Chapter 297 – Powerful Foe

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Chapter 297 – Powerful Foe

“With the guild leader closely monitoring the situation, Asskickers United won’t dare to send a large force after us. So long as we’re not outnumbered more than 10 to 1, they’re pretty much easy pickings, like those garbage Thieves from before. We just don’t know if Nirvana Flame will show up,” Casual lazily said as he sipped his Spring Water.

“So that’s what the boss’s intentions were! It’s best if that fool believes he can take us on all by himself!” Faded exclaimed with an arrogant smile as he picked up the loot off the ground.

Their group consisted of the top elites in Bloodlust Blades. With an average level of 44, they were geared with some of the best equipment currently available. More importantly, all of them were scouted out for their talents in PvP!

Based on his analysis of the enemy’s personality, Bloodlust Mad Blade believed Nie Yan would definitely take the bait and come after the chapters from the Book of Order. Nie Yan was a lone wolf, so all Bloodlust Mad Blade had to do was present him with a seemingly beatable situation, like a group of 13 farming away.

These 13 players were incredibly skilled at PvP. Each of them could easily take on five or six ordinary experts with ease.

Even Bloodlust Mad Blade had no choice but to acknowledge Nie Yan’s skill. If they fought, it was hard to say who would come out on top. However, Nie Yan was just a single person. There was a limit to how heaven-defying he could be!

Nie Yan gazed beside him. Tyrannical was clenching his dagger while his other hand was balled up into a fist and trembling.

「Tyrannical, what’s the matter?」Nie Yan whispered through voice chat.

「That bastard! Even though we lost, my brothers in the Hundred Thieves aren’t trash! Fucking asshole, I’m going to make him swallow those words!」Tyrannical’s eyes were bloodshot like those of an enraged beast.

Tyrannical couldn’t care less if others insulted him, but Casual’s snide remark had struck a raw nerve! Although his fallen brothers ultimately failed in their task, their sacrifice should be worthy of respect. It wasn’t something to be dishonoured!

A staunch man would never yield to adversity! Father Nie had once passed these words down to him, and Nie Yan always kept them in his mind. He looked at Tyrannical with a hint of admiration.

「Boss.」Tyrannical gazed at Nie Yan with a determined expression.

「What is it? Speak,」Nie Yan said. He already had an idea of what Tyrannical wanted to say.

「Leave Casual to me. I’ll show him just who’s the real trash!」Tyrannical proclaimed in a firm tone.

Nie Yan thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.「Alright, I won’t touch him. It’ll be up to you.」

「Mhm! I’ll definitely avenge my brothers!」Tyrannical gritted his teeth as he gazed at Casual in the distance. His eyes flashed with killing intent.

Tyrannical was clearly no match for Casual. But since he was this determined, there was no harm in letting him give it a shot. It might prove to be a learning experience for him. On top of that, so long as he didn’t waver, he would definitely retrieve the honour of his comrades in time!

Nie Yan started making his plans. With Tyrannical acting as distraction, he could take advantage of the confusion to assassinate Faded!

Over on Faded’s side, the two Thieves came back with a group of Desert Pythons in tow. Their group continued clearing mobs.

Nie Yan could determine these players weren’t simple from the smooth and leisurely way in which they dealt with the Desert Pythons. To assemble such a lineup, the intentions of Bloodlust Blades were as clear as day!

They were waiting for Nie Yan!

It was no big loss to Bloodlust Blades if these players died. But if Nie Yan died, it would be a big blow to Asskickers United.

However, Nie Yan had Unknown Transfer Scrolls in his bag. So if he encountered any real danger, he could immediately escape.

Nie Yan gave Tyrannical the signal, then began creeping his way towards Faded.

Faded charged into a Desert Python, then knocked it back several feet with a Heroic Strike.

“Faded, the guild leader said we’re going to run Dragon Bell Valley in an hour!” a nearby Paladin said, then cut down a Desert Python with Divine Strike.

“Alright.” Faded nodded.

In this instant the Paladin suddenly felt an uneasy premonition. His gaze blossomed with divine light as he locked onto a boulder in the distance, whereupon he saw a shadow dart by.

“There’s a Thief over there!” As soon as the Paladin spoke, a Priest threw an orb of light into the sky, illuminating the ground below and revealing the shadowy silhouette of a player.

Faded’s group caught a glimpse of Tyrannical’s retreating figure as he bolted away.

“It’s that idiot again. Is he suicidal?” the Paladin sneered as he gave chase with the others in tow. They were clearly experts with excellent awareness. Even when in pursuit, they didn’t break formation, always maintaining a distance no more than six meters apart.

They understood that the enemy wasn’t alone. It was highly probable there were others.

Indomitable Will! The Paladin’s speed sharply increased as he quickly closed the distance.

Meanwhile, Nie Yan’s cold gaze was locked onto Faded. He went into pursuit after activating stealth.

While chasing Tyrannical with his teammates, Faded suddenly felt a cold chill at the back of his neck.

So fast! Faded inwardly cried out in alarm. He quickly buffed himself with War God’s Protection as his body became enshrouded with a faint golden radiance, making him resemble a golden armoured celestial god.

Smothering Strike! Nie Yan’s dagger struck the back of Faded’s head like a lightning bolt.

Just as Nie Yan was about to follow up with another attack, he was surprised to discover Faded wasn’t stunned.

Shit! It’s War God’s Protection!

“Whirlwind Slash!” Faded spun his sword around like a top with sword energy streaming out in every direction.

Nie Yan hurriedly pulled back and activated the Blackbright Barrier, then raised his dagger to parry.「Klang!」He negated some of the damage, but the attack still chunked him for over 100 health.

When Faded saw Nie Yan’s appearance, his lips curved into an arrogant smile.

“You’re finally here, Mad Rogue! You’ve kept me waiting for far too long!” Faded charged forward and slashed down at Nie Yan.

「Boom!」The sword erupted out in flames as a four-meter-long tongue of fire chopped down from the sky.

It was the Advanced Skill, Blazing Cleaver!

Faded really was a bit too eager, bringing out such a powerful skill almost right off the bat!

Even though Faded appeared calm on the surface, his heart was pounding like a jackhammer against his chest. The opponent in front of him wasn’t an average player, but rather the famous Mad Rogue! It would be a miracle if he didn’t feel the slightest pressure. Beyond this, he felt a fever-pitch excitement. If he cut down Nie Yan, his name would become known throughout the entire game!

In the instant the scorching heat blasted his face, Nie Yan revealed a sneer. Shadow Waltz! His body turned into a blur as he vanished into thin air.「Boom!」The Blazing Cleaver crashed into the ground, sending flames flying everywhere.

Nie Yan reappeared behind Faded and unleashed a flurry of attacks with Zennarde’s Sword.




Faded’s health was immediately cut down by half.

Crap! Faded broke out in a cold sweat. He never expected his health to drop so quickly.

Flaming Upheaval!

Faded plunged his sword into the ground as web-like cracks spread out on the surface and erupted with flames. He resembled a flame god as he stood at the epicenter of the terrifying inferno, radiating an awe-inspiring might.

One of the Priests pursuing Tyrannical noticed Faded being ambushed at the back. He quickly cast Heal, then gave him a Radiant Barrier.

The Priest’s reaction was incredibly quick!

Soon after, the Mages also noticed the commotion and sent fireballs and ice bullets flying in Nie Yan’s direction.

Seeing as he lost his opportunity, Nie Yan activated Gale Step and charged out of the inferno created by Flaming Upheaval. By the time the rest of Faded’s companions rushed over to surround him, he had already disappeared from sight.

“Was that Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame?” the Berserker asked. He swept his gaze over the surroundings but couldn’t find a trace of the opponent!

“Yea…” Faded nodded with an ashen face. He had been too careless just now, and it nearly cost him his life! He didn’t dare to imagine the consequences if he hadn’t activated Flaming Upheaval in time.

“Your fight was too quick. It was already over by the time we turned our heads. How skilled is the Mad Rogue?”

“Just so-so!” Faded replied with a grunt, having somewhat calmed down by now. Just a moment ago, he had allowed his thirst for fame to cloud his judgement. Those attacks were simply too fierce! He was a tanky Fighter, yet Nie Yan had taken him down to half-health almost in an instant. The high damage coupled with the additional bleed and burn effects were enough to make his blood run cold. He had to admit he was no match for Nie Yan in a duel, but he had many strong companions by his side! He refused to believe Nie Yan could be so heaven-defying in this sort of circumstance! The scene of Nie Yan killing the guild leader of Unhindered, Hei Zhuo, in Kiln Fire Woods had no effect on them!

“Everyone, pay attention. Don’t be careless!” warned the Holy Mage in the group. He appeared to be in his thirties. His face was calm when he spoke, yet his words inspired respect and authority.

Faded opened his mouth to speak, but then swallowed his words back down. This Holy Mage was the only person in the group he thoroughly conceded to. He was the second most skilled player in Bloodlust Blades. He was normally quite low-key and rarely ever spoke. He didn’t hold any position of power in the guild either. But in terms of raw skill, even Bloodlust Mad Blade had to show him respect.

Holy Mage, Maple Blazeheart! He was a fellow with two Advanced Magics, and was one of the supporting pillars of Bloodlust Blades!

Maple Blazeheart had witnessed the battle between Faded and Nie Yan a moment ago in its entirety. If it wasn’t for the timely support from the Priest, Faded would’ve long become an ice-cold corpse on the ground. It was actually absurd how this fool didn’t realize just how close he was to death, still believing it was his Flaming Upheaval that scared the opponent off.

At this moment, Maple Blazeheart looked at his chat and announced in a heavy tone, “Withered found him!”

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