Can only be bound by a member of the Righteous Guardian of Order.

Note: Item effects are applied immediately upon entering the player’s bag.

The Chapter of Peace was just like any other chapter from the Book of Order. It couldn’t be traded and would drop upon death. It wouldn’t be inferior to other chapters. He still had to do some investigating to find out how useful the first property was. But he could tell that the second property which granted 5 additional health every level up was perplexingly powerful. If he held onto it, at level 100, he would have several hundred more health than other Thieves! As for God’s Blessing, its shorter cooldown made it much more practical than Adjudicator of God, which had a cooldown of 10 days.

Right after binding the Chapter of Peace, Nie Yan received two system notifications.

Cigarette Ash is in possession of the third chapter from Volume V of the Book of Order, Chapter of Compassion. You will be notified of the player’s location once every hour.

Coordinates: Moonlight City, 38535.38532.35582.

Faded is in possession of the fifth chapter from Volume V of the Book of Order, Chapter of Knowledge. You will be notified of the player’s location once every hour.

Coordinates: Radiant City, 58535.53582.582.

Moonlight City and Radiant City were respectively the headquarters of Alliance of Mages and Bloodlust Blades. I wonder if these two players belong to those guilds. A sense of vigilance immediately arose in Nie Yan’s heart.

It would be troublesome if he got ambushed. After thinking for a bit, he decided to ask Guo Huai for more Unknown Transfer Scrolls since he had run out.

Nie Yan planned to have Guo Huai track these two players down. It would be best if he could obtain their chapters without much fuss. Otherwise, if it turned out they belonged to Bloodlust Blades or Alliances of Mages, things could get dangerous with his exact coordinates being reported hourly.

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